Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Turkish Airlines is well-known for its flagship lounge in Istanbul. However, it also operates smaller outstation lounges at some of its destinations. In early 2019, it opened one of those – its fourth one after Moscow, Washington D.C., and Nairobi – at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

Last week, I had a chance to pay the lounge a brief visit before catching a flight to Da Nang. Continue reading to see what my experience was like.

Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Entrance into the Turkish Airlines Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The Turkish Airlines Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport can be found near gate D8. It’s on the main departures floor rather than the lower level from which aircraft are boarded.

It can be found next to China Airlines Lounge and across from JAL Lounge.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Directions
The lounge can be found near gate D8.

The lounge is open 24 hours a day.

That’s in spite of the fact that Turkish Airlines only operates two to three flights a day from Bangkok, one of them departing in the morning and two at night.

Besides Turkish Airlines’ business class passengers and elite members, other Star Alliance members’ business and first class passengers and Gold status holders can enter the lounge as well.

Finally, the lounge can be accessed with Priority Pass and LoungeKey memberships regardless of airline or travel class.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Access Eligibility
Among others, Star Alliance business and first class passengers as well as status can enter the lounge.

Lounge Tour

The lounge’s reception area featured eight luggage lockers, a sofa chair, a flight information display, and – of course – the reception desk. There, after checking me in, the lounge attendant gave me a slip with the wi-fi password.

The area’s wall was decorated with Turkish Airlines’ “Widen Your World” slogan and the reception desk with a model of the airline’s Airbus A330.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Reception
Reception area.
Turkish Airlines A330 Model
A330 model on the reception desk.

Walking past the reception desk led into roughly the middle of the lounge’s long and narrow main area.

To the left side of the entrance, there was a seating area with a typical lounge configuration of sofa chairs arranged around coffee tables. There were also some more comfortably-looking high-back sofa chairs along the windows and the “left-most” wall.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Seating
One of the main seating areas.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Seating
High-back sofa chairs.

On this side of the lounge, there was also a business center with a large meeting table in the middle and two work desks with computers along its walls. One of those was equipped with a printer.

Finally, the restrooms and a shower room were in this part as well.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Business Center
Meeting area and workdesk.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Printer
Workdesk with printer.

Going back to the lounge’s entrance and turning right, there was another seating area, this time with large square chairs.

There was also a bar with ten or so counter-height chairs. While the bar was not staffed when I visited early in the morning, I assume that it is during the day – or that you can simply ask one of the staff members walking around the lounge to serve you a drink.

Square chairs.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Bar

Further down, there was a dining area with about two dozen round tables for two. All of those were setup in pairs of two – i.e. seating four people.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Dining Area
Dining area.

The food and drinks in the lounge were – besides the bar – spread across two counters.

I will talk more about the contents of the buffet in the next section.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Buffet
Buffet counter with food.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Drinks and Food
Buffet counter with mostly drinks.

While one of the buffet counters was placed along the wall, the other one was an “island” separating the dining area from another seating area at the very end of the lounge. That area was featured some of square chairs as well as high-back lounging chairs.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Seating
Seating in the back of the lounge.
Some more chairs.

Besides all of the above, there was also a (dark and) quiet room with some lounging chairs with ottomans.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Quiet Room
Quiet room.

One last thing I should mention here is that free 15-minute head and shoulders massages are offered in the lounge between 3PM and 11PM. Since I visited in the morning, I didn’t have a chance to try that service, though.

Food and Drinks

As mentioned above, the food and drinks in the lounge were spread across two counters and a bar.

Keep in mind that I visited the lounge in the early morning. As such, during lunch and dinner time, the food selection is likely a bit more extensive than what I describe below.

Starting with the bar, there was a selection of wines and about ten or so different kinds of liquor.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Alcohol
Selection of liquor and wine.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Wines
Sparkling and white wines.

The long counter along the lounge’s wall included a selection of soft drinks, beer, yogurts, and snacks.

Cold drinks offered in the lounge included canned soda and bottled water, as well as apple and orange juices in pitchers. Four brands of beer – Singha, Chang, Tiger, and Heineken – were available.

As for hot drinks, there were a coffee machine, a pot with Turkish coffee, as well as a selection of Dilmah tea bags.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Soft Drinks and Beer
Yogurts, bottled water, canned soda, and beer.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Coffee
Juices and coffee.
Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee and hot water.

Besides snacks like cookies and crackers, there were also fresh croissants available on the counter.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Tea
Dilmah tea.
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Snacks
Crackers and cookies.

Finally, the “island” counter was where most of the food in the lounge could be found.

During my breakfast time visit, there were some lighter items like cereals and toasts, as well as some sandwiches, salads, and cheese.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Croissants
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Breakfast
Salads and Dressings
Salads and dressings.

There were also carrot cakes and brownies.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Cakes
Brownies, carrot cakes, apples, and cheese.

Warm items included sausages and ham, sunny-side ups, porridge with fish, and potato soup.

Ham and Sausages
Sausages and ham.
Sunny-side ups.
Porridge with Fish
Ingredients for porridge.
Potato Soup
Potato soup.

According to the Priority Pass website, egg station is available in the lounge daily between 5:30AM and 10AM, and specialty coffee is served between 3PM and 7PM. However, when I visited the lounge, the egg station wasn’t available – or at least advertised.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Summary

Overall, the Turkish Airlines Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport is not bad. It wasn’t crowded – at least during my visit – and it offers a simple but sufficient selection of food and drinks.

That said, regardless of whether you are eligible for lounge access as a Star Alliance Gold member or business class passenger, or as a Priority Pass member, there are better lounges that you can visit.

In the first case, there are the Thai Airways Lounges among others. In the latter case, you can go to the Air France-KLM Lounge or the Oman Air Lounge to name a few.

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