Review: Your Lounge at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

Being served just by Fuji Dream Airlines and ANA on the domestic side and a handful of international airlines, Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is one of the smaller ones in Japan. That said, the airport is equipped with a credit card lounge called Your Lounge.

I had a chance to visit the lounge last month before catching my Fuji Dream Airlines flight to Sapporo Okadama. Continue reading this review to see what it was like.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Entrance
Your Lounge at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport.

Entry Requirements

As is fairly common with “card lounges” in Japan, Your Lounge is located landside and so it can be accessed by both departing and arriving passengers. With Shizuoka being a very small airport, it can easily be accessed by both domestic and international passengers.

Those holding a same-day boarding pass into or out of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport and a credit card that offers access to lounges around Japan can enter the lounge for free. In my case, I used my Rakuten Premium credit card.

Passengers without such credit card can enter the lounge by paying 1,100 yen (approx. 8 USD) at the reception. Children between 4 and 13 years old pay half that amount and younger children can enter for free.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport
Opening hours and entry requirements.

Opening Hours & Location

Your Lounge at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open every day from 7AM until 5PM. That gives a chance to visit the lounge to the vast majority of departing passengers and a good portion of arriving passengers. That said, with the early closing time, there are some flights that depart/arrive after the lounge closes.

As mentioned in the previous section, the lounge can be found landside – i.e. before security (and immigration). More specifically, it is located down a hallway that can be found in the terminal’s food court on the second floor, near the domestic security checkpoint.

The lounge is well-signposted and very easy to find.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Location
Sign pointing to the lounge.
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Location
Hallway leading to the lounge.

Lounge Tour

On the left side, right after entering the lounge was a reception desk. Past that was the lounge itself which was essentially one relatively small room.

Continuing straight from the reception, there was a hallway on the left side with the lounge’s restrooms and smoking room. Further down along the wall was a small buffet area. That was separated from the rest of the lounge by a high back bench facing into the lounge. Along the bench were small round tables.

The buffet side of the bench served as a magazine rack.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Seating
Seating near the reception.
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Reading Materials
Reading materials.

Even further down was a printer/copier and behind the corner on the left side in the very back of the lounge was a phone booth.

While I like those since they allow guests to take care of phone calls without disturbing other passengers, the one in this lounge was still closed due to COVID-19 when I visited. With Japan finally easing all the restrictions, though, chances are it will be open by the time you read this article.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Printer/Copier
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Phone Booth
Phone booth.

Along the windows was a counter with half a dozen or so office chairs. Each of the seats at the counter had access to a power outlet and a USB-A charging port.

The windows offered a limited view of two domestic gates as well as of the runway. On the photo below, the aircraft on the left took me to Sapporo while the one on the right departed bound for Fukuoka.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Seating
Counter along the windows.
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Views
Apron view.

In the middle of the lounge were 12 sofa chairs – three rows of four – facing a flight information display and another magazine rack with some Japanese reading materials.

Each of the chairs had a small side table to its left. In addition to serving as a place to put a drink or belongings, each side table was also equipped with a power outlet and a USB-A charging port.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Main Seating
Main seating area.
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Seating
The seats faced a flight information display.

Lastly, along the wall across from the windows was a bench lined with a couple of tables for two and four. On the other side of the tables were fairly comfortably looking chairs.

There were some power outlets and USB-A charging ports in this area too, under the bench.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Seating
Tables along the lounge’s inner wall.

Food and Drinks

As is the case with pretty much all other domestic lounges in Japan too, the selection of refreshments available in Your Lounge at Shizuoka Airport was extremely limited. All of it could be found in the small buffet area.

There was a water dispenser and a dispenser with Pepsi, ginger ale, orange juice, oolong tea, and some other soft drinks.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Water
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Drinks
Cold drinks.

Then, there were a coffee machine and a good selection of teas. The latter was because Shizuoka is one of the main tea-producing regions in Japan.

There was a sign on the box with tea bags saying that each person could only have one, though.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Coffee
Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Tea

While there was no free alcohol, some appeared to be available for purchase including a sake tasting set.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Sake
Sake tasting offer.

Lastly, there was a dispenser with instant corn soup, consomme, and clam chowder. Whether you classify that as food or drinks is up to you. In either case, while nothing groundbreaking, it was still a nice touch considering I haven’t seen it in Japanese domestic lounges other than ANA’s Suite Lounges.

Your Lounge Shizuoka Airport Soups

Your Lounge Shizuoka Summary

Considering how small Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is, it is nice enough that there is a card lounge at all. The lounge, while small, was nicely furnished, offered some views of aircraft (although not as good as the observation deck), and had an OK selection of drinks.

Like all other domestic lounges in Japan, Your Lounge wasn’t a lounge that’s worth arriving at early just for the sake of spending time in the lounge. That said, if you have some time before your flight or want to spend a couple of hours getting some work done prior to departing from Shizuoka, it’s a decent place to visit.

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