Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific “The Wing, Business” at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" at Hong Kong International

Cathay Pacific offers four business class lounges at its base in Hong Kong. When I was flying in Cathay’s first class back in September, I could check out one of them – “The Wing, Business” – before visiting its first class counterpart.

The lounge was located near gate 2 – just a short walk from the Plaza Premium Lounge where I spent the night. And, even though the lounge officially opens at 5:30AM, the first floor of the lounge was accessible even before that.

Hong Kong Airport

Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing, Business” lounge is located near gate 2.

Lounge Overview

The lounge spreads across two floors – and, as mentioned above, the smaller lounge on the first floor was accessible even before the 5:30AM opening time.

Lower Level

On the first floor, right after the reception, there was a hallway that led to all the different parts of the lounge. The staircase to the second floor was across from the reception desk.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Reception

Lower level reception.
Lower Level Hallway

Hallway on the lower level of the lounge.

The right side of the hallway had entrances to two smaller areas.

The first one of those was a small sitting area with sofa chairs arranged in a square.

Seating Area

Small seating area.

Then, there was a working area with ten or so cubicles, each of them featuring a computer.


Working area with computers.

There were also the restrooms, showers, and some magazine racks with reading materials.

Showers and Restrooms at Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business"

Washrooms and showers.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

On the left side of the hallway was the main part of the first floor of the lounge – a large sitting area. Beside the usual sofa chairs, it also offered half-a-dozen or so Cathay Solus Chairs which seemed to be ideal for getting some work done.

Main Seating Area

Main lower level seating area.

The seating area featured sofa chairs and Cathay Solus Chairs.
Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Lower Floor Seating

One more view of the seating area.

At the very end of the room, there was a buffet counter with a selection of breakfast items.

Lower Level Buffet Counter

Buffet on the lower level of the lounge.

Upper Level

At exactly 5:30AM, the passengers were also let into the upper floor. Besides being home to the major part of the business class lounge, the upper floor also housed “The Wing, First” lounge. But, more on that one in a separate post.

Now, let’s go back to the upper level of the business class lounge – which was located to the left of the upper level reception.

First, there was a lounging area which, once again, featured some sofa chairs as well as another set of the Cathay Solus Chairs.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Upper Level

Entrance into the upper level of the lounge.
Cathay Solus Chairs

Cathay Solus Chairs.
Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Upper Level Seating

Seating near the upper level reception.

Most of the seating in the lounge consisted of sofa chairs.

There were also some coffee tables throughout the lounge.

Then, to the side of it, was a buffet area which had a slightly better selection of breakfast items than the one downstairs. There were also three large coffee tables and surrounded by light brown leather sofa chairs next to the buffet counter.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Upper Floor Buffet Breakfast

Upper level buffet area.
Seating in the Buffet Area

Seating in the buffet area.

Going further down the lounge, there was “The Long Bar.” Although at the time of my visit just after opening, it was unstaffed, the bar is a signature feature of this lounge.

The Long Bar at Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business"

The Long Bar.
Apron Views

The lounge offered some distant apron views.
Sofa Chairs

Seating near the bar.

Another signature feature of quite a few Cathay Pacific lounges is “The Noodle Bar.” In this lounge, it was tucked away in the far left corner of the lounge. And, besides the noodle bar itself and stools with both regular and high-top tables, there was also a buffet counter.

Just like the “real” bar, the noodle bar was closed at the time of my visit as well. There was a sign on the counter saying that it opens at 7AM.

The Noodle Bar at Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business"

The Noodle Bar.
Noodle Bar Closed

The Noodle Bar opens at 7AM.
Noodle Bar

Seating in “The Noodle Bar.”
Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Buffet

Buffet in “The Noodle Bar.”

The one last area that I did not mention above is “The Coffee Loft.” Here, one can get some light snacks as well as drinks from the manned counter – and relax in one of the variety of seats that are offered in the area.

"The Coffee Loft" at Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business"

“The Coffee Loft.”

Seating at the counter.
The Coffee Loft

Overview of “The Coffee Loft.”
Coffee Loft Sofas

Sofas in “The Coffee Loft.”
Coffee Loft

Besides seating, “The Coffee Loft” also featured some computers.

Food and Drinks Selection

The following describes the offerings available during my 5:30AM visit. If you visit later in the day, the selection will likely be more extensive – although the drinks as well as some of the lighter food might be the same.

As for the drinks, a number of places throughout the lounge – including on the lower level, the buffet area on the upper level, as well as the noodle bar – featured fridges with six types of beer as well as a solid selection of canned soft drinks.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, Business" Canned Soft Drinks and Beer

Canned soft drinks and beer.

Besides the canned drinks, there were also coffee machines and soda machines, a selection of juice, milk, and water.

Soda Machine and Coffee Machine

Coffee machine and soda machine.
Juice and Water

Orange juice, milk, water.

As for light bites to eat, there was a selection of pastries in a number of places throughout the lounge. There were also some mini sandwiches on offer in “The Coffee Loft.”



Mini sandwiches.

Besides that, the buffet counters featured the usual breakfast items including toasts, fruits, yoghurts, and cereals.

Fruits and Yoghurts

Cut fruits, yoghurts, cereals, etc.

Whole fruits and some cakes.


Toasts and cheese.

And, there were also some warm breakfast options including scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, sausages, and porridge.


Veal sausages.

Cherry tomatoes.
Scrambled Eggs

Local breakfast item.


Cathay Pacific “The Wing, Business” Summary

While I didn’t have a chance to get a bowl of noodles at “The Noodle Bar,” or a Cathay Delight at “The Long Bar” because I visited the lounge early in the morning, I thought Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing, Business” lounge was a great place to relax or get some work done before a flight.

There was plenty of seating in a variety of configurations ideal for both solo travelers as well as people traveling in groups. And, while I would have welcomed one or two more hot options, the breakfast selection was more than decent.


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