Lounge Review: Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo at Milan Linate

Lounge Review: Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo at Milan Linate

Before taking a flight from Milan Linate to London Heathrow in early January, I had a chance to visit Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo – a lounge operated by the airport and belonging to the Priority Pass network.

While some sites say the lounge opens at 5:30AM, the Priority Pass app mentions an opening time of 6:30AM. In reality, at least on the day of my visit, the lounge was still closed when I arrived at its entrance shortly after 5:30AM, but opened around 6:00AM – quite a while before the opening time mentioned on the Priority Pass website.

One more thing to note before I take you into the lounge is that during the day it should be fairly easy to find as it is located right after the initial post-security duty free store. In the early morning, however, that store will be closed, and so, to reach the lounge, you will have to go around it and through a narrow hallway you will see on your left.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Entrance

Entrance to Sala Leonardo at Milan Linate.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Lounge Overview

The lounge itself – both in terms of its offerings and its furnishings – was quite similar to Sala Respighi at Malpensa which is operated by the Milan airport company as well.

The seating was mainly spread across three small seating areas taking up most of the lounge. While these areas (and the whole lounge for that matter) were in a single room, they were separated by (fairly low) partitions.

The first area – just behind the reception, on the left side of the lounge – included ten sofa chairs, a table with some reading materials and a TV screening the news.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Main Seating Area

The first seating area.

The second area – in the middle of the lounge – was in a dining setup with chairs and benches arranged around small tables.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Dining Area

The second seating (dining) area.

Finally, the third area – in the far right corner of the lounge – consisted of another ten sofa chairs, and a large sofa. There were also FIDS, reading materials, and a large aviation-themed drawing on the wall here that gave at least some personality to the otherwise generic lounge.

Seating Area Sala Leonardo

The third seating area.
Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Linate Seating

One more view of the seating area.
Linate Airport Drawing in Priority Pass Lounge

Sofa and airport drawing.

The only notable thing in addition to the above was the buffet area which featured two counters including one that had some drinks and snacks on one side and bar stools for extra seating on the other.

Bar and Buffet Area

“Bar” and buffet area.
Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Bar

High-top seating.
Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Food and Drinks

Buffet spread.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Food and Drinks Selection

The lounge offered both soft and alcoholic drinks. Among other soft drinks, there was canned soda as well as apple and orang juices in tanks. And, of course, there was also a coffee machine and some tea.

Separately, there were a couple of bottles of wine, four kinds of bottled beer, and about a dozen types of liquor.

Beer, Wine, Soda

Beer, soda, wine, water, yogurts, etc.

Coffee Machine

Coffee machine.
Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Alcohol

Liquor selection.

As for food, there were whole fruits, yogurts (the same tasty brand as in Sala Respighi), cookies, and packaged snacks.


Snacks and Fruits

Fruits and packaged snacks.

Other than that, there were some croissants – both plain ones as well as four kinds of sandwiches.



Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Sandwiches

Croissant sandwiches.

There was no hot food in the lounge – at least not in the early morning.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Summary

I had a bit more than thirty minutes in the lounge which was more than enough for a quick breakfast (the croissant sandwiches were good). Given that the lounge doesn’t offer much else than that compared to the actual terminal – besides power outlets – it was more than enough time.

Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Milan Linate Food

One of the (many) sandwiches I had for breakfast.

And, while I found the lounge to be perfectly adequate for Linate which only serves short flights around Europe, I would have appreciated if the lounge opening hours were made clear. This way, there were people waiting from 5:30AM not knowing when it would open. And, there might also have been people that didn’t go to the lounge until 6:30AM.

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