Lounge Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Doha Hamad International

Lounge Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Doha Hamad International

After arriving in Doha from Hanoi after midnight, I headed straight to Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge where I spent the night before catching an 8AM flight to New York. And, I visited the lounge for a couple of hours on my way back from the US to Vietnam as well.

The Al Mourjan Lounge is located one floor above the main departures level, and can be found easily by following signs that can be found – among other places – in the central part of the terminal, near Doha’s well-known giant teddy bear.

Doha Hamad International Airport Teddy Bear

Doha Hamad International Airport’s signature giant teddy bear.

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Overview

I accessed the lounge with an escalator at the bottom of which the lounge’s staff was checking boarding passes. As such, when I got to the top of the escalator, I could walk straight past the reception and into the lounge.

Escalators to Al Mourjan Lounge

Escalator leading into the Al Mourjan Lounge.
Seating Area in Al Mourjan Lounge's Reception

Seating in the upper floor reception area.
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Reception

Reception of Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha.

Past the reception, there was an interesting silver wall-like feature, as well as a water feature with a reflective ceiling. Right next to that, there was a large spiral staircase leading to the upper level of the lounge. But, more on that later.

The above features that gave the lounge a slightly luxurious, but not tacky, feeling, left me with a very positive first impression of the Al Mourjan Lounge.

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge Review

Wall-like feature past the entrance into the lounge.
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Water Feature

Centerpieces of the Al Mourjan Lounge – a water feature and a large spiral staircase.

Lower Floor

The majority of the lounge’s features was spread around the spacious first floor.

First, around the perimeter of the large open space of the first floor – mostly around the water feature – there were several seating areas.

There were individual leather sofas separated by privacy partitions, as well as areas with sofas around coffee tables for larger groups of people.

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge Doha Review

Individual leather chairs.
Seating in Doha Lounge

Group seating area.
Leather Seats Near Water Feature

Seating area near the water feature.

And, there were also areas with individual blue cloth seats. Each of those, as well as each of the individual leather chairs above came with a power plug and a tablet that was loaded with flight information, the airport map, etc.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Doha Seating Review

The lounge was airy and there was plenty of space between the seats.
Blue Qatar Airways Seats

Qatar Airways’ original seats.
Seating Area Near Entrance

Each of the individual seats was equipped with a tablet loaded with flight and airport information.

Throughout the above area, and throughout the rest of the lounge as well, there were numerous drinks and snack stations, magazine racks, as well as flight information displays.

Drink Station and FIDS

A drink station and flight information screens.
Qatar Airways Reading Materials in the Lounge

Reading materials.

In the middle of the open area, there was a cafe-style seating area that was slightly raised compared to the rest of the lounge. Besides some individual lounging chairs and a drink station, it also included more “artsy” seating as pictured below.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Cafe

Cafe area.
Coffee Bar

The cafe area behind a lounge map.
Fancy Seats in Al Mourjan Lounge

“Artsy” seating in the area.

Then, near the entrance area, there was a narrow path that included a baggage storage facility, and led to an area with several partitioned-off “suites” with day beds.

I spent the night in one of those, and right after getting there, the staff offered me a blanket. And, also asked about my departure time so that I could be woken up in case I didn’t manage to do so myself.

Qatar Airways Lounge Doha Sleeping

Sleeping booths.
Sleeping Suite in Al Mourjan Lounge

My home for the night.
Seating Area with Magazines

Seating and magazines in the sleeping area.

Going back into the large open space, there were also several areas behind automatic doors.

Those included a smoking room, and a section with another seating area, a game room, and a business center.

Al Mourjan Lounge Smoking Room

Smoking room.
Al Mourjan Lounge Business Center

Business center and game room.
Partitioned-Off Seating Area

Entrance into the area with the business center and game room.

Inside the latter, there were about thirty cloth seats (same as above, except in red color) and a drink and snacks station.

Seating in the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha

Red version of the signature seats could be found in the seating area next to the business center.

Then, there was a game room with table soccer, Play Station and Nintendo game consoles, and even a racing simulator.

Qatar Airways Lounge Game Room

Game room.
Qatar Airways Formula Simulator

Racing simulator.
Table Soccer

Table soccer.

Separately, behind another set of doors, there was the business center which, besides offering workstations both with and without computers, also included several meeting spaces. There were no private meeting rooms, though.

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Workstations

Workstations including computers.

More workdesks.
Meeting Space

Meeting spaces
Conference Room in Qatar Airways' Lounge's Business Center

Large meeting space.

The last section that could be found on the first floor was a deli where one could get a la carte sandwiches.

Qatar Airways Lounge Deli Entrance

Deli Seating

Seating in the deli.
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge A La Carte Sandwiches

The deli offered an a la carte selection of sandwiches.

Interestingly, it was inside the deli that one could find the entrance into the shower and sleeping rooms.

Al Mourjan Lounge Shower and Sleeping Rooms

Sleeping rooms and shower rooms reception.

And, while I didn’t look into the sleeping rooms – which as far as I understand only feature a daybed rather than a real bed – I took a shower.

Each of the rooms had a separate restroom and shower room – which I thought was nice since in many cases the restroom is not separated. Besides that, the entrance area featured with a luggage rack, sink, etc.

Qatar Airways Shower Room Toilet

Toilet in the shower room.
Qatar Airways Lounge Shower

Qatar Airways Shower Room in Al Mourjan Lounge

Luggage rack.

Sink area.

What I found a bit disappointing, though, was that there were no amenities besides soap and shampoo readily available in the room. Items like toothbrushes had to be asked for.

Qatar Airways Lounge Amenities

Shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.

Soap and body lotion.

Upper Floor

The second floor was accessible by the large spiral staircase, as well as by an elevator to the side of it.

Spiral Staircase Leading to Qatar Airways' Lounge's Restaurant and Bar Area

Staircase leading into the restaurant area.

Right in front of the stairs, there was a staffed bar.

Qatar Airways Doha Lounge Bar


Then, there were three buffet counters with a variety of food more about which I will talk further down.

Qatar Airways Doha Lounge Buffet

One of the buffet counters.

Finally, there was plenty of seating made up of pairs of chairs with dining tables. Each of the tables was set-up with cutlery, jams, etc.

Separately, there was a family zone which – while I didn’t venture inside – presumably had tables with more than two seats.

Al Mourjan Lounge Restaurant Seating

Restaurant area seating.
Table Setup

Table with basic set-up.

Jams and condimenets.
Restaurant Seats in Qatar's Lounge

Comfortable large leather seats in the restaurant area.

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Food and Drinks Selection

While the bar, as well as most of the food, could be found on the second floor in the restaurant, there were also several drink and snack stations throughout the first floor of the lounge.

Qatar Airways Lounge Pastries

Pastries and muffins.
Breakfast Light Items in Qatar Airways Lounge

Light food on the first floor of the lounge…
Light Breakfast

…and some more.

Separately, there was a deli where one could – besides some appetizers – also get a la carte sandwiches.

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge Deli Menu

Deli menu.

As for the second floor restaurant, while in the past, there used to be a la carte service, nowadays there is “just” a buffet spread across three counters.

On a side note, because of my two visits, I was able to see both the breakfast and dinner items.

Qatar Airways Buffet Spread

One of the buffet counters on the second floor.

The first of the counters was located across from the bar and staircase, and was home to orange juice and milk, tea and coffee, as well as pastries, cereals, and toasts during breakfast time.

Orange Juice and Milk

Orange juice and milk.
Qatar Airways Lounge Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee.
Breakfast Pastries in Qatar Airways Lounge

Pastries and muffins on the second floor.



In the evening, the breakfast items were replaced by a wide variety of beautifully presented Western and Arab desserts, and a fruit salad.

Arabic Desserts

Arabic desserts.
Western Desserts

Fruit Salad and Desserts in Al Mourjan Lounge

Cupcakes and fruit salad.

The other two buffet counters could be found on either side of the lounge, and one featured mostly Asian cuisine, while the other was focused on Western cuisine.

Both of them, though, had some bread as well as light individually plated items on offer throughout the day.

Qatar Airways Lounge Bread


Olives, hummus, and muesli.

More appetizers.

Dinner-time appetizers and salads.

During breakfast, there were also some cut fruits, yoghurts, as well as cold cuts.

Fruits and Yoghurt

Fruits and yogurts.
Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.

Western warm breakfast items included porridge, pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, and omelettes among others. And, items on the asian side included Chinese congee, pindi channa with paratha and mee goreng.



Scrambled Eggs and Omelettes

Scrambled eggs and omelletes.
Pindi channa with paratha

Pindi channa.
Mee Lemak


Finally, during my evening visit, the items on the two main buffet counters included cream of asparagus and French onion soups, stir fried noodles, lamb caserole, and Jamaican spiced chicken breast among others.

Qatar Airways Lounge Soups

Dinner Options in Qatar Airways Lounge in Doha

Dinner items.
Qatar Airways Lounge Dinner

Lamb and chicken.

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Doha Summary

While the lounge doesn’t offer proper sleeping rooms with beds, I found the semi-private ones with daybeds – and even the “mini-suites” that I used – to be more than sufficient for a couple of hours of sleep between flights.

Besides that, I really liked the spacey feeling the lounge offers thanks to its low density of seating.

Finally, while it is unfortunate that a la carte dining is no longer offered in the restaurant area, and the buffet spread wasn’t the best one I’ve seen, it was still better than many other lounges. And, still, the dessert spread in the evening was excellent!

My Dinner

My dinner…
French Onion Soup

…including French onion soup…
Assorted Desserts

…and some sweets.

As such, I wouldn’t hesitate to book a Qatar Airways ticket again even if it had an overnight transfer in Doha. Even in economy class, now that I earned my oneworld status.

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