Review: SkyTeam Lounge at Vancouver International

Lounge Review: Sky Team Lounge at Vancouver International

Prior to my flight from Vancouver back to Japan during my “round-the-world” Canada trip back in May, I visited the airport’s Sky Team Lounge. While the lounge is accessible to Priority Pass members, since I was flying with Xiamen Air – a Sky Team member airline – I was able to access it thanks to my Delta Gold Medallion status.

The lounge is relatively new, as it opened in November 2017, and it is open 24 hours a day. Its reception is near gate D54, and the lounge itself is accessed by an elevator as it is located one floor above the main departures level.

Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Airport
Entrance to the Sky Team Lounge at Vancouver International Airport.

Lounge Overview

After getting off the elevator, there was a magazine rack on the right side followed by pair of leather chairs with side tables on the left and a horseshoe-shaped workspace on the right. Inside the workspace, besides a counter, there were also a computer, a printer, and some reading materials.

Reading Materials
Reading materials inside the lounge.
Seating in the Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Seating just after the entrance.
Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Workspace
A small workspace.

Further down, the “aisle” was lined with some more beige leather chairs as well as with some more colorful sofa chairs on the left. On the right, there was an unstaffed wine bar with what seemed like a decent selection of wines.

Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Workspace
Most of the seating in the lounge consisted of individual sofa chairs.
Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Wine Bar
Wine bar.

Next to that, separated from the aisle by a wooden wall, there was a seating area that was in a typical “lounge configuration” with rows of sofa chairs. Separately, that area also had two daybeds.

Seating in Vancouver Sky Team Lounge
One of the lounge’s seating areas.

Then, behind that was a dining area which could be accessed via a narrow hallway overlooking the terminal and lined with dining tables with pairs of chairs. The dining area itself featured, besides the buffet, several counters all of which were equipped with power outlets.

Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Hallway leading to the dining area.
Vancouver Sky Team Lounge Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.
Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Dining Area
Dining area overview.

Finally, in the very back of the lounge was a nicely decorated hallway leading into the restroom and shower area. There were two shower rooms, and the one I used was quite spacey as it was also one that was equipped for wheelchair users.

The showers could be accessed freely, and when I entered it, there were plastic wrapped towels, as well as basic amenities including soap, shampoo, etc.

Sky Team Cabin Crew
Sky Team cabin crew-themed wall decoration.
Sky Team Airlines
Sky Team airlines.
Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Shower Room
Shower room.
Sink and Toilet
Sink and toilet.

Food and Drinks Selection

As mentioned above, not far from the lounge entrance there was a wine bar with more than half a dozen kinds of wine on offer.

Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Wine
Wine selection.
50th Parallel Estate and Red Rooster wines.
Wine Dispensers
Wine dispensers.

Other than that, all the drinks and food were located in the buffet area in the very back of the lounge.

There were some coffee machines as well as teas, several canned and bottled beers, canned soda, and about half a dozen kinds of liquor.

Coffee and Tea in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Coffee and tea.
Soft Drinks in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Soft drinks.
Alcohol in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver

Then, there were some light bites including pretzels and peanuts, cheese and smoked salmon, and salads. There was also a small selection of desserts, and five or so kinds of sandwiches.

Snacks in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Pretzels and nuts.
Light Meals
Cheese, tomatoes, etc.
Food in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Desserts in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver

Besides that, there was chicken with mash potatoes, and a broccoli soup.

Hot Dishes
Hot dishes.

Finally, there was a staffed noodle bar where one could order noodle soup with fish balls or wontons, and vegetable or pork dumplings.

Noodle Bar in Sky Team Lounge Vancouver
Noodle bar.
Order Form
Order form.
Noodles and Dumpling
Wonton noodle soup with a vegetable dumpling.

Sky Team Lounge Vancouver Summary

Since the lounge was quite new when I visited it, the decor was quite modern, and it was a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours in. The noodle soup was quite good, and the shower room was equipped well enough to allow me to get refreshed before the long flight to Xiamen.

Overall, I can only recommend the lounge. Especially when it comes to lounges accessible with Priority Pass, it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve been to.

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