Flight Review: Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class from Doha to Hanoi via Bangkok

Flight Review: Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class from Doha to Hanoi via Bangkok

Flight Information
: February 15, 2018
Flight No.: QR834
Route: Doha Hamad International to Hanoi Noi Bai (via Bangkok Suvarnabhumi)
Airline: Qatar Airways
Type: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: A7-BAG

With the flight in Qatar Airways QSuites business class, an enjoyable visit to New York, and a short stay at the Westin Doha over, it was time for the last part of my Qatar Airways experience – a flight back from Doha to Hanoi via Bangkok.

The flight was operated by a non-QSuites 777-300ER featuring the airlines old “2-2-2” business class just as my flight from Hanoi to Doha at the beginning of the trip. As such, this article will focus on the service aspects of the return flight. For details of the seat, etc., check the previous review.

Premium Departure Experience at Doha

As mentioned in my previous article about this trip, I spent my layover in Doha at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa thanks to the PlusQatar program. And so, I left the hotel around 11PM – well in advance of my 2:10AM departure.

I arrived at the airport about twenty minutes later, and headed straight into Qatar Airways’ business and first class check-in hall.

Qatar Airways First and Business Class Check-in Area at Doha Airport

Qatar Airways First & Business Class check-in area in Doha.
Qatar Airways First and Business Class Check-in Area at Doha Airport

Inside Qatar Airways’ premium check-in area.

Since I already had my boarding pass for the flight, after turning left at the entrance (the right side was for first class passengers), I headed straight through the deserted check-in area and security check.

Once airside, I paid another visit to the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.

Qatar Airways Premium Check-In

Business class check-in.
Qatar Airways Business Class Check-In Area in Doha

Seating in the business class check-in area.
Doha Hamad Airport Teddy Bear

Airside at Doha Hamad International Airport.
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Water Feature

Al Mourjan Lounge.

I left the lounge shortly before 1AM for the 1:10AM boarding at gate B1, and when I got to the gate, I was let into the overcrowded waiting area after showing my boarding pass.

Heading Towards Departure Gate

Heading towards the departure gate.
Gate B1

Gate B1.
Departure Gate

Inside the gate’s waiting area.

Interestingly, boarding started with Zone 1 which was economy class rather than business class passengers who followed afterwards.

In either case, not long after getting to the gate, I was making my way into A7-BAG, Qatar Airways 777-300ER in the oneworld livery. The cabin was exactly the same as on my flight from Hanoi to Doha, so for the details, see my review of that flight.

Departing Doha Onboard Qatar Airways Business Class

Upon settling in my seat 2E, I found a single amenity kit on the center console. Knowing that the crew loads these based on the passenger manifest, I was happy to find that there would be no one sitting next to me on the flight.

Besides the amenity kit, there was already a duvet and a pillow awaiting on the seat, as well as a bottle of water inside a storage compartment in the console between the seats.

Not long after I sat down, one of the crew members came around to introduce himself and to offer me a pre-departure drink. Based on his suggestion, I ordered Qatar Airways’ signature lemon and mint juice.

But, a couple of minutes later, I was brought a cup of orange juice instead.

Qatar Airways Business Class Amenity Kit

BRIC’S amenity kit.
Qatar Airways Business Class Welcome Drink

Welcome drink – orange juice.

Then, the drink and meal menus were brought, and so were the pyjamas. Initially, I was brought L-size, but after asking, they were switched for M-size. Not before another crew member brought me another set of “Ls,” though.

Just as with the juice, while it was not a big deal at all, those were the first signs that – even though very friendly and kind – the crew wouldn’t be as “polished” on this flight as on the other three.

One more thing to note here is that Qatar Airways seems to have two types of pyjamas – The White Company-branded ones used on long hauls and non-branded ones on medium hauls like this flight.

Qatar Airways Medium-Haul Business Class Pyjamas

Qatar Airways business class pyjamas.

At 1:40AM, the captain welcomed us onboard mentioning an expected flight time of six hours, mostly at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet.

Then, one of the crew members came to take my meal order.

From the following menu, I decided to have Greek yogurt and fruits after take off, and an omelette and muesli before landing. After making a remark saying “hopefully I will wake up,” the crew member kindly offered to wake me up one hour before landing – and so I accepted his offer.

Qatar Airways Doha - Bangkok Menu

Dine-on-demand menu.
Qatar Airways Business Class Breakfast Menu

Breakfast menu.

Shortly after the meal order was taken, another crew member came around the cabin offering newspapers. And, shortly after that, the boarding was completed (as expected, the seat next to me remained empty) and the doors were closed.

Then, at 1:56AM – fifteen minutes ahead of schedule – we were pushed back, and after several minutes of taxiing, we took off at 2:08AM.

QR834 from Doha to Bangkok in Business Class

The seatbelt signs went off at 2:19AM at which point the crew sprung into action. Just a couple of minutes later, I received the mango juice that I ordered before take-off together with a bowl of nuts.

While enjoying the snack, I finished watching the last episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that was available on the IFE and started watching another TV show, Detroiters.

Mango Juice and Nuts Onboard Qatar Airways

Mango juice and nuts.

Once I was finished with the nuts, I was brought the fruit plate. And, that was followed by the yogurt and a cup of tea.

One thing that surprised me was how many people opted to have a full meal in spite of it being 3AM.

Fruit Plate on Qatar Airways

Fruit plate.
Qatar Airways Business Class Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt and tea.

After finishing the meal, I decided to turn down my seat and sleep. I slept a bit more than three hours – and, to be honest, the sleep was more comfortable than in the QSuite and reverse herringbone seats which offer more privacy, but at the cost of restricted leg space.

I would have slept longer, but I was woken up by the crew member as promised, and right after that, a cold towel was brought to me and the table was set up.

Then, shortly before 11AM Bangkok time, the muesli was brought followed by the smoothie just a minute later. And, around the same time, Thai immigration forms were distributed to passengers getting off in Bangkok.

Butter and Bread Basket

Bread basket.
Smoothie and Water

Qatar Airways Bircher Muesli

Bircher muesli.

After I was finished with the muesli, the bowl was cleared and the omelette brought. It came with a side of mushrooms, potatoes and a meat patty, and the dish was excellent.

Qatar Airways Business Class Omelette


While I wasn’t initially planning on having a dessert, since it was offered to me when the main’s plane was being cleared, I couldn’t resist and asked for another fruit plate.

Qatar Airways Fruit Plate

Another fruit plate.

For the rest of the flight, I continued watching Detroiters and relaxing.

Landing and Transit in Bangkok

At 11:30AM, the captain briefly greeted us over the PA, and less than ten minutes later, we started our descent. Another ten minutes later, the cabin crew was asked to prepare for landing, at and 12:09PM, we landed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

We reached our parking spot at 12:16PM, about 25 minutes ahead of schedule at which point the passengers terminating their journey in Bangkok started disembarking.

Since the cabin was almost empty during the transit in Bangkok, I decided to do a little photo shoot.

Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class Cabin Non-QSuite

Qatar Airways 777-300ER business class cabin.
Qatar Airways Business Lie-Flat Seat

One of the seats in lie-flat mode.
Seats in Qatar Airways' Business Class

Both of the seats in lie-flat mode.
Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Business Class Cabin

One more cabin view.

The next leg of the flight – from Bangkok to Hanoi – “technically” started around 1PM when the new crew arrived. Right after they settled in, welcome drinks were offered to business class passengers, and menus for the shorter hop were distributed.

Then, the cabin services director came to introduce herself. After asking her if there was any window seat that would remain empty for the flight that I could move to, she suggested I move to 1K.

Once in my new (bulkhead) seat, another crew member came around offering newspapers.

Mango Juice Onboard QR

Mango juice.
Qatar Airways Newspaper

Financial Times.
Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class Seat

View from my new seat.

Shortly after that, business class passengers traveling on the fifth freedom flight between Bangkok and Hanoi only started to get onboard, and after they settled, the cabin crew came around the cabin taking meal orders.

Qatar Airways Fifth Freedom Business Class Menu

Inside Qatar Airways’ premium check-in area.

Since I had the hot savoury pastries on the first Qatar Airways flight of the trip, I decided to go with the duck and selection of desserts.

QR834 from Bangkok to Hanoi in Business Class

Boarding was completed at 1:45PM, and at the same time, we were welcomed by the new captain who mentioned that our flying time would be 1 hour and 34 minutes, and that we would be cruising at flight level 350.

The aircraft doors were closed at 1:51PM, and at 1:55PM, we were on our way to Suvarnabhumi airport’s runway 19L from which we took off at 2:07PM.

Parked at Gate in Bangkok

At our gate in Bangkok.
Taxiig for Departure

Bangkok Airways ATR.
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Runway

Entering the departure runway.

The seatbelts on this shorter flight were switched off just five minutes after take-off, and another five minutes later, my table was set and the duck dish was brought. While it wasn’t bad, I enjoyed the hot savoury pastries more.

Roast Duck Meal on Qatar Airways Bangkok Hanoi Flight

Roast duck.

After the cold meal, the dessert was served together with a cup of Earl Grey tea that I ordered to go with it. At that time, I started watching Detroiters again, and just enjoying my last minutes onboard Qatar Airways’ business class.

Qatar Airways Business Class Desserts


With the tasty desserts gone, the crew came to clear the plate while bringing me hot towel in the process. And then, at 3PM, an announcement was made from the flight deck that we would be starting our descent in fifteen minutes, and landing in Hanoi in about 40 minutes.

At 3:13PM, the seatbelt signs were switched back on, and less than ten minutes later, one of the cabin crew members came to stow my IFE screen since I was sitting in a bulkhead row.

Relaxing in Qatar Airways Business Class

Relaxing and watching Detroiters.

The cabin crew was asked to prepare for landing at 3:35PM, and at 3:39PM, we landed on Hanoi Noi Bai airport’s runway 11L. We reached our parking spot ten minutes later, at 3:49PM.

Approaching Hanoi

Approaching Hanoi airport.
Taxiing to Terminal at Noi Bai

Taxiing to the terminal.
Hanoi Noi Bai Airport

Hanoi Noi Bai airport.

And so, my Qatar Airways business class experience was over twenty-five minutes ahead of schedule.

Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER OneWorld Livery at Hanoi Airport

Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER in Oneworld livery.

Qatar Airways 777-300ER Business Class Doha – Bangkok – Hanoi Summary

Just like the other three Qatar Airways business class flights that I took during the trip, the last flight was excellent. However, the crew on this one was definitely not as polished as on the other flights. That said, they were very friendly and kind, so the small mistakes here and there were not a big issue at all.

The one thing I will mention, though, just as in my other review, those that take only the fifth freedom sector between Bangkok and Hanoi might be disappointed by the small portion of food served on that flight.

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