Review: KAL Lounge (Domestic Terminal) at Seoul Gimpo

Lounge Review: KAL Lounge (Domestic Terminal) at Seoul Gimpo

Korean Air operates a pair of KAL Lounges at Seoul Gimpo airport – one in the domestic and one in the international terminal.

Prior to my Korean Air flight to Jeju, I had a chance to visit the domestic one.

The lounge is located right next to Asiana’s lounge. As such, it is located landside and you need to clear the security after you visit the lounge.

Domestic KAL Lounge at Seoul Gimpo

Entrance to the lounges.

Lounge Overview

While the lounge is nothing to write home about, at least the seating was a bit more varied than at the neighboring Asiana Lounge.

And, by varied, I mean that besides rows of sofa chairs there were also some tables for four.

Overview of KAL Lounge at Gimpo

Entrance to the lounges.

Asiana Lounge Seoul Gimpo entrance.

Decorations around the reception.

Besides the seating area that took up most of the lounge, there was also a business center with some cubicles.

KAL Lounge Gimpo Business Center

Entrance to the lounges.

There was also an area with refreshments and some reading materials, as well as a couple of phone booths.

Drinks and Snacks Area

Entrance to the lounges.
Reading Materials

Asiana Lounge Seoul Gimpo entrance.
Phone Booths

Decorations around the reception.

There was no restroom inside the lounge, but that was no problem given that the lounge was accessed through the hallway that also housed the public restrooms…

Food and Drinks Selection

There was a very limited selection of drinks – including canned Coke, orange juice, some Korean drink, bottled tomato juice, as well as tea and coffee.

As for bites to eat, there were some packaged snacks, but nothing else.

KAL Lounge Gimpo Drinks

Entrance to the lounges.

Asiana Lounge Seoul Gimpo entrance.

Decorations around the reception.

KAL Lounge Seoul Gimpo Domestic Terminal Summary

Just like with the Asiana Lounge, I do not recommend visiting this lounge unless you are transiting at Gimpo.

If you are coming from the city, I suggest you just go to the airport later. If you are transferring at Gimpo, going to the Lotte Mall which is within walking distance is a much more entertaining option.

At the same time, if your goal is to get some work done before your flight, the lounge is an OK place for that.

1 thought on “Review: KAL Lounge (Domestic Terminal) at Seoul Gimpo”

  1. Thanks for the very detailed lounge report.

    As an update to this review, it’s worth noting that the GMP domestic terminal emerged from a major renovation programme in 2018 – and one of the changes is that both lounges (Korean Air’s and Asiana’s) are now airside. I was able to visit the KAL Lounge on a recent flight from Seoul to Yeosu, and the interiors look very fresh and modern now.

    One thing that hasn’t changed much is the buffet. Even the food on offer is almost exactly the same as in your picture (including the brands and packaging)! The coffee machine and brewing pot in your pictures are also still there; seems as if they simply carted over the same equipment to the new lounge the day after they closed the old one, haha.


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