Review: Thai Airways Domestic Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Lounge Review: Thai Airways Domestic Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Considering that Thai Airways operates quite a few domestic flights out of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport every day, many of them with wide-bodies, it is no surprise that it runs a fairly large domestic business class lounge there.

As I had plenty of time to spare at the airport before taking my 8:30AM business class flight to Phuket, I paid a visit to the Royal Silk Lounge before heading to my departure gate.

Continue reading this review to see what the lounge was like.

The domestic Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport can be found airside, right across from gate A1, and can be accessed by Thai Airways’ domestic business class passengers, as well as Star Alliance Gold members (those are eligible to bring in a guest).

The lounge opens at 5AM and closes at 11:30PM every day.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Domestic Lounge at Suvarnabhumi

Thai Royal Silk Lounge.
Thai Domestic Business Class Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Entrance

Lounge entrance.

Lounge Overview

The first part of the lounge, right after reception, was home to the buffet spread as well as to a fairly large seating area with pairs of chairs arranged around coffee tables.

Going further, there were computers available for browsing the Internet, and going even further down, there was some more seating in a narrow hallway leading to the lounge’s “Garden Zone.”

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Domestic North OVerview

Overview of the main seating area.
Seating in Thai Airways Business Class Lounge for Domestic Flights

Seating along the side of the lounge.
Computers in the Royal Silk Lounge

“Business center.”
Thai Airways Domestic Royal Silk Lounge Buffet Area

Buffet area.
Hallway Leading to Garden Zone

Seating in the hallway leading to the Garden Zone.
Reading Materials

Hallway to the Garden Zone.

While the “Garden Zone” wasn’t outdoors, it had a much spacier feeling than the first part of the lounge both thanks to its high ceilings as well as large windows overlooking a garden outside of the terminal.

It didn’t feature a full buffet spread, however, there was a counter with drinks and some snacks. And, there were some reading materials.

Garden Zone in Thai Airways Domestic Lounge at Suvarnabhumi

Garden Zone.
Seating in the Garden Zone

Seating in the Garden Zone.
Thai Airways Domestic Royal Silk Lounge Garden Area

Overview of the Garden Zone.
Garden Zone

More seating.
Reading Materials in the Garden Zone

Reading materials.
Buffet Area in Garden zone

Garden Zone snack and drinks area.

One thing that was unfortunate about the lounge was its lack of power outlets.

Food and Drinks Selection

Cold soft drinks as well as coffee and tea could be found in both the main lounge as well as in the garden zone.

Soft Drink in Thai Airways Lounge at Suvrnabhumi

Canned soft drinks.


Tea and coffee.



In the garden zone, there were also some packaged snacks.


Packaged snacks.

The rest of the food was located in the main buffet area. And, considering that this lounge is used for domestic flights about one-hour long only, it was abundant.

There was a salad as well as some fruit cuts. And, there were some sandwiches and cup noodles. As for warm food, there was a pancake machine and a heater with pizza cuts and quiches.



Pancakes in Thai Airways Domestic Lounge at Suvarnabhumi


Cup Noodles

Cup noodles.



Separately, there were some Chinese style dumplings and a macaroni soup with shrimp balls.


Warm Food in Domestic Thai Airways Lounge in Suvarnabhumi

Warm wraps.
Soup Matrials

Soup materials.

Macaroni soup.

Finally, while the above could be found on counters along the sides of the lounge, there was also a “tower” with a variety of light snacks in the middle of the buffet area. Those included some bananas and desserts (both Western and Thai) as well as sandwiches and pastries.


Sticky rice with banana filling.

Thai Desserts

Thai sweets.

Ham sandwiches.
Buns with Ham

Chicken sandwiches.
Thai Airways Lounge Snacks

Beef sandwiches.


Thai Airways Domestic Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Summary

Overall, the lounge was one of the better domestic lounges that I had the chance to visit to date.

While the decor was a bit outdated and the main part of the lounge was quite crowded, it seemed as though many people didn’t realize that there was the garden zone towards the back of the lounge as well.

Because of that, the garden zone was mostly empty and provided a nice sanctuary from the busy terminal.

Given that the lounge only serves passengers about to take short domestic flights, the food and drink selection was very good. Although, then again, likely many of those passengers are transferring from longer international flights.

Considering even that, though, the food and drinks selection could rival some of the international lounges out there.

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  1. I dont know who wrote it but the lunge looks tired and old fashioned they dont provide the most important which is alcohol and I cant see any printers

  2. Domestic business class lounge in Bangkok smell very bad! They must change the carpet now its old ! The A/C make a lot of NOISE … VERY OLD .. VERY ORRIBLE LOUNGE . ….

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