Airport Hotel Review: BS Residence Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Dayroom

Airport Hotel Review: BS Residence Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Dayroom

On my way back from Europe to Japan back in September, I had a ten hours of layover scheduled at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. As such, I decided to look for a dayroom that I could use between my 7:35AM arrival from Paris and 5:20PM departure to Hong Kong.

After a bit of searching around, the choice fell on BS Residence Suvarnabhumi which offered cheap dayrooms just a short free shuttle ride away from the airport.

Booking the Room

The dayroom, titled “promotion day use transit,” let’s the guests use one of the hotel rooms between 9AM and 5PM for 600 THB (about 20 dollars). As I wanted to make sure I had arrangements made prior to arriving in Bangkok, I booked it online through the hotel’s website.

A website that looked like it was last updated a decade ago…

Booking BS Residence

After reluctantly entering my information (including my credit card details), a “confirmation” screen popped up saying that my booking was not confirmed yet and that I would hear from the hotel shortly.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but indeed, I got a confirmation email including the shuttle bus instructions about 24 hours after submitting the above form. With that, I was ready to go…

BS Residence Booking Confirmation

Airport Transfer, Reception Area & Check-In

After arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport, I headed to the hotel staff meeting point as instructed. Inside arrivals hall – between gate 3 and 4 – there was an area with many people holding various hotel, etc. signs. It turned out one of those was the BS Suvarnabhumi staff – and after telling her my name, she called the shuttle bus and told me to wait a bit.

After about fifteen minutes, the staff asked me to follow her and took me to the shuttle bus that was already waiting outside. The shuttle ride itself took only about five minutes and so I found myself in front of the reception in no time.

Besides the reception desk, the small lobby featured some sofas and other seating, as well as a couple of computers for the guests to use.

BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Lobby

“Right” side of the lobby.
BS Residence Suvarnabhumi

…and the “left” side.

The check-in itself was smooth, and after paying 600 THB in cash (there is a 3% charge for credit card payments, 5% for AMEX), I received my room key and was took to my room.

BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Reception

Reception desk.
Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment information.

Guest Room

The one downside of the hotel was that it lacked any elevator. As such, it took a bit of walking to get to my room on the fourth floor. However, the hotel staff offered to help with my luggage, so that definitely helped.

The room itself was very furnished very simply, however, it was more than enough for a short transit stay.


Room Entrance

View after entering the room.

To the left of the door, there was a luggage rack, and to the right was a wall with a TV and a counter. On the counter, there were the usual water bottles, tea and coffee set, etc.

Luggage Rack

Luggage rack.

TV and counter.

Water, tea, etc.

The main part of the room was of course taken by the bed – or rather a pair of them. They were quite soft and not too comfortable, but again, they were adequate for the short stay. Especially given the low cost.

Next to the bed there was also a small desk with an ottoman.

BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Bed

The room featured a pair of beds.
BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Room



Finally, in the back of the room was a balcony and the bathroom. The small balcony offered a not-so-interesting view of the surroundings.

Balcony View

Balcony view.

The bathroom was small and very basic, however, the water temperature and pressure were decent.

BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Bathroom



BS Residence Suvarnabhumi Dayroom Summary

Overall, if you are looking for a cheap place for a quick rest between your flights in and out of Suvarnabhumi, I can recommend this hotel. The shuttle was efficient and the hotel was just five minutes away from the terminal, and the room was decent for the price.

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