Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific “The Arrival” at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" at Hong Kong International

Besides operating a network of excellent departure lounges, Cathay Pacific also operates an arrival lounge – aptly named “The Arrival” – at its base in Hong Kong.

Since the lounge is accessible to all Cathay Pacific first and business class passengers arriving in Hong Kong, I had a chance to visit it after my first class flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. The lounge is also accessible to oneworld Emerald status holders.

The Cathay Pacific arrival lounge is located landside after clearing immigration, on the way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Just look for “Lounge” sign and take the escalator one floor down.

Hong Kong Airport

First, follow the signs to “transport to mainland.”
Hong Kong Airport

Later, you will see “lounge” sign.

It’s open every day from 5AM until midnight – and for reference, I arrived there shortly before 11PM.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Lounge

Cathay Pacific “The Arrival” lounge entrance.

Lounge Overview

Right past the reception, there was a magazine rack.

Magazine Rack

Reading materials just past the reception.

There were two main seating areas in the lounge – both of which only sat a handful of people.

The first one was a living room-like seating zone to the left of the magazine rack. It featured seven sofa chairs arranged around a wall-mounted TV.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Seating

Main seating area.

The second one was a dining area with three tables and six chairs, as well as a buffet counter with some refreshments. There was also an a la carte offering of meals, but more on that further down.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Dining Area

Dining area.
Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Buffet

Buffet with drinks and snacks.

There was some more seating along the sides of the lounge.

On one side, there were three workstations with computers and printers.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Business Center

Business center.

On the other side, there was a long counter with stools and a couple of iMacs.


Counter with iMacs.


The counter spanned the width of the lounge.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the lounge were the reasonably-well equipped showers of which I took advantage right after my arrival.


Sink in the shower room.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Shower Room


Food and Drinks Selection

As mentioned above, there was a buffet counter at the very back of the lounge that housed some drinks as well as food.

The drinks included coffee and tea, as well as canned Coca-Cola and Sprite. There was also bottled water – both still and sparkling. There were also juices available, though those had to be ordered from the staff.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea.
Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Drinks

Soft drinks.

The food on the buffet counter included sandwiches, salad, apples, some desserts and salty snacks, as well as mushroom soup.


Fruits and snacks.

Fruits and snacks.



Separately from the above, there was also an a la carte menu of meals that was brought to me as soon as I sat down.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Menu

A la carte dining menu.

I decided to have the “barbecue chicken and cheese in sourdough sandwich.” While the portion was more than sufficient – in fact it might have been a bit too large – the chicken was a bit too dry for my liking and next time I would pick something else.

Cathay Pacific "The Arrival" Sandwich

Barbecue chicken and cheese in sourdough sandwich.

Cathay Pacific “The Arrival” Lounge Hong Kong Summary

Overall, I think it’s great that Cathay Pacific offers an arrival lounge in Hong Kong.

While it’s not a place to spend a long time at, it is definitely a great place to have a quick shower after a long haul flight or a breakfast after an early morning arrival.


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