Lounge Review: ANA Lounge Terminal 1 Satellite 4 at Tokyo Narita

Lounge Review: ANA Lounge Terminal 1 Satellite 4 at Tokyo Narita

After spending some time in the United Club at Tokyo Narita before departing on a spotting trip to Phuket, I switched over to ANA Lounge in the terminal’s Satellite 4. Hirofumi reviewed this lounge before, so make sure to check his review as well.

The lounge is located near gates 41 to 47, one floor below the departures level – and it is one of ANA’s two international business class lounges at Tokyo Narita. Just on a side note, one of ANA’s two first class lounges is also located in the same area, but one floor above the departures level.

Tokyo Narita Airport Satellite 4

The ANA Lounge is on located on the second floor.
Entrance into the ANA Lounge at Narita

Entrance into ANA Lounge at Tokyo Narita.

Lounge Overview

When I passed the door, I found myself in the lounge’s reception area which besides the reception desk also featured a large R2D2 ANA Jet model signed by the Star Wars cast.

R2D2 Model in ANA Lounge Narita

R2D2 ANA Jet model signed by Star Wars cast.

Going into the lounge through an elegant black hallway, there were reading materials and flight information displays.

Hallway Leading into the Lounge

Hallway leading into the lounge.

The lounge itself is laid out in an interesting triangular shape with the top part of the triangle being the main part of the lounge, and the two shorter sides being the reception area, and the restrooms and showers.

While I didn’t visit the lounge’s showers, Hirofumi did during his visit last year, so make sure to check his review here.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Map

Map of the lounge.

Starting at the very left side of the lounge, there was a quiet sleeping area which featured about ten semi-private rooms. While most of them were equipped with a daybed, two of them had a massage chair instead.

ANA Lounge Sleeping Room

Sleeping room.
Relax Room

Lounging chair in one of the semi-private rooms.
Massage Chair in ANA Lounge

Massage chair.

Going back from the quiet area towards the lounge’s entrance, there was a large seating area with several rows of sofa chairs, as well as a single dining table.

And, on the right, there was a noodle bar which is one of the signature features of ANA’s lounges.

Seating Area Near Sleeping Area

Seating in the lounge, sleeping room behind the curtains.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Seating

Typical lounge seating.
Noodle Bar in ANA Lounge

Noodle bar.

Then, there were some more rows of sofas on the left side, and the buffet area on the right side.

Buffet Area in the ANA Lounge

Buffet area.

Seating across from the buffet.

After passing the lounge’s entrance, there was a customer service desk, and the entrance to another signature feature of the lounge – a sake bar which, at the time of my visit, featured several varieties of sake from Hokkaido.

As far as seating is concerned, there were a couple of tables with two chairs each, as well as several counter-height chairs in the back part of the sake bar.

Sake Bar in ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita

Sake bar.
ANA Lounge Sake Selection

Four types of sake on offer.
ANA Lounge Customer Service Desk

Customer service desk.

Across from the sake bar, there was another seating area. This area was similar to the other seating areas in the lounge, featuring rows of sofa chairs.

Seating in ANA Lounge at Narita

Seating area near the business center.

Seating and FIDS.

Finally, behind the sake bar, there was a smoking room, and a well-equipped business center. Besides more than a dozen work spaces both with and without computers, the business center also included a printer and copier, as well as some (open) phone booths.

Copy & Fax

Copy & fax.
ANA Lounge Business Center

Semi-private working booths in the business center.
Business Center

Business center.
Phone Booths in Narita ANA Lounge

Phone booths.
Phone Booths

…and from the other side.

Food and Drinks Selection

All the food and drinks in the lounge could be found in three areas – the main buffet, the noodle bar, and the sake bar.

Starting with the sake bar, as mentioned above, there was a selection of sakes available for tasting. And, during my visit, the four types were all made on the island of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Sake in ANA Lounge

Ginpu Kunimare.
Japanese Sake

Mizuho no Shizuku.
Hokkaido Sake

Kita no Inaho.


In the noodle bar, a variety of dishes (mainly, but not just noodles) were offered.

ANA Lounge Noodle Bar Menu

Noodle bar menu.

I had curry udon which was tasty, and I found the portion size to be just right.

Curry Udon at ANA Lounge

Curry udon.

Finally, there was the buffet area in the middle of the lounge which was home to the majority of the food and drinks in the lounge.

As far as soft drinks are concerned, the selection was about the same as in all of the other lounges in Japan. There was the usual soda (and juice) dispenser. And, there were also tomato and vegetable juices as well as milk in pitchers.

Finally, there was a coffee maker and a selection of tea bags.

Soft Drinks in ANA Lounge Narita

Soft drinks.

Juices and milk.
Coffee in ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita



As for alcohol, there were about half a dozen liquor bottles, some wines as well as automated beer dispensers which Japanese lounges are famous for.

Alcohol at ANA Lounge Narita

Liquor, wine, etc.



The food selection was sufficient as well.

There were some light snacks such as candies and (rice) crackers. There were also some salads, bite-sized sandwiches, cereals. As for dessert, there was almond jelly.

ANA Candies

Cookies and Crackers

Cookies and crackers.

Sandwiches and salads.
Almond Jelly

Cereals and almond jelly.

Some of the more substantial cold items included onigiri (rice balls), sushi, and bread.


Simple sushi.

Rice balls.


Finally, there were also warm items including miso soup, hot and sour soup, fried noodles, and sweetened vinegar chicken.

Soups in ANA Lounge Narita

Warm Meals in ANA Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport

Chicken dish.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Summary

The ANA Lounge at Tokyo Narita offers all of the amenities one would expect from a decent business class lounge and then some. While I would appreciate a wider selection of hot dishes, the noodle bar compensates for that. And, the sake bar is certainly a nice addition for people interested in that!

That said, as far as seating and working is concerned, I found the United Club to be less crowded and brighter. But, that might vary greatly depending on the time of the day during which you visit the lounge.


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