Lounge Review: Sala VIP Canudas at Barcelona El Prat

Lounge Review: Sala VIP Canudas at Barcelona El Prat (Priority Pass Lounge)

My connection time between arriving at Barcelona Sants station from Zaragoza and taking a Ryanair flight from El Prat airport was – at 2 hours and 20 minutes – fairly short.

However, with everything going smooth, I still managed arrive at the airport with plenty of time to visit Sala VIP Canudas – one of the four Priority Pass lounges at Barcelona El Prat airport and the only such lounge in terminal 2 which is used by Ryanair.

The lounge is located airside, shortly after security. Its entrance can be found near Ribs restaurant, and is fairly well sign-posted.

Barcelona El Prat Terminal 2

Barcelona El Prat airport terminal 2.
Barcelona El Prat Priority Pass Lounge

Heading to Sala VIP Canudas.

Lounge Overview

After entering the lounge through its automatic door, I was welcomed by the receptionist sitting behind a desk to the left of the entrance.

Entrance to Sala VIP Canudas at Barcelona El Prat

Sala VIP Canudas.

Across from the reception, to the right of the door, there was the buffet area with a variety of drinks and snacks – but, more on that later. In the middle of the buffet area, there was also a counter with two monitors showing the airport’s flight information.

Buffet Sala VIP Canudas at Barcelona El Prat

Buffet Counter

Buffet spread.
Barcelona El Prat FIDS

Flight information displays.

The rest of the lounge was one big room with couches and sofa chairs arranged around coffee tables. Some of the seating areas featured a wall-mounted TV as well.

Main Seating Area of Sala VIP Canudas

Overview of the seating area.
Seating of Sala VIP Canudas

Seating area.

While the above covers the majority of the lounge, there was also as single office desk with four chairs. And, there were four cubicles, mostly with computers, in the middle of the lounge.

Office Desk

Office table.


Food and Drinks Selection

All of the food and drinks could be found in the buffet area opposite the reception desk.

There was a refrigerator with bottled beer, sodas, and water.

Drinks at Sala VIP Canudas

Sodas and beer.

Then, there were shelves with juices, milk, liquor, wine, etc. running along the wall of the lounge.





Sala VIP Canudas Liquor

Martinis and wine.


More liquor.

Separately from that, there was a pair of Nespresso machines.

Sala VIP Canudas Nespresso

Nespresso machine.

Nespresso capsules.

While one of those machines sat on a dedicated Nespresso counter, the other one could be found on a counter together with a selection of light bites to eat. Those included baguettes, yogurts, and some cakes.

There was also some packaged bread and jam on the shelves with the drinks that I mentioned earlier.





Bread and jams.

Finally, there was a table with a variety of cold cuts and salty snacks.

Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.

Sala VIP Canudas Barcelona El Prat Summary

The Sala VIP Canudas was a typical Priority Pass lounge. It didn’t stand out for being exceptional, but it didn’t disappoint either.

While the lounge offered no hot meals, the selection of snacks and drinks was perfectly fine – especially as a pre-flight substitute to buying drinks and snacks onboard Ryanair or other airline you might fly with.

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  1. Evening Keishi … thanks for this review. It was constructive and well put-together, and I also appreciate the images.

    We will be in this terminal in October, and I now feel in possession of sufficient information to determine whether to utilise this for our group of 4 when the time comes.

    Much appreciated !

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