Flight Review: Finnair A321 Economy Class from Budapest to Helsinki

Flight Report: Finnair A321 from Budapest to Helsinki

Flight Information
: May 5, 2017
Flight No.: AY754
Route: Budapest F. Liszt to Helsinki Vantaa
Airline: Finnair
Type: Airbus A321-200
Registration: OH-LZL

After spending a week in Slovakia during my “Golden Week 2017” trip, it was time to head back to Japan with some stops along the way. First, I flew from Budapest to Helsinki onboard a Finnair A321.

Departure Board

Flight AY754 to “Hels6nki.”

Check-In at Budapest Airport

In the morning of May 5, my family drove me to Budapest airport and after spending some time at a coffee shop, I went to check in. It took some time for the check-in to open, nonetheless, at 9:45-ish, I was the first in line to drop my bag off.


Check-in area setup.

Check-in in progress.

With my suitcase checked-in and boarding passes in my hand, I bade farewell to my family and went through security.

Before going through the gate, I visited the three Schengen Priority Pass lounges at Budapest airport – Menzies Lounge, Sky Court Lounge, and Platinum Lounge. I left the last of those shortly before 11AM and headed to gate A8.


Duty free shop right after security.
Gate A8

Departure gate.

A KLM 737 at the adjacent gate.
Finnair A321

My aircraft.

Boarding Flight AY754

Boarding for the flight started around 11:15AM, and so – after business class and other priority passengers boarded – I got onboard.


Waiting for boarding to start.

Finnair A321

A quick look through the jetway window at the Finnair A321.

I passed through the Euro-style business class – economy class with middle seat blocked – and went further down the aisle to my seat, 29F. In business class, Marimekko blankets and pillows were placed on the middle seat, while in economy they were available in the overhead compartments.

Shortly after I got onboard, the Hungarian national rugby team boarded.


Business class.

Let’s see what will happen with Alitalia.

Economy class.

While waiting for the flight to depart, I explored the contents of the seat pocket. There was the usual safety card, in-flight magazine, waste bag, and duty free shopping catalog. There was also a preorder shopping catalog and a buy-on-board drink and food menu.

Seat Pocket

Contents of the seat pocket.

Departure Onboard the Finnair A321

At 11:28AM, the captain came on the PA announcing – among other things – that our flight time would be about two hours. A welcome announcement by the purser followed before we pushed back at 11:33AM. At the same time, the purser announced “cabin crew, ready for manual safety demonstration,” and the safety demo started.

Another five minutes later, we started taxiing, and at 11:48AM, we steeply took off from runway 31R.


Push back in front of the distinct Budapest tower.

Lining up on runway 31R.

While climbing, we were offered some great views, including views of Danube.


Steep climb.

Banking over Budapest.

Crossing the Danube river.

In-Flight Service

The in-flight service started once the seatbelt sign was switched off.


In-flight service in progress.

First, the crew announced that “bistro” sales would start, and then they passed the aisle selling newspapers for 3 EUR.

Then, an announcement promoting the preorder shopping service followed. Including an announcement about a 20% discount on all purchases if the items were ordered for a return flight in May.

Finally, drinks were offered. Since water, coffee, and blueberry juice were offered for free, I went with the juice.



Blueberry juice.

The rest of the flight, I spent relaxing and catching up on sleep.

Arriving in Helsinki

We started our descent at 2:25PM Finland time, and seven minutes later, the seatbelt signs were switched back on.

Soon after, we were offered some great views of the Finnish coastline.


Islets off the Helsinki coast.

Beautiful Finnish coastline.

Then, at 2:40PM, the captain announced that there were 10 minutes left until landing and a very bumpy approach followed.


Just a few minutes to go.

Urban area.

Almost there.

The landing gear was lowered at 2:49PM, and three minutes later we touched down on runway 22L in sunny Helsinki. At that point, the whole rugby team started clapping.


Seconds from touch down.


Then, we taxied for four minutes before parking at gate 16 next to a Finnair Embraer.


Parking spot next to a Finnair ERJ-190 and an Icelandair 757.

I got off, and headed to the Almost@Home Lounge and Finnair’s non-Schengen lounge before catching my flight to Bangkok onboard Finnair’s A350.

Finnair A321

The A321 that brought me to Helsinki being serviced.

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