Flight Review: easyJet A319 Economy Class from Milan Malpensa to Barcelona El Prat

Flight Review: easyJet A319 Economy Class from Milan Malpensa to Barcelona El Prat

Flight Information
: January 7, 2018
Flight No.: U22765
Route: Milan Malpensa to Barcelona El Prat
Airline: easyJet
Type: Airbus A319-100
Registration: G-EZBO

When looking for flights to take me from Milan to Barcelona for a business trip that I made on my way back from Slovakia to Japan back in January, the flights that worked out the best were with the two major European low-cost carriers – easyJet and Ryanair.

It had been a while since I flew with either of the two airlines – and I used to fly them a lot in the past – so, in a way, I was looking forward to flying them again.

Below is a look at the first of the two flights – with easyJet from Milan Malpensa to Barcelona El Prat.

Boarding easyJet Flight 2765 from Milan Malpensa to Barcelona El Prat

I arrived in Milan from London several hours before the scheduled departure time of my easyJet flight to Barcelona.

Since my stay was too short for a quick visit to the city and the weather was too bad for photographing aircraft, I spent some time in Sala Respighia Priority Pass lounge located landside at Malpensa’s terminal 1.

Around 12:30PM, I left the lounge and made my way to terminal 2, which is used by all easyJet flights departing Malpensa airport, using a free shuttle bus.

Milan Malpensa Airport Terminal 2

Milan Malpensa terminal 2.

About twenty minutes later, I found myself inside the no-frills terminal 2 – more specifically at the deserted easyJet baggage drop off desk. And, in no time, my bag was checked-in (I prepaid 23 kilos for 21 EUR) and I was on my way to the security check.

easyJet Check-in Desks at Malpensa Terminal 2

EasyJet check-in desks at Milan Malpensa.
Malpensa Terminal 2 Landside

Heading towards the security check.

Airside, I checked which gate my flight would be departing from, but the screens were saying that the flight’s gate would only become known at 1:15PM. As such, I sat down in a quiet corner of the otherwise busy terminal and relaxed for a bit.

Milan Malpensa Terminal 2 Airside

Duty free stores airside.
Milan Malpensa Terminal 2 Airside

Airside at Malpensa’s terminal 2.

Then, shortly after 1:15PM, I went to check the screens again and the departure gate was updated to D16 where I made my way right afterwards.

easyJet Airbus A319 at Milan Malpensa Airport Terminal 2

EasyJet activity on the apron in front of terminal 2.

The gate area was quite crowded, but I managed to find a power outlet hidden behind one of the benches, and so I sat down, worked a bit, and waited for the boarding to begin.

The boarding started around 2PM. First, passengers with Speedy Boarding – easyJet’s version of priority boarding – were invited to board followed by the rest of the passengers about ten minutes later. Instructions that passengers in rows 1 to 10 should board using the front stairs and passengers in rows 11 and onwards should use the rear stairs were given at that time as well.

Milan Malpensa Gate D16

Crowded area near gate D16.
EasyJet Flight from Milan to Barcelona

EasyJet flight 2765 to “very cloudy” Barcelona.

During the boarding, the gate staff was picking random bags for size and weight checks. Luckily, mine wasn’t picked and so I could proceed onboard with my carry-on. Not long after that, though, an announcement was made that the maximum number of suitcases was reached and so the remaining passengers would have to gate check their large pieces of luggage.

Then, after several minutes in the gate’s holding area, we were finally let onto the apron and towards the aircraft.

Boarding easyJet A319 at Milan Malpensa

Boarding the easyJet Airbus A319.
easyJet Airbus A319

And, without the people.
Boarding easyJet Through the Rear Stairs

Waiting in line at the rear stairs.
easyJet Airbus A319

One last look at the aircraft before climbing onboard.

As instructed, I took the rear stairs, and soon I was settled in my window-seat, 14F. While the legroom was a bit tight, it was sufficient for the short flight to Barcelona.

EasyJet Legroom

EasyJet’s legroom.
Wingview at Gate in Milan

A look outside the window while parked at the gate.

Departing Milan Onboard an easyJet Airbus A319

The last passengers got onboard at 2:37PM, and then, the Captain made an announcement welcoming us onboard and mentioning that last bags were still being loaded and we would be ready to depart in just a few minutes. On top of that he also informed us of the expected flight time of 1 hour and 15 minutes, and even of the expected landing runway – runway 25.

The aircraft’s doors were closed at 2:46PM, and shortly after we were welcomed by the cabin manager. Following that, the safety demonstration was made. And, at 2:50PM – five minutes behind schedule – we were finally pushed back.

Ten minutes later, we reached the active runway from which we took off at 3:01PM.

Taxiing for Departure

Taxiing to the departure runway.
Emirates A380s at Milan

A pair of Emirates A380s at Malpensa’s terminal 1.
Lining Up on Departure Runway

Lining up.
Take-Off from Milan Malpensa

Seconds after take-off.

The seatbelt signs were switched off just five minutes later.

easyJet Bistro: In-Flight Sales Service

Being a low-cost airline, easyJet offers no free in-flight service. However, as soon as the seatbelt signs were switched off, the cabin crew sprung into action with the in-flight sales.

While I didn’t buy anything, I found the selection to be more than adequate for the mostly short flights that easyJet operates. And, I also found the pricing to be decent. But, I will let you judge for yourself by looking at the menu below.

easyJet Bistro

EasyJet Bistro in-flight sales menu.
easyJet Bistro In-Flight Sales Menu

Snacks and cold drinks.
easyJet Bistro In-Flight Sales Menu

Meals and hot drinks.

Landing at Barcelona El Prat Airport

Not long after the in-flight sales service was done, we entered into a bit of a turbulence, and so the seatbelt signs were switched on.

Then, at 4:03PM, the Captain asked the cabin crew to prepare the cabin for landing, and less than fifteen minutes later, the landing gear was lowered.

We touched down at Barcelona airport at 4:19PM, and five minutes later – at 4:24PM – we parked at our arrival gate.

Approaching Barcelona El Prat Airport Onboard easyJet

Approaching El Prat airport.
Slowing Down at Barcelona Airport

Slowing down after landing in Barcelona.

After disembarking, I got a bit confused as to which way to go to reach the right luggage belt (there were three “exit signs” each pointing to a different arrival area). As such, I checked with the airport staff and then made my way to “arrivals C” as instructed.

easyJet Airbus A319 Cabin

EasyJet Airbus A319 cabin shortly before I disembarked.

easyJet A319 Economy Class Milan – Barcelona Summary

Having flown quite a few flights onboard easyJet back when I was living in Europe, I was – in a way – looking forward to fly the airline again. And, all I can say is that nothing has changed. While the legroom is a bit tight, it is still alright for the short flights that easyJet serves – and for the price it charges.

And, while there is no complimentary in-flight service, the in-flight sales menu was fairly extensive and reasonably priced.

All in all, easyJet offers a decent way to get from point A to point B within Europe.

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