Airport Hotel Review: Incheon Airport Hotel (Seoul)

Airport Hotel Review: Incheon Airport Hotel (Seoul)

During my last month’s layover in Seoul, I was originally planning to stay at Hotel SKY Incheon which was recommended to me by a friend. However, when I arrived at the hotel, I was shocked to find a “closed for renovation” sign on the door.

Luckily, there were several other hotels in the area, and so I had no trouble finding a place to stay. There were two reasons for choosing Incheon Airport Hotel – it was located right next to the closed Hotel SKY Incheon and it was just 50 dollars or so on

Getting to the Hotel

The hotel offers complimentary transfer both from and to the airport. While I ended took train to get to the hotel (see below), I used the shuttle bus to get to the airport the next morning. I was asked which shuttle I wanted to get on and which terminal I would be getting off at during check-in, and the shuttle departed on time.

Incheon Airport Hotel Free Shuttle Bus Schedule
Shuttle bus schedule.

Besides the shuttle bus, the hotel is also easily accessible by train – both from the airport as well as from downtown Seoul. It’s about a 7-minute walk from Unseo station which is less than ten minutes away from the airport. The ride costs 1,000 won (about a dollar).

Unless you have a lot of luggage that would make it difficult for you to get on the train, it’s likely faster (if you include the waiting time, etc.) to take the train rather than the shuttle when getting from the airport to the hotel. In the other direction, the free shuttle will work just fine.

Check-in, Lobby, Dining, and Other Facilities

The hotel had a very compact reception with two friendly front desk staff members who checked me in in no time. The only other thing there was a single elevator leading to the guest room floors.

The hotel is located in a convenient area with plenty of restaurants and fast food joints, as well as convenience stores. And so, even though the hotel seems to have a restaurant, I recommend you to venture out and find a place to eat you like instead.

Unseo Station Area
The area around Unseo station has a lot of restaurants, convenience stores, etc.

Guest Room

I booked a standard single room, however, I was assigned a standard double room upon check-in. The room, no. 311, was on the hotel’s third floor, and right behind its door was a small entrance hall followed by another door.

Incheon Airport Hotel Guest Room Entrance
Entrance hall.

Behind the second door was the room itself. While the room’s decor was outdated, the room was spacey and functional. There were two beds – a double bed and a single bed – as well as some counters with an ottoman along the wall which also doubled as a work desk. A large TV was mounted on the wall above the counters.

Interestingly, besides the usual tissue box and tea set, there was a box with several different hair styling products on the counter as well.

Incheon Airport Hotel Guest Room
A view of the room from the entrance.
Incheon Airport Hotel Guest Room Entrance
The room’s two beds.
Incheon Airport Hotel Guest Room Entrance
Counter (and work desk).

The room’s fairly large bathroom was located on the right side of the entrance and included a large corner bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. Amenities provided (except for the extensive selection of hair styling products mentioned above) were minimal.

Incheon Airport Hotel Guest Room Bathroom

Incheon Airport Hotel (Seoul) Summary

Overall, I can only recommend this hotel if you have an overnight transit at Seoul Incheon airport and are looking for a place to spend the night at. The room, while not the most modern or stylish, was large and functional, and the free shuttle bus made catching an early morning flight easy.

While there are nicer (and more expensive) hotels in the area, if you are looking for a budget option, you can’t go wrong with this one. Especially so, if you are in Seoul only for a quick overnight transit and are not going to be spending much time in the hotel room besides sleeping there for a few hours.

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