Review: Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge (North) at Phuket Airport

Lounge Review: Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge North at Phuket InternationalEven though Thai Airways’ international service out of Phuket airport is fairly limited, the airline still operates two small Royal Orchid Lounges for its business class passengers and other eligible guests.

I visited one of the lounges (the “North” one) prior to my Thai Airways flight to Beijing which is the airline’s only regular international flight out of the airport. While there is a Priority Pass lounge in the terminal as well, I only visited the Thai Airways lounge as I was fairly short on time.

Continue reading this review to see what it was like.

The Royal Orchid Lounge “North” at Phuket airport can be found one floor above the main departures level. It can be accessed using an escalator located near gate 11.

Just like most other lounges operated by Star Alliance airlines, the lounge can be used by Thai Airways and its Star Alliance partners’ business and first class passengers and status holders. Besides that, some non-Star Alliance airlines including Aeroflot and China Eastern offer access to the lounge to its eligible passengers.

The lounge is open from 5AM until 3AM every day.

Phuket International Airport

The lounge is on the 4th floor.
Royal Orchid Lounge North Entrance

Royal Orchid Lounge.
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge North at Phuket International


Lounge Overview

The Royal Orchid Lounge North was basically made out of one large room. Right after the entrance (on the right side), there was the reception desk.

Then, in the very back of the lounge, there was a decently stocked buffet area.

Buffet Area in Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge North at Phuket Airport

Buffet area.

And, the rest of the lounge consisted of a variety of seating options. While there were no dining tables or work spaces, there were some benches, counter-heigh seats, as well as sofa chairs with coffee tables.

Overview of Thai Lounge for International Flights Out of Phuket

Seating area overview.
Seating in the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge North at Phuket Airport

Sofa chairs along the outer edge of the lounge.

Bench with coffee tables.

Counter in the middle of the lounge.
Sofa chairs

Sofa chairs.
Seating in International Thai Airways Lounge at Phuket

Seating in the back of the lounge.

Food and Drinks Selection

Cold beverages offered in the lounge included canned soda and beer, bottled water, juice boxes, and a tank with orange juice.

Soft Drinks

Cold soft drinks and beer.
Orange Juice in Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge North

Orange juice.

As for hot drinks, there was some self-serve tea, as well as made-to-order coffee, cappuccinos, etc. At the counter where the hot drinks were offered, one could also order some sandwiches as per the menu pictured below.

Drinks in Thai Airways Lounge at Phuket Airport

A La Carte Menu

Coffee and sandwiches.

As far as I am aware, there were no alcoholic drinks offered in the lounge.

The food in the lounge mostly consisted of lighter items. Some of those included packaged nuts, cookies, cupcakes, and desserts.

Snacks in Thai Airways International Lounge at Phuket Airport


Light items.


There were also some sandwiches and pastries, vegetables and fruits.

Sandwiches and Pastries

Sandwiches and pastries.
Salad Bar

Salad and fruits.

Finally, there were also warm options including buns, porridge, and soup.


Warm food.


Chicken porridge.

Chicken and tofu soup.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge Phuket Summary

While the Royal Orchid Lounge “North” is very small and only features basic seating without any business center or similar facilities, it was more than enough for my short visit. And, in fact, considering that most of passengers using this airport are just ending their vacation, I don’t think facilities like a business center are necessary.

As for the lounge’s food, I would have welcomed at least one “real” hot meal option, but otherwise there was enough food to fill one up before any flight.

It was also unfortunate that the lounge didn’t offer showers considering that some people might like to take a shower after spending a day in hot and humid Phuket.

3 thoughts on “Review: Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge (North) at Phuket Airport”

  1. thanks for the good report.

    I plan on being in the HKT lounge in oct after midnight, do you think it will be well stocked that time of night?

    1. Mike, thanks for the comment. I was there around 9PM and the lounge was deserted, yet fairly well stocked. So I would expect similar to be the case around midnight. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!

      1. thanks for the reply.

        last time we were in their HKT lounge was before the new buildings, it was in sad shape.


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