Review: Sky Hub Lounge at Busan Gimhae

Lounge Review: Sky Hub Lounge at Busan Gimhae

After visiting Asiana Lounge and KAL Lounge before my flight from Busan to Tokyo, I went to the third Priority Pass lounge at the airport – Sky Hub Lounge.

The Sky Hub Lounge is, unlike the other two lounges, located on the main departures floor. More precisely, it is between gates 9 and 10.

Sky Hub Lounge Busan Entrance

Entrance into the Sky Hub Lounge at Busan airport.

Lounge Overview

While the Sky Hub Lounge was considerably smaller than the other two lounges, I didn’t find that to be an issue since, at least at the time of my visit, there were plenty of seats open.

Across from the reception, behind a wall, there was a seating space with some low tables, chairs, and benches.

Sky Hub Lounge Busan Seating Area

One of the seating areas.

On the other side of the lounge, to the right of the reception, there was another seating area with some more tables, as well as comfortable pairs of sofa chairs. There was also a rack with reading materials.

Sofa Chairs

Pairs of sofa chairs.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Along the lounge’s window was a counter which offered views of the apron. And, there were half-a-dozen dining tables in the middle of the lounge.

Counter Apron Views

The lounge offered some apron views.

Counter along the window.
Dining Tables

First set of three dining tables.
Dining Tables

Second, more private, set of dining tables.
Low Tables with Ottomans

Small tables with ottomans.

Finally, there was a very well-stocked buffet area.

Sky Hub Lounge Busan Buffet Area

Buffet area.

Food and Drinks Selection

Similar to my experience in Seoul last year, the food and drinks selection in the Sky Hub Lounge was much better than at the Asiana Lounge (and KAL Lounge).

There were some cereals and rice cakes. And, there were also the usual cup noodles and toasts.

I found it quite strange that all the cup noodles were open – while it might have made it a bit more convenient for the visitors to make them, I am not sure about the hygienic point of view…


Cereals, rice cakes, etc.
Cup Noodles

Cup noodles.


Then, there was a counter with fruits, salads, and a DIY bibimbap station.


Sky Hub Lounge Busan Bibimbap

Bibimbap toppings.

Rice for bibimbap.

What impressed me the most, though, was the selection of hot dishes.

Two kinds of soup – Korean beef and mushroom – were offered.

Korean Beef Soup

Korean beef soup.
Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup.

Several main dishes including fried rice, spaghetti, and chicken were offered as well.

Spicy Chicken

Spicy chicken and sweet potatoes.
Rice Cake

Cheese stir-fried rice cakes.

Alio olio spaghetti.
Fried Rice

Fried rice.


Sour cream and onion shoestring.

As for drinks, there was the obligatory coffee machine.



There was also a soda dispenser, beer on tap, as well as ingredients (and instructions) to make “lemon beer.”

Soda and Beer

Sodas, juice, and beer on tap.
Lemon Beer

Lemon beer.

Finally, there was a fridge with some canned drinks, bottled water, and grape juice.

Soft Drinks

Canned soft drinks and bottled water.
Grape Juice

Grape juice.

Sky Hub Lounge Busan International Terminal Summary

The lounge was considerably better stocked than the Asiana and Korean Air lounges. I was especially impressed with the selection of warm meals.

Unlike the other two lounges, this one is certainly worth a visit if you have Priority Pass membership and some time to spare before your international flight out of Busan.

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  1. Never been to a lounge, but it will be a first time later this year^^ I wonder why anyone would eat cup noodles when theres is so much better stuff to stuff yourself with.

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