Flight Review: Jeju Air 737-800 Economy Class from Jeju to Busan

Flight Review: Jeju Air 737-800 Economy Class from Jeju to Busan

Flight Information
: October 23, 2017
Flight No.: 7C504
Route: Jeju International to Busan Gimhae
Airline: Jeju Air
Type: Boeing 737-800
Registration: HL8019

Since I flew Korean Air from Seoul to Jeju, I was looking to try a different airline on the next flight of my Korean trip, a flight to Busan.

Quite a few airlines operate on the Jeju-Busan route, but in the end, I didn’t have much choice. When searching for a flight that arrived in Busan in time for my connecting flight to Tokyo and a flight that wasn’t sold out, I found exactly one match.

A Jeju Air flight departing at 10:45AM and arriving at 11:45AM.

Checking-in at Jeju Airport

I left my accommodation – Hotel Shalom – at 7:30AM, and after waiting for a bus for about 25 minutes and a short bus ride, I arrived at the airport shortly after 8AM.

At the airport, I went straight to Jeju Air’s check-in area where I got a boarding pass for my flight in no time. And then, I went to Asiana’s lounge which belongs to the Priority Pass network and offers great views of the airport.

Jeju International Airport

Most of the major Korean airlines operate out of Jeju airport.
Jeju Airport Domestic Terminal

Jeju airport domestic terminal.
Jeju Airport Self Check-in Machine

Self check-in machines.

Since Jeju has a visa regime different from mainland Korea, even passengers on domestic flights have to go through immigration check. In spite of that, less than ten minutes after leaving the lounge – at 9:50AM – I was airside.

Airside, I spent some more time photographing aircraft in an area with large windows right past the security check. I left the “panorama area” about 25 minutes before my scheduled departure time, and headed to gate 1A where my flight was departing from.

Korean Air Boeing 747-400

Korean Air 747-400 waiting for its flight back to Seoul.

Boarding Jeju Air Flight 504 from Jeju to Busan

Boarding started just a minute or two after I got to the gate area – at 10:33AM – and was a bit of a mess.

Gate Area

People waiting for boarding.
Boarding Jeju Air Flight to Busan

Boarding in progress.

Nonetheless, after finding my way through a crowd unrelated to the flight to Busan, I got my boarding pass scanned and took the escalator down to the apron level where a bus was already waiting to take us to the aircraft.

Bus to the Aircraft

The flight departed from a remote spot.
Korean Air Boeing 777

Korean Air 777.

Within a few minutes, the bus got on its way and brought us to HL8019 – one of Jeju Air’s 30 aircraft, all of which are 737-800s.

Jeju Air Boeing 737-800

Jeju Air 737-800 that took me to Busan.
Jeju Air 737-800

Climbing up the stairs.

Once onboard, I headed down the aisle and settled in my window seat, 9A.

Jeju Air Boeing 737-800 Cabin

Jeju Air 737 seats.
Jeju Air Boeing 737-800 Cabin

View of the cabin during boarding.
Jeju Air Seat Pitch


Some minutes later, another busload of passengers came. And, by the time all of those passengers settled, there were no (or close to no) unoccupied seats.

Contents of the Seat Pocket

Contents of the seat pocket.
Passengers Boarding the Flight

Another busload of passengers boarding.
Jeju Air 737-800s

A pair of Jeju Air 737-800.

Departing Jeju Onboard a Jeju Air 737-800

With everyone onboard, the flight’s cabin crew armed the doors at 10:51AM, and just a minute later we were pushed back.

Around the same time, a welcome announcement was made, followed by a manual safety demonstration. During the announcement, a (very short) flight time of 35 minutes was mentioned.

At 10:57AM, we started taxiing towards the active runway.

Taxiing Out

Getting sent off on our way by the ground crew.
Jeju Airport Terminal

Jeju airport terminal.

In just a couple of minutes, we reached the end of runway 07 where we had to hold before lining up in order to let a fellow Jeju Air land.

Jeju Air 737-800 Landing

Jeju Air 737-800 landing on runway 07.
Lining Up

Lining up on runway 07.

Then, at  11:12AM, we took off.

Shortly After Take-Off

Crossing runway 13/31 after take off.
Take Off

Jeju island.
Leaving Jeju Behind

Crossing the sea to Korean mainland.

Jeju Air Domestic In-Flight Service

The seatbelt signs were switched off just four minutes after take-off, and so the crew could begin their in-flight service.

With Jeju Air being a low-cost airline, there was no free drink or meal, but there was a buy on board menu. Since it was a short flight, I didn’t buy anything, but below is the menu for reference.

In-Flight Menu

Jeju Air Air Cafe.
Meal Menu

Domestic drink and snack menu.
Jeju Air Goods

Jeju Air goods.

At 11:22AM, the flight deck crew gave a brief overview of the flight, mentioning our cruising altitude of 21,000 feet, speed of 530 miles per hour, and estimated arrival time of 11:45AM.

Cruising to Busan

Cruising to Busan.

Landing at Busan Gimhae Airport

Less than five minutes after the captain was done speaking, we started our descend.

The seatbelt sign was switched back on at 11:33AM – just as some small islands started appearing below us.

Islands Off the Coast

Islands off the Korean coast.
Reaching Busan

Getting close to Busan.

Another ten minutes or so later, we reached the mainland coast, and overflew southern part of Busan city.

Korean Coast

Just off the coast of Busan.

Southern part of Busan.


We landed on Busan Gimhae airport’s runway 36L at 11:46AM.

Seconds Before Landing

Seconds before landing.
Korean Air 747

Korean Air 747-400.
Exiting Runway

Vacating runway.
Taxiing to Terminal

Taxiing to terminal at Busan airport.
Busan Air Base

Busan airport also serves as an air base.

And, we reached our parking spot less than ten minutes later at 11:54AM bringing the short and uneventful flight to an end.

Busan Airport Terminal

Busan airport international terminal.
Air Busan

Arriving at Busan airport domestic terminal.

After disembarking, I made my way to the airport’s international terminal to catch a flight to Tokyo Narita – the last flight of the trip. But, more on that in the next instalment.

Busan Airport Terminal

Busan airport domestic terminal.

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