Flight Review: Iran Air Fokker 100 Economy Class from Mashad to Tehran Mehrabad

Flight Report: Iran Air Fokker 100 from Mashad to Tehran

(Flown on November 17, 2016)

On the sixth day of the tour, some of us visited Imam Reza Shrine in the early morning. Then we all gathered and went to Mashad airport to catch our flight back to Tehran onboard Iran Air’s Fokker 100.

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Checking-In for Our Flight to Tehran

After arriving at the airport, first we walked across the airport’s parking lot to take a quick look at the airport mosque. While obviously not as stunning as some of the more famous mosques we’ve seen during the trip, it was still a nice piece of architecture to see and photograph.

Mashad Airport Mosque

Mashad airport mosque.
Mashad Airport Terminal

Mashad airport terminal.

Then, we headed into the terminal. Just as other airports in Iran, there is a security check right at the terminal entrance that everyone has to go through.

With the large group and many suitcases to check-in, it took a bit until we got our boarding passes. Once we had the boarding passes in our hands, we proceeded through the security and went airside.

Mashad Airport Terminal

Mashad airport departure hall.
Iran Air Check-In Counter

IR465 check-in area.

We went to the departure gate, gate 10, and spent some time relaxing there as we still had almost an hour until our departure. While waiting for the boarding to start, we also had a chance to see some interesting aircraft including a Mahan Air A300-600, and not one but two Iran Aseman 727s.

Mahan Air A300

Mahan Air A300-600.
Iran Aseman 727

Two Iran Aseman 727s.

Boarding the Flight

The boarding was started around 11:35AM, just ten minutes before the scheduled departure time.


Boarding our flight at gate 10.

The passengers were put onboard an Iran Air branded bus, and taken to the aircraft – a Fokker 100 registred EP-IDG.

Iran Air Bus

English titles on the bus…
Iran Air Bus

…and the Persian titles and the logo.

While other passengers were getting onboard, we took the chance to walk around the aircraft a bit and take some photos. Luckily, the security personnel did not mind in this case – the Iran Air T-shrirts that some of us were wearing might have helped!

Iran Air Fokker 100

Me in front of the F100.
Iran Air Fokker F100

Photo session in front of the aircraft.
Iran Air Fokker 100

Some of the last passengers (besides our group) boarding.

Besides photographing the aircraft we were about to board, we also had a chance to see an ATA Airlines MD-83 taxi by, and an Iraqi 737 being prepared for departure.

ATA Airlines MD-83

An ATA Airlines MD-83 taxiing by.
Iraqi Airways Boeing 737

Iraqi Airways 737-800 preparing for its flight back.

Soon after, we all headed onboard and settled in our seats. In my case, seat 20D.

The aircraft door was closed at 11:52AM, and just three minutes later we were on our way to the active runway.

Flying to Tehran

We took off from Mashad airport at 12:06PM and set the heading towards Tehran. The seatbelt signs were switched off just ten minutes later.

After Take-Off

Departing gloomy Mashad.

Even though it was just an hour and twenty minutes long flight, a hot meal was served. Besides the chicken and rice dish, there was also a yoghurt, a piece of bread, and a juice box.


The meal.

After the meal, we spent the remainder of the time chatting with the crew and enjoying the window views – including a view of Mount Damavand.

Tour Participants

The tour participants.
Cabin Crew

One of the crew members posing with some passengers.
Mount Damavand

Flying past Mount Damavand.

Landing in Tehran

Then, at 1:13PM – not even an hour after being switched off – the seat belt sign was switched back on as we begun our descend towards Mehrabad airport.


Flying over the countless houses of Tehran.

Thirteen minutes later, at 1:26PM, we landed. As part of the airport’s taxiway was under construction, we had to take a little detour to get to our parking space.

I did not mind that at all, however, since it meant we taxied past the area where 747s and 707s are stored.

Boeing 707s

Iranian 707s.
Boeing 747

Iran Air Force 747-100.

Once we got to the parking spot, we enjoyed some more time onboard the aircraft while everyone else was deboarding.

We took some more pictures with the crew.

The Crew

The crew together with some passengers.
The Crew

The crew, another tour participant, and me.

We took some more cabin photos.


Empty cabin of our Fokker.

And finally, we visited the cockpit.


Cockpit with the friendly pilots.

Then, we got off the aircraft and onto the bus that took us to the terminal where we bid farewell to some of the tour participants, while those of us that continued the tour spent the next few hours waiting there before catching a flight to Kish.


Driving away from the aircraft that brought us into Tehran.

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