Lounge Review: ITC Hotels Green Lounge at Delhi Indira Gandhi International

Lounge Review: ITC Hotels Green Lounge at Delhi Indira Gandhi International

Before taking my flight from Delhi to Amsterdam onboard KLM’s 777-300ER, I had a chance to visit two lounges – ITC Hotels Green Lounge which belongs to the Priority Pass network and ALLWAYS Lounge which is used by KLM for its business class passengers and status holders.

The ITC Hotels Green Lounge is located in Lounges A area after clearing security at Delhi’s Terminal 3. It’s located one floor above the main departures level, right next to one of the airport’s Plaza Premium lounges which are part of Priority Pass as well.

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport lounges.
Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge and ITC Hotels Green Lounge.

Lounge Overview

The lounge’s reception is located outside of the lounge itself, and the lounge itself comprises of one big room which is separated into several parts with fairly low partitions.

ITC Hotels Green Lounge Reception

ITC Hotels Green Lounge reception.

Large part of the lounge consisted of small seating areas made of sofa chairs with side tables.

ITC Hotels Green Lounge Seating Area

Seating area.

Then, there was also a small working space in the middle of the lounge with a couple of computers as well as empty cubicles. Along its sides were magazine racks with a variety of reading materials.

Work Space

Work space.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Finally, at the very back of the lounge, there was a couple of counter-height tables, as well as the buffet area with drinks and food.


Counter-height table.

More bar-height seating.
ITC Hotels Green Lounge Buffet

Buffet counter with salads and desserts.
Buffet Counter

Buffet area.

More buffet counters.

Food and Drinks Selection

Starting with soft drinks, the ITC Hotels Green Lounge had bottled water, canned soda, as well as a variety of juice boxes on offer. And, there was also the usual selection of teas and coffee.

Bottled Water

Bottled water.
ITC Hotels Green Lounge Delhi Soft Drinks

Juices and sodas.
ITC Hotels Green Lounge Tea and Coffee

Coffee and tea.

As for alcoholic drinks, there was a selection of nine types of liquor, two wines, as well as a couple of beers.

ITC Hotels Green Lounge Alcohol


White wine.

Red wine.
ITC Hotels Green Lounge Beer


Continuing with food, there were peanuts, oranges, salads and sandwiches, as well as warm pastries.





Warm Pastries

Warm pastries, etc.

Then, there were two soups, as well as several mains including both Western and Indian options.


Chicken broth soup.

Vegetable soup.
Chicken with Pepper Sauce

Chicken with pepper sauce.
Mixed Vegetables with Basil Pesto

Mixed vegetables with basil pesto.
Palak Paneer

Palak paneer.
Aloo Matar

Aloo matar.
Yellow Dal Tadka

Yellow dal tadka.
Tawa Roti

Tawa roti.

Finally, there was a limited selection of desserts.



ITC Hotels Green Lounge Delhi Summary

The ITC Hotels Green Lounge offered a fairly decent selection of food as well as drinks.

However, at the same time, it was fairly crowded during my visit – likely due to the fact that it is not only available to premium passengers of selected airlines, but also to Priority Pass members. (Although I cannot complain about that given that I accessed it using Priority Pass.)

As such, it is not a lounge worth arriving early at the airport for, but at the same time it’s an acceptable place for a quick bite before a flight.

4 thoughts on “Lounge Review: ITC Hotels Green Lounge at Delhi Indira Gandhi International”

  1. Horrible lounge one of the worst I have ever been to, bad food (cold), bad selection , worst was horrible service, dirty rest rooms, even when I told them the issues, they did not bother to acknowledge

  2. I had a very bad experience at ITC lounge @ IGI airport T3 on Sep 15. I was charged around Rs 8700 for 5 guests while I had no guests with me and it was not a public restaurant where i can take guests with me but a secured lounge at an international airport. And they don’t give a receipt for the card swipe, there is no notification in terms of message or email we get so I had no idea until i got the statement next month. Later when i started communication with bank, I found out the receipt they attached had a fake signature of mine which no where close to my actual signature on back side of priority pass itself. That’s a pity on their side.

  3. Lounge with most uncomfortable chairs. Food was thoughtless and spicy.
    How do run hotels if they can’t run a airport lounge. Yes, not to forget , the toilets !! I think toilets in the Delhi malls are much better.

  4. Think the last line summed up the lounge very aptly:
    “not a lounge worth arriving early at the airport for, but at the same time it’s an acceptable place for a quick bite before a flight.”

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