Avoid This Mistake to Spare Yourself from Having to Buy Two Tickets for the Same Terravision Airport Bus

Avoid This Mistake to Spare Yourself from Having to Buy Two Tickets for the Same Terravision Airport Bus (Don't Forget to Print Your Tickets)

Yesterday, I took a Ryanair flight from Barcelona to Milan Bergamo arriving around 9:30PM from which I connected to a British Airways flight that departed Milan Linate airport at 7:50AM this morning. I was undecided between a couple of options on how to handle the transit and night in Milan, until the very last minute.

While waiting for my flight to Bergamo, I finally made the decision to spend the night at Bergamo airport (which has to be one of the worst airports for sleeping), and then catch a 4:05AM Terravision bus from the airport to Milano Centrale station from where I would make my way to Linate.

With that in mind, I proceeded to book the bus – which at just 5 Euros one-way was a bargain -on Terravision’s website. It wasn’t until I finished the booking, though, that I realized I had a bit of an issue. The confirmation email included the following note:

IMPORTANT: Tickets must be printed. Tickets on mobile phone devices or tablets will not be accepted.

After arriving at Bergamo airport, I went to Terravision’s ticket office there to see if they might be able to help. However, besides being unstaffed at the time, there was also a note in the window mentioning that printing was not available. Which, I assume, was targeted at people who made the same mistake as I did.

Terravision Bergamo Ticket Office Not Available Printing

As there was no way I could print the ticket, I just waited until around 3:40AM when I went to the bus stop. There, not being able to use my original ticket, I had to buy the exact same one (for the exact same price).

Terravision Bus Ticket

Later on, when I checked the Terravision website again, I realized that the same text – that I didn’t notice when booking – about tickets having to be printed was shown on the payment page as well.

Terravision Online Booking

Because of that, I cannot blame the bus company for the situation – although it certainly would be nice if they allowed people to use digital tickets. As for the ride itself, it was comfortable and without any issues.

And, as such, I can only recommend Terravision as a way to get from Bergamo to Milan.

Just make sure that if you buy your ticket online, you will have a chance to print it before you take the bus. Otherwise, buy your ticket at the airport (either at the ticket office or directly in front of the bus) for the exact same price (5 EUR) as when buying online.

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