Review: T/G Lounge at Denpasar Bali Airport

Review: T/G Lounge at Denpasar Bali Airport

Besides the Garuda Indonesia Lounge which I reviewed earlier, there are two other lounges in the international terminal of Denpasar Bali airport – Premier Lounge and T/G Lounge. Both of those are contract lounges (not directly operated by an airline), and both of them can be accessed with Priority Pass.

I paid a brief visit to each of them before my flight to Osaka, and so, here is my review of the T/G Lounge to begin with.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

Just like Premier Lounge and Garuda Indonesia Lounge, T/G Lounge is located in the international terminal of Denpasar Bali airport.

It can be found after security, one floor above the main level. And, it’s accessible via stairs and an elevator located in the central part of the terminal in it’s duty free shopping area.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Entrance

The lounge can be accessed by premium class and elite passengers of some airlines including Virgin Australia, China Airlines, and Malindo. Besides that, it’s also available to Priority Pass members and eligible members of several other programs.

Finally, single-use access passes to enter the lounge can be bought through LoungeBuddy (although I certainly don’t recommend that as you won’t get the best “return on your investment”).

The lounge is open 24 hours a day.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Reception
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Wi-Fi
Wi-fi code and drink coupon.

Lounge Tour

Upon checking-in at the reception, I received a small piece of paper with the wi-fi login information printed on it. It also served as a coupon for up to three glasses of wine or beer. More about that in the section about the lounge’s food and drinks selection, though.

Entering the lounge and turning to the left, there was a small seating area with lounging chairs arranged in pairs of two (and towards the back in larger groups) around coffee tables.

The staffed bar was located across from this seating area, separated from it with a wooden partition. There wasn’t much seating in the bar area – only a couple of bar chairs and very simple stools.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Seating
Seating area across from the bar.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Bar

Going towards the other end of the lounge, first, there was the main seating area. It consisted of sofas with coffee tables between them along one of the walls and sofa chairs arranged in pairs along the other wall.

In the middle, there was a row of sofa chairs facing each other with tables between them.

Towards the back, there were also some lounging chairs that looked more comfortable than the sofa chairs in the middle of the lounge.

And, there were three “workstations” – two with computers and one without.

While I generally like that kind of spaces in lounges as they tend to offer the most privacy and the best place to work, that wasn’t the case with this one. These “workstations” faced the busiest part of the lounge, and – in a way – looked like check-in or reception counters.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Seating
Main seating area.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Seating
Seating near the buffet.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Business Center
Business center.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Seating
An overview of the main seating area and some of the seating in the back of the lounge.

The area above also featured the lounge’s buffet as well as a live cooking station.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Live Cooking Station
Live cooking station.

Finally, at the very back of the lounge, there was some more seating which – besides some lounging chairs – also included large black leather sofa chairs.

Separately, there was a massage room. (I am not sure about the massage menu or pricing, though.)

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Seating
Seating in the very back of the lounge.

Food and Drinks

As mentioned in the beginning of this review, upon entering the lounge, I was given a piece of paper which could be redeemed for up to three 120 ml glasses of wine or beer at the bar. Any alcoholic drinks other than could be bought at the bar.

Free drinks could be found in the buffet area. They included a selection of juices, canned and bottled soda, as well as water. While I didn’t see any coffee in the lounge (perhaps it was available at the bar), there was a limited selection of tea.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Drinks
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Tea
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Soft Drinks
Local version of Fanta.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Soft Drinks
Soft drinks.

The food selection at the buffet wasn’t exactly spectacular either.

There were some snacks including cookies and nuts. And, there were some donuts, croissants, and danishes.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Snacks
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Snacks
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Desserts
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Pastries
Croissants and danishes.

Besides that, there were a simple salad bar, chicken cream soup, and a couple of hot dishes.

The mains included black-pepper beef, chicken schnitzel, seared fish, and chicken spring rolls. The sides included potato wedges, mixed vegetables, and rice.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Salad
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Soup
Chicken cream soup.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Hot Dishes
Mixed vegetables, potato wedges, and steamed rice.
T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Hot Dishes
Chicken spring rolls, seared fish, chicken schnitzels, and black-pepper beef.

The one positive about the food selection was the availability of the live cooking station.

What one could get there depended on the time of the day – omelettes, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs were available for breakfast, noodle soup was available for lunch, and two kinds of pasta were available for dinner.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Live Cooking Station Menu
Live cooking station menu.

T/G Lounge Denpasar Bali Summary

I visited the lounge fairly late (around 10PM), and it was quite crowded – especially in the main seating area. That said, I was able to find a (not so quiet given the number of big groups of travelers in the lounge) place to work and relax for a bit in the back of the lounge.

While the T/G Lounge did not disappoint, it did not impress either.

The food and drink selection available at the buffet was average at best, and the lounge was too busy to be a place to relax before a flight.

As such, I cannot recommend visiting it if you have to pay for access or if you have to use one of your limited Priority Pass visits. Instead, head into the Garuda Indonesia Lounge if you have the access – or into the Premier Lounge if you have Priority Pass.

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  1. Nothing worse than the cheap trend of business lounges to have cookies and nuts in a public jar. People putting their hands in etc. I would never eat from one, maybe that’s the idea.

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