Lounge Review: Asiana Lounge at Jeju International

Lounge Review: Asiana Lounge at Jeju International

After spending a night at Jeju island during my quick trip to Korea back in October, it was time to take another domestic flight – to Busan. Before taking the Jeju Air flight, however, I had a chance to visit Asiana Lounge thanks to my Priority Pass membership.

Lounge Overview

The Asiana Lounge at Jeju airport is located land side with the hallway leading to its entrance being next to one of the terminal’s restrooms.

What is up with Korean domestic lounges and restrooms?!


Hallway leading to Asiana Lounge at Jeju airport.
Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport Entrance

Entrance into the lounge.

As for the lounge itself, it consisted of one big room large part of which was taken up by sofa chairs in a variety of arrangements. Next to one of the groups of sofas, there was also a television with the news on (in Korean, of course).

One thing that I have to note here is that I thought the lounge was fairly nicely decorated. With large bookshelves on one of the walls, and some variety in the sofa chairs, it didn’t feel as “sterile” as some other similar lounges feel.

Asiana Lounge Jeju

View from the reception area.
Seating in Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport

Overview of the seating area.

Decorative counter and seating.

Bookshelves and TV.
Asiana Lounge Seating

Seating in the Asiana Lounge at Jeju airport.

Besides the sofas, there was also a pair of counters offering great views of the apron along the far end of the lounge.

Window Facing Seats

Sofa chairs facing the apron.

Counter with apron view.
Asiana Lounge Jeju Apron View

Asiana Airlines 767 ready for departure to Seoul.

Finally, there were also some racks with magazines, a business center with several computers, as well as a counter with drinks and snacks.


Reading materials.
Magazines and Counter

More reading materials (next to the drinks and snacks counter).
Business Center

Business center.

There were no restrooms inside the lounge.

Food and Drinks Selection

The food and drinks selection was more or less identical with what was offered in the lounge’s counterpart at Seoul Gimpo airport.

There was a drink heater with canned tea and coffee, as well as a fridge with soft drinks including orange juice and sodas.

Hot Drinks

Warm tea and coffee.
Cold Drinks

Cold soft drinks.

There was also the usual coffee machine and a (small) selection of tea bags.

Coffee Machine

Tea Selection

Tea bags and candies.
Hot water

Hot water dispenser.

Finally, there were also some packaged snacks.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Snacks

Custard snack.

More snacks.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Summary

The Asiana Lounge in Jeju did not surprise nor disappoint. It was virtually identical to the one I visited the day before in Seoul.

The one thing that made the lounge worth visiting, though, were the great views of the apron and one of the runways it offered.

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