Lounge Review: Aspire Lounge Schengen at Amsterdam Schiphol

Lounge Review: Aspire Lounge Schengen at Amsterdam Schiphol

First, after arriving from Delhi and clearing immigration, I headed to the KLM Crown Lounge. Initially, I decided to extend my stay there at the expense of skipping the Aspire Lounge.

However, after getting to my departure gate just to find out that my flight to Vienna was delayed by about 30 minutes – and given that both the KLM and Aspire lounges were close to my departure gate – I decided to pay the Aspire Lounge a visit as well.

The lounge can be found easily by following signs for Airline lounge 26. And, besides being accessible to Priority Pass members, it is also available to premium passengers on selected airlines.

Aspire Lounge Schengen No. 26 Amsterdam Schiphol

Entrance to the Aspire Lounge in Schiphol’s Schengen area.

Lounge Overview

As visible in the above photo, right after the entrance, there was the reception desk. From there, the lounge was divided into two parts – one on each side of the reception.

First, I checked out the section to the left of the reception.

Just past the reception, there were some lounging chairs and a counter with some bar stools. There was also an area with drinks (and some snacks).

Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Counter Seating

Counter by the entrance.
Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Drinks

Drinks and snacks area.

Further down, there was the main seating area of this part of the lounge. Besides featuring some more individual lounging chairs, it also had some sofas that had plenty of power outlets.

Seating in Aspire Lounge Schiphol

Seating area in the “left wing” of the lounge.

Separately, along the windows overlooking the inside of the terminal, there were some more sofas, as well as a small workspace.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Workspace


Going back to the reception, and then to the right, there was another counter-height table with bar stools. There was also a rack with some reading materials – and there were flight information displays.

Counter Next to Aspire Lounge's Reception

Seating to the right of the reception.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

While the above was more or less in the reception area, continuing further into the “right wing” of the lounge, there was seating in a dining set up. Besides that, there was a raised podium with a counter equipped with power outlets and more sofas.

Finally, there was also the buffet counter which, unlike the one in the first section, also offered a decent selection of breakfast items.

Reception Desk and FIDS

FIDS to the right of the reception.
Counter Seating

Counter in the “right wing” of the lounge.
Buffet Counter

Part of the buffet spread.

Food and Drinks Selection

While bottled soft drinks were offered in the first part of the lounge, the part to the right of the reception had a soda dispenser. Besides that, there were juices and water (plain, lemon, cucumber) in pitchers.

Then, there was a selection of liquor, wine, as well as Heineken on tap.

Bottled Soft Drinks

Bottled soft drinks.
Tonic, Juices, Water

Tonic, juices, wine, water.
Alcoholic Drinks & Soda Dispenser

Liquor, soda dispenser, and Heineken on tap.
Heineken Beer

Heineken on tap.


As for hot drinks, the usual tea and coffee were available.

When it came to food, the smaller snack area only had apples, kiwifruits, and potato chips. And, the rest of the items could be found in the main buffet area.


Fruits and potato chips.

Some of the lighter items included fruit salad, yogurt, cupcakes, and cereals.

Fruit Salad & Yogurt

Fruit salad and yogurt.

Cupcakes and sesame sticks.


There was also some bread with jams, butter, etc.


Bread and pastries.
Jam & Butter

Jams, butter, etc.

Finally, there were cold cuts, eggs, and soup.

Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.
Hot Breakfast


Aspire Lounge Schengen Amsterdam Summary

The Aspire Lounge in Schiphol’s Schengen area was a perfectly fine lounge for the crow it serves – mostly intra-European travelers. Even though it was a bit on the crowded side, there it was still possible to find seats. And, the food and drinks selection was decent.

As such, if you have Priority Pass membership and some time to spare at Amsterdam airport, then the lounge is certainly worth visiting. In fact, while not nearly as large, I found it to be almost as comfortable as the KLM Crown Lounge.

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