My Experience with Turkish Airlines’ Customer Service: Not So Good…

With Slovakia having eased entry restrictions, I decided to visit my family there earlier this month. While I knew there was the possibility of countries changing entry restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and me having to cancel the trip because of that, I could have never even imagined of what almost axed my trip.

Rather than being denied boarding or entry because of an update in travel restrictions, the trip almost didn’t happen because my reservation was cancelled–without me realizing it until about 24 hours before the flight.

So what did happen and how did I resolve the issue?

My Experience with Turkish Airlines' Customer Service: Not So Good...

Rumors About the Czech Republic Being Put on Slovakia’s High-Risk Countries List

Normally, when I go back to Slovakia, I fly to Vienna airport which is about a two-hour drive from my hometown, Nitra.

At this point, however, Austria doesn’t allow the entry of foreigners. While technically it allows transit, to simplify things (or so I thought), I decided to book a flight from Tokyo to Prague instead. That’s because Czech Republic eliminated all restrictions for people arriving from Japan.

In the time between booking the flights and departing, though, the COVID-19 situation in the Czech Republic–and especially Prague–got worse. That, in turn, sparked rumors about Slovakia putting restrictive measures targeted at people arriving from the country in place.

With that, I decided to rebook my flight to arrive in Vienna instead of Prague. Luckily, having booked it with Turkish Airlines miles, the change was possible for just 25 dollars.

After calling the airline’s call center a couple of times unsuccessfully, I finally managed to talk to an agent that was able to make the necessary changes. At the end of the call, he reassured me multiple times that everything was in order and that I would not need to take any action.

He also said that because he didn’t have the ability to process the 25 dollar payment, I would be receiving a call from another department at Turkish Airlines within 48 hours. At the end of the call, once again, he reassured me that there is no need to take any action from my side.

Forty-eight hours later, I was still waiting for the call. I didn’t give it much thought at that time, though, as on both Turkish Airlines’ and Swiss’ (operating airline) website, the reservation was showing the new flights that I had rebooked myself to.

One Booking, Three Different Itineraries, Zero Confirmed Flights

I didn’t give it much thought until 24 hours before my departure when I decided to go check myself in. Logging into the Swiss website, I was shocked to find that the Tokyo – Zurich flight had disappeared from the reservation. Instead, the website was showing only the Zurich – Vienna flight.

I also wasn’t allowed to check-in.

Weird, I thought.

Next, I checked the Turkish Airlines website. I pulled up the booking, and I was surprised by what I saw again. This time, the entire itinerary was displayed. Tokyo to Zurich to Vienna, flights LX161 and OS566, just as planned. There was a catch, though. The reservation was showing as economy class even though the booking class was showing as “I” which is award business class.

“This is getting weirder,” I thought.

Going back to the Swiss website, I noticed there was an option to send myself an e-ticket. So I did.

When it arrived in my inbox (it arrived three times within a few minutes of each email…) and I opened the attached PDF, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The PDF listed my original flights, from Tokyo to Zurich to Prague. It listed departure and arrival dates, and arrival time as “not available,” though.

At that point, I realized the booking was completely messed up and started suspecting that it was because of the “missed” payment which Turkish Airlines never called to collect.

One Call Center, Four Agents, Two Hours, Zero Help

With less than 24 hours remaining until the departure time and the clock ticking, I picked up the phone and called the Turkish Airlines call center.

First time, I chose to speak to an agent in English.

After him that I needed to figure out what happened with my booking, he told me to call one hour later because their reservation system was down. He also stressed that I should call “one hour later,” “not two or three hours, one hour later.”

Not being 100% convinced that we were on the same page, I called about fifteen minutes after hanging up. This time, I chose to speak in Japanese. (I assume) a Turkish lady fluent in Japanese picked up. I explained that I needed to see what was with my booking.

This time, not one, two, or three hours later but just fifteen minutes after my previous call, the agent was actually able to pull the booking up. That joy didn’t last long, though.

She told me my flights were cancelled and that she could do nothing about it. At least she forwarded me to another, mysterious, department. After explaining my situation to the next agent again, I was put on hold.

I waited and waited, but even twenty minutes later, the agent didn’t come back.

So I did what any reasonable person would do–I hung up and called again.

Finally I reached someone that was able to help me. Or so I thought.

The agent immediately recognized that the booking was cancelled because of my failure to pay the 25 dollars. He was also surprised that no one called and said “I don’t know why my colleague told you 48 hours, they should call much sooner.”

“Well, at least he can solve my problem,” I thought. Just like the agent that did the actual rebooking, this agent wasn’t able to take the payment either. Instead, he had to leave a note in the system asking the payments department to give me a call.

“They’ll call you in, maximum, four hours,” he said.

“Can you make it an hour?” I countered.

After a bit of back and forth, we settled on two hours. Of course, at that point, I was quite certain that I would not get the call within that timeframe. And I was right.

Turkish Airlines’ Tokyo Office Comes to the Rescue

Being fairly desperate at that point, I remembered my friend’s suggestion to call the Tokyo office. A Google search or two later, I had the number, and so I dialed it.

After two or three minutes of “all of our staff is currently busy,” one of Turkish Airlines’ Japanese sales staff picked up. Explaining the problem to her again, she said “oh, I see there is a note to call within two hours but no one called you yet.”

“Well, the note is there for nothing other than covering the call centre agent’s a**,” I thought to myself.

Luckily, she also said that she could reissue the booking for me. She also mentioned, though, that the Tokyo office only took payments via bank transfer.

Mentioning to her that wiring the money would not be a problem, she said she would send me an email with the details immediately. She also mentioned that I’d have to complete the payment by 2PM. While it was already around noon at that point, meeting the deadline was not a problem at all. Especially considering that the other option was having the reservation disappear into thin air.

I thanked her, hung up, and waited for the email. This time, it arrived within a few minutes.

I walked over to the bank, did the transfer, emailed a picture of the transfer confirmation document back to the email address that the payment details arrived from, and waited.

A bit more than an hour later, I received another email from Turkish Airlines, with an e-ticket.

This time, it was showing the right flights. It was also showing those flights being in business class. And, it was showing the actual flight dates and times, not just “not available.”


With the morning wasted and unproductive, I could finally take a breath and get some work done before packing for the trip.


I can only imagine what the situation would have ended up like if it happened to someone not used to traveling or dealing with airline call centers.

At best, the person would probably end up not heading out to the airport and canceling their trip. At worst, the person would not even realize that their flight has been canceled until getting to the airport and being told so.

In either case, it would have been a terrible situation to be in.

I understand that mistakes do happen. In fact, I should likely have called Turkish Airlines after 48 hours of not receiving a call from them in spite of the agent reassuring me multiple times that I didn’t have to contact them again or take any further action.

That said, the situation could have been made better if Turkish Airlines did at least send an email that the flights have been cancelled. A simple heads up. Or if they actually called within 48 hours. Or within two hours of my call the day before my departure as promised.

Instead, I had to hunt down the Tokyo office number. And had to be fortunate enough to be based in Japan, a country known around the world for great customer service, and to be able to deal with the Tokyo office directly.

Fortunately, all turned out well and I had a great trip. Not without a lot of effort and stress on my side the day before departure, though. Going through this situation made me ponder: “What is the value of the great onboard service that Turkish Airlines is known for if the customer service on the ground is barely one star?”

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  1. Ngeh Christina Bonje

    Please turkish airlines is 4 months now you are not reacting about my lost hand luggage I have fill all the forms you gave me to fill but nothing is done

    1. We had the same problem with destroyed luggage, they totally ignored our claim. And anytime you want to speak to someone, if you get someone, which is doubtful, you get a load of false promises. Worst airlines customer service yet.

    2. Same here!
      Its been 2 month… calling them every single week for the follow up! But no one is there to response!
      The only thing they say is “we will contact you soon”
      Which has been a lie!

      The worst customer service I have ever seen at any of airlines!

    3. Mouhamadou seck

      I took turkish airlines last tuesday from Milan to Dakar for a flight back .And unfortunately the flight was delayed for more than 2 hours due to weather conditions they said .When we got to istanbul our contection flight had already departed. And we found on place a very poor customer service.We had nobady to tell us what to do.And it took them more than 3 hours to send us to hotel to wait for the next flight.And more we to pay visa charge ourselves to enter turky.What I have to say finally is turkish airlines is the worst i have ever taken for more than 25 years of airtravel.

    4. Turkish Airlines I need a refund for 2 tickets I bought for my children who are students in Cyprus. They couldn’t travel because of Covid 19 and I’m told they can’t refund the tickets. And also can’t re-route. That is very unfair. I’ll fight until I get a refund.

  2. I think u make a to much esxuse fore nothing specialy kovid 19 whole world border close but still Turkish Airlines traying
    to help evry country to open borders them and save flight less risk
    We shut a said thank you to wholle worker
    Thank you

    1. Patience Ndebele

      You don’t even how useless Turkish airlines customer service been calling almost a year requesting my refund

  3. Wow exacly same what happen to me as well. Very poor custemer care those call centers should have been shut down. Useless people get money to let the company down. I have 3 cases and yet no answer since 12 june. All the best

  4. Mohammad Rostam Hossain

    Absolutely right. They are practicing also racism considering the country name during the travel as well as transit.

  5. Anne Bezuidenhout

    I also have a problem with them…we paid extra to be able to change our flights. We want to extend our trip but if I phone Turkish airlines they insist I can only do it via Travelgenio…Travelgenio says the opposite that Turkish airlines does not want to change my date…..even though we are willing to pay for the change.

  6. I had the worst experience with Turkish Airlines last year and nearly 12 months later it has still not been sorted out. I would like to have my experience published. Turkish airlines canceled my flights from Cape-town to Thailand due to covid situation after selling me tickets. After numerous unsuccessful tickets created for my refund, customer care calls, emails, Facebook chats with customer care, calls to Turkey, emails to the sales manager in the refund department in Johannesburg in South Africa I have yet to receive my refund. They apparently processed the refund and sent me their proof and insisted I check with my bank. Only to find that they made an error with my bank account number. Despite me sending them this information with an attached email from my bank confirming their error they still insist they looking into it. I am yet to receive my refund. Please someone help. It is 30 June 2021 and I have been struggling with them since August 2020.

    1. We were supposed to fly to Turkey and from there to Denmark on 07/05/2020. The flights were cancelled due to Covid restrictions. I have called their call center, e-mailed the service department. Requested vouchers or a refund, but received absolutely NO response. When I called again, I was told that my tickets expired and had to go to their feedback option on their website, to state my case. Up till now, still crickets, nothing. Decided to go to their Cape Town office at the airport. The office only opens certain days. This airline carrier has the worst customer service. I hope you come right with your refund. I am going back to the Cape Town office today 😞

    2. Hi there.
      We supposed to fly back to Jhb on the 11th of Jan 2022 but because of my positive test was not possible.
      My husband tested positive.
      My travel agent canceled immediately with all the necessary documents they asked for.
      They said in 48 hours we will receive new tickets.
      7 days later no answer from customer service.
      They said,we need to follow up at all time for “feedback team”.
      In the meantime we contacted Complaints Departament in Istanbul and not sure how My travel agent managed to get hold of somebody In Johannesburg ,desktop consultant Airport from Turkish Airlines and we had our new tickets last night for the flight on the 20th of Jan 2022 with no charge as we had flexy tickets.
      Only today ,Customer service replied”we were still attending this matter but we saw in the system that you already resolved this matter”
      No apologies what’s ever.
      Praying that,our PCR test to be negative both so we can go back to South Africa.
      I am thinking twice if I will use again Turkish Airlines .I was a loyal customer to them for 30 years.

      1. I too have flown Turkish for over 30 years and almost each time had issues with.
        This airline is worst when it comes to costumer support service. Under trained lacking adequate communications skills and problem solving abilities.
        The claim Turkish makes being the best in Europe is rather a big joke is all I can say

  7. I booked a trip to Turkey for my husband, myself, and grandson for September 2021 online with Turkish Airlines. Paid $3,126 for the 3 of us. Got a confirmation number with total price, dates and people. Never got e-tickets. Called and was told 3 different things by 3 different people I spoke to. One said I bought promotional tickets and they are no longer available as they are standby tickets. Second person told me I had to pay $350 extra per person. Third person said $198 extra. When I asked for my money back, they said it’s not possible. When I called Capital One to dispute my charge, long story short, a man who barely spoke English said that the”merchant delivered their service”.
    I’m too old for this extortion on all sides. They can keep the $3,126.

  8. I’ve travelled many Turkish Airlines flights. They have been always comfy and smooth. There have been sometimes difficulty in telephone communications, but problem got solved eventually.

  9. It seems like Turkish Airlines lost themselves during this pandemic.Last year I booked a flight for my husband from LA to Macedonia, of course we couldn’t travel and they told me via email I can use his ticket till the end of 2021 as long as it is the same destination. He is in the military so we had to move. I called and ask if we can use his ticket to fly from Washington D.C instead of LAX and was told we can,we just need to call and make the reservation.We figure out the dates for his trip and I called to make the reservation just to be told that we can get a refund.The lines were cracking and I understood we are getting one thousand hundred something $(which is what I thought we paid initially).Minutes later I saw the email with the amount and was stunned so I made another call,did feedbacks,wrote to some higher ups just to be told that the agent at the call center did correctly.No Sh*t! If I understood that we are getting only less then 10% back I would have never accepted it since I have on written that I can use the ticket and your agent told me I can fly from Washington D.C instead of LAX. Thinking that we can book the ticket for my husband without any issues I bought a ticket for my son and I to travel with them and after this ordeal I regret that I use to fly only with them. We are aware that the fly companies got a lot of government money and even beside that they are trying to get as much as possible from passengers. I never thought I would say this but my next flight is definitely the last time I am flying with Turkish Airlines. Such a big and professional company to fall this low it is very disappointing.

    1. Yaa Odamea Agyepong

      I also had an encounter with them when one of the staffs was so rude and spoke in a harsh manner to me all because I wanted to clarify something (she wasn’t even the one at the desk) . I later wanted to cancel my return flight.
      My flight was from Hannover to Accra

      1. Too many rude customer service representatives in Turkish Airlines, who speak any how to customers as if they are doing you a favour. Poor customer service I have ever experienced in my many travels. It was my return flight from Hamburg to Accra and I’m pretty sure that was my last flight with Turkish Airlines

  10. I agree 1000 percent also the feedback deparment is full of lies they sound like they care and they don’t the worst airlines in the world for me

  11. Worst customer service. I am still waiting for $4000.00 to re embers. More than one year and half still didn’t get my money back and I don’t know if I am getting it back. I don’t have their local office address. I called customer service many times and emailed them. They are not giving me the address and telling me to email them which I did. I also went to Miami airport and they gave me a emailed address which I emailed them and I am still there, where I was year and half ago. Please help me anyone, I want to bring them to the court. Can someone help me get their local office in Miami address. One in Google is closed due to pandemic.

    1. I agree with you 90% of the Employees are nasty and the worst customer service they didn’t respect them customer they should give them corse to teach them the manner

    2. A nite mare. Caught in a terrible storm on December 29,2021 Toulouse-Istanbul.unable to land after 90 mns flying around Istanbul . Awful turbulences .no communication from pilots or flight attendants ! Nothing !
      People were panicking , a woman in the back of the plane was screaming . Many people were praying . Other like me were holding the front chair of front passenger ! No communication for 90 mns . I was afraid we would run out of gas and crash !
      Shame on Turkish airline !
      We landed in Turlu, 2 hours away from Istanbul . Remained in the run away close to two hours in the plane !
      No communication again !!!u would ask question,
      The flight attendant said to wait for pilot communication!! Of course none! No respect for passengers !!!
      Finally they got everyone out of the plane in the middle of nowhere with no warning !
      I took a cab (70 euros) to get to Istanbul!!!
      Turkish airline ? Never again . I don’t care if i have to connect to Paris !!!never !

  12. I had a similar experience with Turkish airlines only 10 times worse, arrived to gate on time only to find gate closed, but bridge still connected, for another 20 min bridge is still connected and I can see it through the glass window, 25 min later I can see my baggage offloaded and I’m watching all of this happening, long story short, tried to change my ticket to the next flight, but the the difference I had to pay was 420 US dollars for an economy class ticket absolutely ridiculous, absolute rip off, very obviously stealing people’s money, and it wasn’t just me who was left behind, there were so many others apparently from different flights. Call center disgusting, transferring my call around between agents or departments, 2 hours on the phone with ZERO help.. absolutely disgusting.. never traveling with #TurkishAirlines again.

  13. Maria gollancz

    Turkish airlines , In the last two weeks has driven me to despair. First flight booked cancelled after one week . Second flight booked cancelled the same day and third flight cancelled the next day . TA has taken payment for all three . I still haven’t received the last payment into my account as of today . There web site is a joke and as for trying to phone them . I give up .

  14. Bert van Brabant

    The worst customer service in ghe world. I will never buy another ticket from them. They have cancelled my ticket and told me to call call center. I have tiried 2 days to reach them without any success.
    If you buy a ticket from Turkisk Airlines or TA, then you will be on your own hand and you can not reach them for any correction or change.

  15. Booked with tjem Dubai – Istanbul-Tunis return.
    Due to pandemic situation in Tunisia we had to cancel Istanbul – Tunis – Istanbul segment. Asked for date chabge due to other airline flight timings.
    Even our whole segment was cancelled, I had to Pay extra $320 for date change, being assured that airline will refund immediately $240.40 for cancelled segment.
    Waited for 3 weeks, but never got the refund?? Called several times, but no resolution, till I eventually found out that vouchers have been issued instead of refund???

  16. Horrible. Similar situation happened to my dad. He visited us in the USA and was not able to obtain the return ticket to Ukraine. We booked through Turkish airlines and suddenly they didn’t even know where other ticket from Turkey to Ukraine was . Dad was upset not knowing the language and were to go further.

    Absolutely horrible experience. Will never use again.

  17. The worst airline customer service you can ever experience… I am not sure how they are not sued yet… probably I should start that

    1. I booked my ticket through an agency My Trip to go to Entebbe on 8th of September 2021 to bury my Dad on the 9th of September 2021. But due to covid19 my results of the covid19 had not shown on my phone. I had my certificate that I was fully vaccinated and they still refused. Contacted their customer service desk at Heathrow and my ticket was cancelled. I booked for another airline so that am able to make it for the burial. NOW THEY CANT PAY ME MY REFUND of £708. Imagine. It was first time to use them. I will never never use Turkish airlines again. My experience with them is bad. Please I advise people not to. imagine.

      1. This airline has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen in the entire world, booked with them my flight from Ebb -IST-SIN, reaching Istanbul I had to wait for 14hrs for the next flight to SIN.when the boarding time reached the Turkish guy at the gate refused me to board bcz I had a return ticket for KLM!!he insisted I had to book for Turkish return ticket!i missed the flight and I had to purchase a Turkish return ticket and I had to pay more USD 200 to validate my previous ticket for the missed flight!! I hate Turkish customer service and all ground crews!! Thy r a total waste with a lot of racism!

    2. Ron,
      I also have a bad experience with Turkish Airlines (see below). I would love to jump onboard a class action lawsuit against this company.

  18. Turkish Airlines is my worst nightmare.
    I paid a full ticket for my relative from Douala to Minneapolis St. Paul/ USA in September 2021. My relative show up covered first leg of trip. When he arrived Istanbul, later he wouldn’t be allowed to check in, saying “NO SHOW” to which is a lie. My relative was in the system, boarded from Douala, and landed in Istanbul.
    To allegedly place him under that status is unfair, unjust and unethical.
    Turkish Airlines will not call back or listen to you, when I called them. They were rude. They promised calling me back in an hour, but never did that.
    I will never fly on Turkish Airlines again.
    I would not recommend it to anyone, neither my friends and family.

    1. I experienced almost the same thing! What an awful trip! I hope they’ll be out of the business soon because they know nothing about customer care.

  19. Turkish Airlines is Awful An Awful Experience
    Weak service , seats is small for long time travel
    Totally I don’t like this Airline 👎

  20. Terrible, terrible, terrible….I do not know what is happening with them. In June I spent 2 weeks on late nights (because of time difference…i was in Portland, OR trying to reschedule my parents (82 and 72ys old) from Catania to Miami. They asked me to open a “feedback”. I NEVER received a message or phone call from their customer service, always the same answer like I was talking to a robot instead to a human being “you will receive and answer in max 24hours”. Conclusion my parents had a no show up, was necessary to buy a new ticket. Time and money lost.
    The English their call center operators talk + the bad connection or volume and noise in the phone calls, make everything more complicated.

  21. Absolutely agree an even beyond. Turkish airlines absolutely suck at all of its services.
    Last week on sep24, 21 I had a flight from Toronto to Istanbul after arriving my destination I found out that one of the items in my baggage is missing. I have been trying to call them and emailed them billion times but the response that I got from them is that contact the airport. Despite the fact that I had delivered my baggages to Turkish airlines they don’t take the responsibility for the item and try to shirk out of it. And now I’m wondering where the hell my belongings are.
    Turkish airlines can present such awful services with shitty food during the flight and irresponsible and indifferent towards passengers well-being.

  22. I always used turkish airlines . I m a miles and smiles member , all my issues had been solved so far , eventually . But no, customer care is not at the level of the airline.. and that can be very frustrating ,especially when in a situation where you can’t be calling the 24/7 call centre all day with the hope of getting thru. Or have restricted time due to travels .

  23. Not to good, flight was delayed in the uk so missed connection, given new flight after finally finding someone, sent us to the wrong terminal and missed the flight, complained and we were given another flight but told if we missed the flight we would have to buy another ticket, but we made sure that they took us to the right terminal and waited with us. Should have been a 6hr complete flight from the uk finally took 15 hours until we arrived at the hotel

  24. With my recent experience of the Turkish Airline and services.few days ago. I can honestly say that their customer service is the worst ever experienced. Although, I was lucky may be because of my baby and raising my voice at the airport when I couldn’t bear the stress anymore. Thanks to One, Selim Ozden, a customer service staff who took it upon himself to do the right thing. Reminding me that good men and women can be found anywhere.
    I see a great gap in the attitude of the customer service staff whom I believe lacks training of what their job represent and the company’s mission in connecting the world.
    I urge the management team to do the needful.

  25. We book plane ticket from IKA Airport to Antalya. 40 mins delay at IKA airport for checking passenger hand baggages. Next poor plane service. Next, when we arrived at Ankara Air port as our stop our previously provided boarding Pass number has changed with a big mess in the air port. Again, Poor service from Ankara to Antalya was too much disappointing. To be honest, the service we receive from the Pammukala coach buses was almost equal to Turkish airline. Never use or suggest this airline.

    1. To be HONEST?
      So all the things you wrote were lies.Please stop using this annoying filler phrase TO BE HONEST. Because it makes you a liar.

      1. Really George?
        “To be honest” is a set phrase used to emphasize that one is speaking truthfully (and perhaps reluctantly). While one should be hesitant is using this phrase, it does not imply that one is dishonest in their wording, just perhaps… reluctant.

  26. The same story all over for Turkish airline. I was supposed to have fly with Air moroc but missed my flight as a result of the visa office verification and later bought another ticket from turkish airline. I previously had 3 baggage right from Royal Air Moroc but changing flight to turkish they ask me to pay the one extra which wa6$168 with the conviction my luggages will be on board whilst travelling. To my surprise upon slamming, I didn’t see month of my luggages and I immediately filled the property irregularities report and thank God I have received my luggages though one not in good condition

  27. Terrible customer service. All they want is to get rid of the problem in the short term . I always get answers that do not correspond to my question so I made and experiment I have literally asked in a feedback “is the sun bright” and they answered some template they probably often use as an excuse “if you want the miles credited in your miles and smiles account please send us the blessing pass”!

  28. Khaled Abdulbaki Elsherbaji

    I think the Turkish airlines arrived to the best couple of years ago but now start backward in large steps!
    My experience last week I was traveling from Montreal to Amman via Istanbul new airport with a more than 15 hrs layover , depending on their rules they should give me a hotel room for free,but when I asked for this the agent refused as their is an alternative flight to Amman in 3 hrs.
    Then I replied her to give me this alternative flight
    She asked me to pay more as this flight has higher price, here I said the alternative must same price you want me to take it not me asked for !
    I spent the 15 hrs trying to find any help to solve this problem even tried through twitter with their help desk but now I understand the intention mislead they put their customers in and really they don’t care and never tried to understand the situation and try to help

  29. My experience with turkish airlines is very bad .
    Not choose the tyrkish airlines is more better .
    After I booked a flight to tunis and after they gave me two boarding pass from beirut and in the airport of beirut they asked me for pcr test or vaccin certification .and after arriving for the airport of Istanbul and before 40 minutes of the flight they told a pcr test and they treat me in very bad way .someone was told me that i should get outside .
    I lose flight and I stay at the airport of Istanbul and when I found their office in the airport of Istanbul they asked me for 480 $ to change my ticket .
    No responsability, no confidence.
    I didn’t have enough money to continue my way to tunis and I booked a flight to return to beirut .
    Sooooo bad airlines don’t choose it

  30. Exactly same thing happened with me 11 days back. Had a flight in the morning, thought of checking in online and then Emirates had a surprise for me! It was horrible!!

  31. bassel elsaidaoui

    Terrible terrible terrible very bad company.
    I purchased additional baggage to my ticket flying from Amman to algeria.
    At the check-in the additional baggage is not used I was asked the agent for refunds. He told that you can do it when arriving.
    In the İstanbul airport before flying to Algeria I asked there to have refunds for not used additional baggage and they confirmed me that it can be done on Algeria when arriving.

    After arriving to Algeria I called the call center and the same case as above the transfer me from one to one and finally they told me to send feedback.
    In the response of their feedback told me that you can refunds your money as this action have to be done before flying.

    I am now with the third feedback with same response.

    Very bad company don’t

  32. I go to turkey four five times a year everytime turkish airlines seems to cheat you lie to you everytine. I wish there were other choices traveling to turkey.

  33. The worst airline customer service you can ever experience… I am trying reach them last 2 days still couldn’t talk to them. This is last time for me and family buying tickets from Turkish Airlines. Horrible company.

  34. Dr. Muhammad Omar Anis

    Agreed, turkish airlines staff, on ground or in air are generally rude. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? In any case, they should train staff to international good hospitality standards of customer service.

  35. Turkish Airline, rubbish!

    I was denied boarding to Dublin and sent to the ticket sales department to cancel my ticket. I asked the consultant to change my flight to Kosovo with the sane money I paid, rushing almost running out of time, long queue, some people crying with a lot of challenges and complaints. She asked for $687 and said that’s a return flight. I was stressed, worried about my luggage and having to sleep at the airport. I paid, she gave me papers, getting to Kosovo I checked if I have a ticket, NO ticket, the money I paid, no trace, and the money for the initial flight. They are criminals. Never again.

  36. Turkish Airlines have no respect for elderly people.
    I saw elderly people crying in the Istanbul airport because they were denied flying from Istanbul to London because of typing errors on passenger locator forms. We, the passengers tried to explain that at least they have got their forms, any errors could be sorted in London. The airlines refused and the aircraft left without them.
    That was really disgusting thing to see.
    They attract passengers with their law prices but you suffer in your skin once you arrive in their hands. Never again. Bad experience

  37. I had a customer service problem with them as well. I am a very frequent international traveler and I live in Miami, FL. I will not be traveling on Turkish Airlines again.

  38. Worst airline ever , I had the worst experience right before Christmas 21 was stuck at Istanbul airport for two days . Customer service sucks & the ground staff absolutely rude & disrespectful

  39. Yes, this seems to be a trend with Turkish Airlines. Whereas there in-flight service has always been topnotch, they did completely destroy my check-in luggage so much so that I could not use the handle at all. When I tried to report this at Ataturk Airport, very politely, they rudely shooed me away and when I didn’t leave their office immediately they actually called security over. Needles to say I quietly left, carrying/dragging my ruined luggage. I did call a help line hoping to file a report at least, so as to claim from my insurance as it was an expensive piece of lugguage I’d received as a gift. The operators sent me round and round in circles in a Catch 22 goose chase till I just gave up and pledged my allegiance to Emirates. So be it.

  40. Sad With all this negative reviews about them. I recently booked to ✈️ with them. I pray and hope I will not have any problem with them. Don’t have energy for all this Bs.

  41. I have traveled with Turkish Airlines many times Islamabad to portugal .My personal experience is very bad. The air hostess acted badly .

  42. As much as I like to fly Turkish Airlines, nothing is easy with them. Most of the issues I have with payments. My mastercard almost never goes through. At this moment I try to settle a payment in their Hongkong office and they do not accept card or cash. They are just too complicated.

  43. Nothing but problems. Not only have I not taken the flight, Turkish Airlines demanded between 15 and 600 usd for change especially that were their fault. I have called the call center over a week over 25 times and made 9 feedback requests that have gone generally unanswrred. I also emailed the top people in the company with no replies.
    I am a 100% disabled combat veteran and I was made fun of for my hearing disability and was chastised by another representative because he did not agree with America’s involvement in the previous wars.
    I have spent over $1000 and am headed to my bank to file fraud and then to small claims court in NC to file for my money back.
    This company should be heavily priced and their call enter staff fired.

    1. I had to correct the spelling errors in my previous entry. I was up for almost 48hours trying to fix my problems with Turkish Airlines. I am hoping for the best but planning on the worst. I would love to join with people to start a class action lawsuit against this company.

      Nothing but problems with this airline! Not only have I not been allowed to use the ticket for the flight that I purchased, Turkish Airlines demanded between $15 and $600 usd for ticket changes that were that were their fault. Their website clearly states “unlimited change rights” at no cost to the passenger (other than changes in fare). I have called the call center over the course of a week, over 25 times and made 9 feedback requests that have gone generally unanswered. I also emailed the top executives in the company with zero replies.
      I am a 100% disabled combat veteran and a Turkish Airlines Representatives made fun of my hearing disability and another chastised me because he did not agree with America’s involvement in the wars in the Middle East.
      I have spent over $1000 for my ticket and am headed to my bank to file dispute on the money spent and then to small claims court in NC to file for my money spent and time lost.
      This company should be heavily sanctioned and their call enter staff fired. I would love to join with people to start a class action lawsuit against this company.

  44. My friend traveled to Paris last Sunday, 16 Jan 2022 by Turkish airlines.
    She has not yet received her baggage after one week!!
    Good job!

  45. My husband had the same horrible experience. They cancelled his flight without informing him luckily for him he decided to call and confirm about his flight only to be told that it was cancelled….on his way back same thing happened…he got stuck in Istanbul and had to travel the next day by the time he reached New York his laggage was Missing. Five days later he has not received his laggage with all his medications . They also have stale Customer service. At least they should outsource English speaking people to work in their call center.

  46. I had the very same experience. I was informed about the flight being canceled upon the check in oppose to 3 days .Baggage wasn’t recovered until the six day. Turkish Airlines, the worse ever.

  47. Michael Komisarenko

    I found myself in pretty much the same situation as described in the original article in January 2022 in Ukraine. I got through to Call Center only on the third day of trying. Before there was a snow storm in the Istanbul airport area and apparently Turkish Airlines have no contingency plan whatsoever. The sales office has been closed since early 2020 due to covid-19. Everything is remote. So, three days, 8 agents, many feedbacks. And it is exactly the same story with the payment. No emails, no calls, the Call Center being unable to put through the payment for difference of $30. I resolved it differently. I went to the airport where there is some physical personnel. That office had never replied to my emails. So I paid at the airport two days before the departure. Fortunately, I only took me 3 hours and train fear.
    Please, if anybody at Turkish reads this, I will do everything in my power to find myself again as a hostage to your airline. This is a shame. And changing the 0800 number to a mobile one for your call center is simply cheap, the mobile number being of LifeCell, a Turkish mobile operator.

  48. Turkish airline are scammers they sold me a ticket that Transits through Singapore, even though they know that passport holders from my country cannot lay over in Singapore…

    1. It is not exactly a scam. If you contact any airline, they will tell you it is your responsibility to have visas and other paperwork for your destinations. What they will do though is to deny you boarding if you lack any of the required by the receiving country (or transit country) documents. They will not advise you before your flight, but simply deny boarding. They explain it by stating that the regulations may change and they do not want any responsibility. It has affected my guest flying from in Kenya. She was denied boarding by some TA dumbfuck employee only because she had a red ink stamp in her passport in a foreign language, which the employee interpreted as a cancelled visa. He also marked the ticket as a no show, and I had to threaten the idiot and she had to pay an additional fee. Turkish Airlines took no disciplinary action against their employee. Too much stress I’d say. Please consider flying other airlines

  49. Very useless airline after delaying my luggage for 4 days, destroying 3 of them, you only paid me £57 , My last of using this rubbish Airline

  50. Worse Airlines ever Turkish airlines
    they are tackling advantage from customer charging me $650 CAD from my visa
    I need REFUND!!!!!

  51. I had a bad experience with turkey airline
    I came 3 hours before boarding only for them to tell me sorry , I can’t fly again that I did not fill my form , after pretending to help me fill it and leave me at last minute. I feel so bad n carried but nothing was done about it. I hate you

  52. I have had the worst experience with customer service of Turkish Airlines. The agents cannot even speak a proper English! I lost my mother’s funeral due to flight cancellation and none of the customer service agents helped me re-book. They even blocked my phone number when I got angry with one of them! Never fly with Turkish Airlines.

  53. I can confirm most of these observations. Turkish Airlines has been and is a very poorly serviced travel infrastructure company. It’s size seems to justify ignorance and arrogance. While it may strive on short term l, I can only predict a long term decline of this work culture based on treating customers as entities for corporate statistics.

  54. Hi ,I like to sher my experience with turkish airline too, I was having a flight with turkish airline and one of my luggage was lost and I call them almost every day, the call center is rubbish thay don’t know anything and know one response,it’s been months and I really don’t know wat to do about it #turkish airline

  55. Never I’ll take Turkish again!!! It’s a bad company! I was blocked to airport for many days without solution because my correspondence gone before our arrival to Istanbul! They refunded to gave us any accomodations, we stayed and slept in the airport like a refugees. I couldn’t take their visa cause my passport will expire soon (5 months). Customer service is so bad

  56. Sherry Vashist

    My father was offloaded from Istanbul Airport by the Turkish airline manager stating that his visa was not valid. He was a transit passenger and an elderly person on assisted travel. He was left all by himself on a false notion of visa. When he boarded for airline from his home country there was no objection to his on arrival visa but for lack of updated jnformation he was offloaded and left alone. He did not know where to make a phone Cs from, he requested the official but they ignored his request. They said you have to go back to your home country and asked him to pay for his return flight. He had to fight with airline staff to change his return ticket to same day flight. He was travelling on valid visa like all his previous travels. Never had he faced a problem with Emirates, Etihad or Qatar. This was his first experience using Turkish airline for Africa and will be his last. He has refused to travel in Turkish airline and curse the people from his heart for all the mental stress they caused him for their own fault. I am sure the airline will not pay heed to our complaint either.

    1. I baught ticket HAJ-IST-BKK–IST-HAJ. On 25 June was my return flight. At the BKK Airport at checked in counter, the officer said i had no ticket. I have wondered, how it was happened. The Officer said to me, my returned flight was refunded, but the ticket condition couldn’t refund. Who did that. It was not me. Next steps, i have to buy new one way ticket back to Germany. My husband and i will fight and claim for money back.

  57. Same horrible experience with their call center. I just gave up, and abondoned all hope on trying to get my $300 balance refund from a unused leg.

  58. Turkish airline staff and crew are fraudulent. We (family of 3) flew from Nigeria to UK on 11th July and to return 20th via flight number TK1988. To our surprise on our return despite providing all electronic Covid-19 documentation, my family was denied flying on the same day. The same Turkish airline rubbed us of our return ticket hence they have to pay back, even after subjecting us to conduct another Covid-19 test which we did, after four hours! They said nothing can be done not minding we have an Eight year old boy with us.

  59. Worst company to fly with. The airplane from Stansted to Sabiha Gokcen had no monitor, no proper food. Paid £500 for return journey and the food was just a small sandwich. Unconfortable plane. I do not understand why Turkish Airlines use Anadolu Jet. They clearly want people to have ridiclious journey. I will never ever again buy tickets from Turkish Airlines or Anadolu Jet. I hope Anadoku Jey backrups and never run inyernational flights. Aren’t Turkish Airlines ashamed by making people fly by Anadolu Jet. We paid for the seat £10. When we got to the airport they changed the seat to a different location. Why the heck did you charge us that money. On return they changed the seat again but on the wing. When I tried to change it back to the seat we paid for it asked for another £10. This company deserves to loose big time…

  60. I have had experienced the same and difficult problem happened to me With turkish airline.
    On the 15th December 2021 the flight left me while I was in security check and then backed to their office in Heathrow from the flight gate. I noticed him what happened to me.The officer told me to contact my provider.
    My provider said pay new ticket around £1300.I can’t remember the exact price. It’s in my in email address.
    At last I decided to continue with different airline. I booked one way to Khartoum. I thought to use my return ticket with turkish airline.
    Then 3 days before the returning day I went to turkish airline office to check and approve my ticket.
    Unfortunately the officer in Khartoum is very rude. No customer respect. She told me in a bad way “why you come here ?contact your provider ” she said and throw my ticket to the table from her hand .
    Also she said to me “you didn’t come with it you didn’t use it!” I contacted my provider again said solve your problem with turkish airline.
    I sent complain letter to turkish airline.after 3 days you didn’t use your ticket you didn’t back with it.
    I booked with different airline again .
    Turkish airline customer service play games with customers.
    Firstly I didn’t late in my home I had late in check in do you to check in and security check.
    Then what the reason I didn’t use the return ticket.
    Is this law only for turkish airline?
    Why their customer services careless.

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