Lounge Review: Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

Lounge Review: Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu

The Plumeria Lounge operated by Hawaiian Airlines is one of two Priority Pass lounges at Honolulu airport. Even though it is located in the inter-island section, it is accessible to all passengers departing from the main terminal. As such, I checked it out prior to my AirAsia X flight to Osaka on my recent trip to Hawaii.

If you are flying internationally, to head to the lounge, you have to turn right after passing security. Then, you need to keep keep following signs for “Hawaiian Air” and “‘Ohana.” After a while, there will be plenty of signs actually pointing to the Plumeria Lounge.

The lounge is located one floor above the main departure floor, close to the inter-terminal shuttle bus stop.

To get back into the international section, you will have to go through an agricultural department check – basically, they’ll just X-ray your bags, and it takes almost no time.

Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye Airport

The way to the lounge is well marked.
Way to the Plumeria Lounge

The Plumeria Lounge is located above the main departures floor.
Way Back to the Main Terminal

On the way back to the main terminal, one must clear an agricultural check.

Besides being accessible to Priority Pass members, Hawaiian Airlines passengers can also pay 40 dollars (or less depending on frequent flyer status) to enter the lounge.

Lounge Overview

The Plumeria Lounge is basically one big room with the reception on the left side of the entrance.

The Plumeria Lounge Entrance

Entrance to the Plumeria Lounge
The Plumeria Lounge Opening Hours

Opening hours.
The Plumeria Lounge Reception


In the far right corner, there is a buffet with a dining area with tables and chairs next to it.

Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge Buffet Spread

Buffet area.
Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge Dining Area

Dining area.

The rest of the lounge features sofas and sofa chairs – mainly in arrangements of two. Given that there are no partitions or any objects that would double as partitions, when sitting in the lounge, one feels quite “exposed.”

Overview of the Plumeria Lounge

Overview of the Plumeria Lounge.

One of the two types of sofa chairs…
Sofa Chairs

…and the other.
Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge Overview

Seating area.

Sofa chairs and a coffee table.
Seating Area

One last view of the seating.

Food & Drinks Selection

As mentioned above, the food and drinks can be found in the far right corner of the lounge on a counter.

There is a soda machine with Coke and so on, there is fruit punch in plastic cups – same one as offered onboard Hawaiian Air inter-island flights, and there is coffee and tea.

While there doesn’t seem to be any liquor, there is wine and canned beer.

Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge Drinks

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea.
The Plumeria Lounge Juices

The Plumeria Lounge Beer

The Plumeria Lounge Wine


In terms of food, there are no hot options except for some cup noodles. The cold selection included two types of sandwiches, soba noodles, cookies, and some packaged snacks.


Cookies and apples.

The Plumeria Lounge Food

Sandwiches and cup noodles.
Soba Noodles

The Plumeria Lounge Snacks

Packaged snacks.

Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge Honolulu Summary

Given that Honolulu airport airside is not the most comfortable place to be in, the Plumeria Lounge provides a welcome refuge. At the same time, however, it is definitely not worth paying $40 to access the lounge, or even the $27 in case you have a limited Priority Pass membership or you are thinking of bringing in a guest.

My Selection

My late lunch.

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