Review: BGS Premier Lounge in Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3

Lounge Review: BGS Premier Lounge (Terminal 3) at Beijing Capital

While I spent most of my transit in Beijing photographing aircraft, I also had a chance to visit the Air China Business Class Lounge in Terminal 3E that I reviewed earlier as well as BGS Premier Lounge that I am about to review below.

Terminal 3’s BS Premier Lounge (there is one in Terminal 2 as well) can be found near gate E19, and is located an elevator ride up from the gate level. Besides being accessible by premium class passengers and status holders on flights by British Airways, Finnair, JAL, and other airlines, it is also accessible to Priority Pass holders.

BGS Premier Lounge Beijing Entrance

Entrance into BGS Premier Lounge.

To be precise, Priority Pass members can enter the lounge’s business class section which is what I will take a look at below.

Lounge Overview

The business class section of the BGS Premier Lounge was located to the right of the lounge’s reception desk. And, right past the reception desk, there was a small business center with a couple of computers as well as with automated kiosk providing wi-fi log-in information.

There were also some (mainly English) reading materials and flight information display screens.

Business Center

Business center.
Reading Materials and FIDS

Reading materials and FIDS.

Then, there was a little fountain separating the lobby area from the actual lounge. This area also housed the lounge’s buffet spread.


Fountain in the buffet area.


The rest of the lounge consisted of fairly retro-looking sofas arranged around coffee tables. While the lounge was basically one large room, there were some display cases with Chinese vases and other objects that provided at least a bit of privacy between some of the seats.

Overview of BGS Premier Lounge PEK T3

Overview of the seating area.

Retro sofas.

The lounge was basically one big room.

Display cases provided some privacy.

Food and Drinks Selection

Drinks in the BGS Premier Lounge could be found in the buffet area near the lounge’s entrance and included coffee and tea, as well as a small selection of juices, canned sodas and beer. Besides that, there were about half a dozen kinds of liquor.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks.
Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee.
Drinks in the BGS Premier Lounge in Beijing airport's Terminal 3

Liquor, etc.

As for food, there were some lighter bites including peanuts, pastries, sandwiches, cup noodles, etc.




Sandwiches and toasts.

Cup noodles, tomatoes, oranges.

And, there was proper hot food including kung pao chicken and chicken soup.

Hot Food in BGS Premier Lounge

Vegetables and kung pao chicken.

Noodles and beef.

Chicken soup.

Finally, there was a staffed noodle bar where one could get Japanese udon noodles, as well as rice balls.

Noodle Bar in BGS Premier Lounge Beijing

Noodle bar.

BGS Premier Lounge Beijing Terminal 3 Summary

While the BGS Premier Lounge was nothing extraordinary, I found it above average when it comes to non-airline Priority Pass lounges. That was helped by the fact that the lounge was almost empty during my brief visit and that the food was fairly tasty (and it definitely looked tastier than the one in Air China’s lounge).

My Lunch

My quick lunch.

That said, similar to the Air China lounge and many others, this is not a lounge to arrive at the airport early for. Instead, it is just a decent place to spend your layover in if you need to.

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  1. Thank you for the reveiw, I have just joined priority pass as I have a 6 hour layover in Beijing every 4 weeks or so.
    Hopefully it us warm and comfortable.



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