Flight Review: JAL 767-300ER Business Class from Jakarta CGK to Tokyo NRT

Flight Report: JAL 767-300ER from Jakarta CGK to Tokyo NRT in Business

Flight Information
: May 8, 2017
Flight No.: JL720
Route: Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta to Tokyo Narita
Airline: JAL Japan Airlines
Type: Boeing 767-300ER
Registration: JA606J

The last flight of my “Golden Week 2017” trip was a flight on a Japan Airlines (JAL) 767-300ER from Jakarta to Tokyo Narita in business class. Until my Finnair A350 upgrade cleared, this was the flight of the trip that I was looking forward to the most.

Booking JAL Business Class Using Alaska Miles

I booked the flight with Alaska miles I purchased at 2.11 cents per mile earlier in the year when they had a 40% bonus promotion.

Using 25,000 of those miles, I booked a one-way ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok with a stopover in Tokyo. I will use the Tokyo to Bangkok leg later in January next year.

Accounting for the cost of the miles and additional taxes (less than $50), the “roundtrip” (Jakarta-Tokyo-Bangkok) in JAL’s business class cost less than $600. Just for comparison, a “real” return ticket – Jakarta to Tokyo and back or Bangkok to Tokyo and back – bought the same way would be double the miles and thus about $1,200.

Boarding Japan Airlines Flight 720 at Jakarta Airport

Fast forward to the day of departure…

I checked out at 3AM from the d’prima Hotel at Jakarta airport’s terminal 1. Just a few minutes later, I was on the shuttle bus to terminal 2 where the flight was departing from.

Once in the terminal, I went through the luggage check that leads to the check-in area.

Jakarta Terminal 2 Curbside

Early morning at Jakarta Airport terminal 2.
Jakarta Terminal 2 Security Check

Security checkpoint leading to the check-in area.

When I got to JAL’s check-in counters, the staff was in the middle of a briefing. Soon after – at around 3:45AM – the check-in opened and I was one of the first passengers to check-in.

Jakarta JAL Check-in

JAL check-in area.
JL720 to Tokyo Narita

JL720 to Tokyo Narita.
Upgrade with Miles

Upgrade with miles was possible at check-in as well.

Within a couple of minutes, I had my boarding pass and lounge invitation. As such, I proceeded through the immigration and into the Premier Lounge. You can see the lounge review here.

Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Airside at Jakarta airport.
Boarding Pass

Lounge invitation and boarding pass.
Premier Lounge

Premier Lounge.

I left the lounge about ten minutes before six, cleared security, and headed towards gate D6. Similar to other parts of terminal 2, terminal 2D has a central waiting area with walkways to waiting areas for each gate.

Terminal 2 Waiting Area

Terminal 2D waiting area.
Terminal 2 Relaxation

Relaxation zone.
Terminal 2 D6

Gate D6.
Terminal 2 Walkway

Walkway to the gate waiting area.

Once I reached the end of the walkway leading to gate D6, I handed over my boarding pass and got directed to the priority boarding waiting area.

Gate Area

Business class waiting area on the right.
Gate Area

Gate area.

The boarding itself started around 6:25AM with passengers requiring assistance. Around the same time, an ANA 787 departed bound for Narita from the adjacent gate.

ANA 787

ANA getting a head start in the race to Tokyo.
ANA 787 & JAL 767

JAL and ANA meeting in Jakarta.

Exploring the JAL 767-300ER SKY SUITE II Seat

A couple of minutes after the boarding process started, business class passengers were invited to board. I walked down the jetway, and after taking a couple of pictures of the business class cabin, I settled into my seat.

JAL 767-300ER Business Class Cabin

JAL 767-300ER business class cabin…
JAL 767-300ER Business Class Cabin

…and from the other angle.

JAL’s international 767-300ER fleet comes in three configurations. While two of them feature recliner seats (JAL SKYLUXE and JAL SKYRECLAINER), the one operating the Jakarta flight features 24 lie-flat JAL SKY SUITE II staggered seats.

The seats themselves are covered in burgundy cloth which is complemented by light and dark grey plastic parts and faux wood touches.

My seat, 6A, was the left-hand side window seat in the last row. Unlike the other window seats, it only had one window as opposed to two.

The first impression I had was – “this looks like a scale model of the Emirates A380 seat!” In reality, even though the seat was a bit narrow due to the fuselage width of the 767, it was perfectly comfortable for the 7 hour flight.

JAL Japan Airlines 767-300ER SKY SUITE II Seat

My seat – 6A.

When I boarded, a blanket, a pillow, slippers and a shoehorn, as well as a Sony noise cancelling headset were already waiting on my seat.

To the right of the seat, there was a console covered in faux-wood. It housed the seat controls – not only letting passengers adjust the angle of the seat, but also use its massage function. The IFE remote control could be found here as well.

On the back of the seat in front of me, there was the IFE screen, a universal power outlet and a USB charging port.

Behind the console was a raised part which served as a storage compartment. The reading light could be found on the outside of the compartment, while the headset socket was inside.


Pillow, slippers, blanket, and headset.

Console on the right side of the seat.

Sony noise cancelling headset.
Seat Controls

Seat controls – notice the massage function.

Storage compartment and reading light.
Remote Control

IFE remote control.

On the back of the seat in front of me, there was the IFE screen, a table, and a couple of storage compartments.

The table was great – rather than flipping out of the armrest, it slid in and out of a compartment in front of the seat. As such, it could be adjusted to be as close to or as far from you as you wished.

In terms of the storage compartments, there was a large one in the foot space, a small one for shoes, a pocket-style one ideal for laptop, and the “seat pocket” with all the usual reading materials.


Seat back.


Pocket ideal for storing a laptop.
Shoe Compartment

Shoe compartment.

Luggage space under the seat in front.

Those included wi-fi and seat guides, in-flight shopping and entertainment guides, the in-flight magazine, a safety card, and a waste bag.

JAL Business Class Seatpocket

Seat pocket contents.

Ground Service: No Welcome Drink

With the passengers onboard, the crew distributed hot towels on a nice tray. This was followed by a bottle of water and by the Japanese immigration and customs forms. Surprisingly, no welcome drink was offered.

Hot Towel

“Oshibori” wet towel.

Bottled water.

The cabin crew closed the door at 6:47AM, and we were ready to go with three out of the 24 business class seats open. A welcome announcement and a safety demonstration screening followed.

Interestingly, the safety demo instructed the passengers to locate TWO of their nearest emergency exits. While it makes total sense – in case one cannot be used due to fire, etc., I don’t think I’ve heard it explicitly mentioned in any other safety video I’ve seen.

Taking-Off Bound for Tokyo Narita

While the passengers were watching the safety video, the cockpit crew fired up the engines.

At 6:57AM we started taxiing to join the queue of aircraft waiting to take-off. Ten minutes later, it was announced that we needed about ten more minutes until it would be our turn.

In the meantime, a couple of aircraft including Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air 737s departed and landed.


Taxiing for departure.
Batik Air 737

Batik Air 737.

Taxiways and runways at Jakarta are under construction.

One of the many cracks that were marked on the taxiway.
Jakarta Airport Construction and Garuda Indonesia

Jakarta airport summarized in one picture – Garuda Indonesia, and taxiway and runway repair and construction.

After several minutes of slowly getting towards the runway end, it was finally our turn. At 7:20AM we took off from runway 25R after quite a bumpy take-off run. Luckily, the Jakarta runways are undergoing reconstruction now, and so, once its finished they should be smoother!

Jakarta Take-Off Queue

Aircraft taxiing for take-off behind us.
Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Overview of part of the apron and terminal.
Banking Away from Jakarta

Banking away from Jakarta.

Leaving Jakarta airport behind, we rocketed into the Indonesian skies.

Untung Jawa Island

Untung Jawa island.

Impressive cloud formations.

Seatbelts were switched just five minutes after take-off, and soon after, the cabin crew passed through the cabin offering sheets.

Exploring the MAGIC V In-Flight Entertainment System

Soon after, it was time for me to browse through the MAGIC V in-flight entertainment system a bit.

The IFE system offered a choice of five languages. Once I selected English, I was welcomed with the main menu which featured six options.

JAL In-Flight Entertainment System

Language selection.
IFE Main Menu

JAL in-flight entertainment system main menu.

First, there was the “Movies/Videos” section. It contained further subcategories such as Hollywood movies, Japanese movies, etc. While it was no Emirates ICE, there was plenty to choose from – both in terms of Hollywood movies and other programming.

Movie Categories

Videos sub-menu.
Japanese TV Shows

Japanese TV shows.


Then, there was the news section which included the day’s news by BBC and NHK (Japanese national television).

The audio section had several “radio stations” as well as albums to choose from.

Finally, the there were about ten games.




Some of the channels offered.


As for the in-flight map, first there was an explanation screen that showed how to use the map and what functions it offered. Rather than going further with describing the airshow, see the explanation screen below.

JAL MAGIC V In-Flight Map

Airshow explanation.

In-flight map.

Flight information.

What I have to note here is that the touch screen was far from being responsive and so, throughout the whole exercise above, I preferred to use the remote control.

Meal Service: Breakfast

While I was playing with the IFE system, the cabin crew first distributed the meal menus and then setup the table cloth in preparation for the meal service.

JAL Business Class Meal Menu

JAL Table Cloth

Table cloth with same design as the seats.

The actual services started a couple of minutes later around 8AM. It started with a drink (ginger ale for me) and a light snack (a pack of dry fermented soy beans and a pack of rice crackers).

JAL Meal

Pre-meal snack.

For reference, below is the complete drink menu.

Drink Menu

Drink Menu

Then, about 20 minutes later, the main followed. The Japanese and Western options on offer were as described in the menu below.

Meal Menu

I opted for the Japanese meal which came on a single tray. However, as one would expect from a Japanese meal on Japan Airlines, it was very nicely presented. All the way to the last detail – to the crane-shaped chop stick holder.

JAL Business Class 767-300ER Meal

Japanese meal.

After finishing the whole meal except for the “chawanmushi” (egg custard) which I don’t eat, the crew came by to clear the tray. At the same time I was offered a choice of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Once I finished the vanilla ice cream, the crew came by once again to clear the cup and to give me a salmon sandwich in plastic wrap. That was the one listed under “snack” in the menu above.

Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream.
Salmon Sandwich

Salmon sandwich.

By this point, it was about 9AM Jakarta time (11AM Tokyo time).

Cruising Towards Tokyo

Shortly after the meal service, the crew went by the cabin offering a selection of amenities. While it is unfortunate for collectors, in general, I like this “wasteless” approach.

At that point, I was so tired that I fell asleep with the seat in a cradle position without even bothering to make it fully flat. In spite of that, I slept for about four hours very comfortably.

When I woke up at about 3PM Japan time, we were already off the coast of Honshu.

Within a couple of minutes, one of the flight attendants came by to ask if I wanted to have noodles. I opted for udon which was brought to me in the original “instant cup” within a couple of minutes together with a glass of Coke Zero.

JAL Business Class Udon

“UDON de SKY” instant noodles.

Around the same time, the captain announced that we were flying by Wakayama, that our estimated arrival time was 4:20PM, that it was 27 degrees and sunny Tokyo, and that we would be starting our descent in about 20 minutes.

JAL In-Flight Map

Off the coast of Japan.

Approaching Tokyo Narita Airport

Sure enough, at 3:50PM, the aircraft started descending. Less then ten minutes later, the seatbelt sign was switched on, and we started turning towards the land.


Approaching Tokyo Narita.

Over the Pacific Ocean.

Another ten or so minutes later, at 4:17PM, the cockpit crew lowered the landing gear. At this point, we were already flying above the rural landscapes of Chiba.

Finally, at 4:20PM, we touched down on runway 16L of Tokyo Narita airport bringing the nice flight close to an end.

Approaching Tokyo Narita

Rural landscapes of Chiba Prefecture.

Chasing our own shadow over a golf course.


The real end of the flight came five minutes later when we reached our arrival gate and it was time to get off the aircraft.

Taxiing to Gate

Taxiing past some ANA aircraft.

Parking next to another JAL 767-300ER.
Japan Airlines 767-300ER Deboarding

“We look forward to serving you again.”

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