Spotting Report: Colorful Haneda with Lufthansa Retro and More

Spotting Report: Tokyo Haneda, Japan

As I had some time last Saturday, and the weather in Tokyo was perfect, I decided to pay Haneda airport a visit.

When I checked FlightRadar and realized that Lufthansa’s Retro 747-8i was on its way to Haneda as well, my excitement grew further.

Busy International Terminal Observation Deck

My first stop after arriving at the airport was the international terminal’s excellent observation deck. It was a couple of minutes before noon, and given that it was weekend and the weather was great, there were many people taking photos and just hanging out.

Haneda Airport International Terminal Observation Deck

The observation deck.
Haneda Airport International Terminal Observation Deck

One of the observation deck visitors…

The first movement I got was a Garuda Indonesia 777-300ER taxiing for departure back to Jakarta as flight GA875. This was followed by JAL Dreamliner’s arrival from Beijing and Eva Air Hello Kitty A330’s departure to Taipei.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER.
Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8

JAL Boeing 787-8.
Eva Air Airbus A330-300 Hello Kitty Loves Apples

Eva Air Airbus A330-300 “Hello Kitty Loves Apples.”

Before the highlight of the day, Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern A330s arrived from Shanghai, and ANA’s 787 in R2D2 Star Wars colors departed to Munich.

Shanghai Airlines Airbus A330-300

Shanghai Airlines Airbus A330-300.
China Eastern Airbus A330-300

China Eastern Airbus A330-300.
All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-9 Star Wars R2D2

ANA Boeing 787-9 “R2D2.”

Finally, shortly after 1PM, the distinctive Lufthansa Retro Jumbo appeared in the distance, approaching runway 34R. After landing, it taxied past the observation deck before entering the apron and parking at gate 107.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Retro

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i “Retro” taxiing after arrival from Frankfurt

ANA, Air Do, and More

With the Lufthansa Retro at its gate, there were no more interesting movements that could be photographed from the International Terminal scheduled, and so I headed to the other side of the airport, to the Terminal 2 observation deck.

The goal was to stay there until the Lufthansa 747 would depart from runway 34R back to Frankfurt at 3:20PM.

During the time there, I was of course able to get some of the regular ANA and Air Do aircraft.

All Nippon Airways A320-200

ANA Airbus A320-200.
Air Do Boeing 767-300

Air Do Boeing 767-300.
All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-200

ANA Boeing 777-200.

Besides the regulars, I was able to get one of the ANA’s latest special colors – the Flower Jet 737, JAL’s Doraemon Jet, and one of the two ANA Star Alliance 777s.

All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-800 Flower Jet

ANA Boeing 737-800 “Flower Jet.”
All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-200 Star Alliance

ANA Boeing 777-200 “Star Alliance.”
Japan Airlines Boeing 767-300 Doraemon Jet

JAL Boeing 767-300 “Doraemon.”

With the excellent visibility, Sky Tree could be seen in the background, and captured with some of the aircraft departing from runway 34R as well.

Japan Airlines Boeing 737-800

JAL Boeing 737-800 with Tokyo Sky Tree.
Air Do Boeing 767-300

Air Do Boeing 767-300 with Tokyo Sky Tree..

Auf Wiedersehen, Lufthansa Retro!

After almost two hours at the terrace, waiting for the Jumbo, it finally appeared around 3:40PM. It lined up on runway 34R, and at 3:46PM, it departed back to Frankfurt as flight LH717.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Retro

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i “Retro” departing back to Frankfurt with fading daylight.

Once the Lufthansa Retro 747 was in the air, I decided to call it a day, and left the airport.

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