Review: SKY LOUNGE at Tokyo Haneda

Lounge Review: SKY LOUNGE at Tokyo Haneda

While I visited some of the domestic credit card lounges at Tokyo Haneda airport, I never had a chance to visit the one in the international terminal – SKY LOUNGE – until the beginning of my trip to Korea back in October.

The lounge is located one level above the main departures floor and can be accessed by an escalator located right past immigration. It is available to passengers holding select Japanese credit cards as well as for a one time fee of about 10 dollars.

Tokyo Haneda International Terminal

The lounge is located up the escalator right past immigration.

Lounge Overview

The lounge’s reception was shared with TIAT Lounge – a lounge run by the same company but accessible to premium passengers of certain airlines instead of credit card holders.

Right past the entrance into the actual SKY LOUNGE, there was a luggage rack.

SKY LOUNGE Tokyo Haneda

Entrance into SKY LOUNGE at Tokyo Haneda.
Luggage Rack

Luggage rack.

Then, there was the main seating area in a typical “rows of sofa chairs” lounge configuration.

Separately, there was a counter along the windows offering some apron views. On the counter, there was also one computer that passengers could browse the Internet on – for a fee!

On a positive note, there were plenty of power outlets throughout the seating area.

SKY LOUNGE Tokyo Haneda Seating

Overview of the lounge.

Counter and sofa chairs.

Sofa chairs.
SKY LOUNGE Tokyo Haneda Counter

Notice the coin-operated computer. 10 minutes of Internet use almost cost 1 dollar…

There was also a counter with drinks which I will get to further down in the review.

Drink Counter

Drink counter.

Finally, there was a hallway which led to a smoking room, a relaxation room and restrooms.


Restrooms, smoking room, relaxation room.
Smoking Room

Smoking room.
Relaxation Room

Relaxation room.

Food and Drinks Selection

Similar to other Japanese credit card lounges, there was a selection of soft drinks on offer for free with alcohol and food requiring a separate charge.

There was a selection of soft drinks from an automatic dispenser as well as a selection of juices. As for hot drinks, there was a coffee machine and a selection of teas.


Coffee and tea.

Soft drinks.


As for the paid food, I didn’t try anything, but below is the menu for reference.


Food menu.

SKY LOUNGE Tokyo Haneda International Terminal Summary

Given that SKY LOUNGE is as simple and basic of a lounge as it gets, there is not much to summarize. It is an acceptable place to spend some time at before flight if you can access it for free.

However, if you have access to any of the airline lounges at the airport, you should definitely skip this one. Similarly, if you have to pay to get in, don’t – spend the money on some tasty food in the terminal’s food court instead.

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