ANA Opened “Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge” Inside Its Tokyo Haneda Lounge

While children’s spaces in airport lounges are fairly common, it is not that often that one’s theme is based on a major franchise. That is the case with the “Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge” that opened recently within one of the two ANA LOUNGEs at Tokyo Haneda airport.

ANA Opened "Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge" Inside Its Tokyo Haneda Lounge

Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge

The “Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge” is located within the southern ANA LOUNGE, and it was opened on August 11, 2017.

As per ANA’s press release, it features a slide and other play equipment for children. The lounge’s entrance and walls are based on the designs of the three Star Wars ANA Jets – R2D2 ANA Jet, BB-8 ANA Jet, and C3PO ANA Jet.

Star Wars ANA Kids Lounge

R2D2 ANA Jet

BB-8 ANA Jet


Furthermore, each kid visiting the lounge will receive a special Star Wars-themed sticker as pictured below.

ANA Star Wars Sticker

So far, I wasn’t able to find any actual photos of the new kids’ lounge except for the one in the tweet below. But, I hope to be able to take a peek inside the lounge sometime soon!

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