Flight Review: ANA 737-800 Economy Class from Tokyo Haneda to Nagoya Centrair

Flight Review: ANA 737-800 Economy Class from Tokyo Haneda to Nagoya Centrair

Flight Information
: October 28, 2017
Flight No.: NH85
Route: Tokyo Haneda to Nagoya Centrair
Airline: ANA All Nippon Airways
Type: Boeing 737-800
Registration: JA69AN

While I had several choices when it came to positioning myself to Nagoya for the AirAsia Japan inaugural flight, I decided to go with ANA’s flight out of Haneda. There were two reasons for that:

Now let’s take a look at the actual flight.

Boarding the Flight at Tokyo Haneda Airport

I was only traveling with hand luggage, and I downloaded the boarding pass into my iPhone’s Wallet. As such, upon my arrival at Haneda airport’s terminal 2, I headed straight through security.

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Departure Lobby

Tokyo Haneda airport departure lobby.

With the security check area deserted, I was through in no time, and I headed towards my departure gate. On my way, I stumbled upon Airport Lounge South – a credit card lounge – and, since I had some time before boarding would begin, I stepped in.

Haneda Airport Security Checkpoint

Deserted security check.
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Airside

Haneda airport terminal 2 airside.

While waiting in the lounge, I got a notification on my phone that my flight would be delayed by ten minutes. And so, I left the lounge a bit later than originally intended – around 5:15PM – and headed to gate 71.

Security Check Slip ANA

“Security Certificate.”
Haneda Airport Airside

Gate area.
Tokyo Haneda Airport Gate 71

Gate 71.

Boarding started at 5:28PM with people requiring assistance. Then, status holders and premium class passengers followed, before passengers in window seats were invited to board.

Finally, the rest of the passengers including me was called.

ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-800

ANA Boeing 737-800 waiting for its flight to Nagoya Centrair.
ANA 737-800 to Nagoya Boarding in Progress

Boarding in progress.
NH85 Flight Information ANA Haneda to Nagoya

NH85 flight information.

Departing Tokyo Haneda Onboard ANA’s Boeing 737-800

Once onboard, I settled in my aisle seat, 23C. Even though it was just a short flight, there was a headset in the seat pocket.

In the Jetway

Waiting to get onboard.
Leg Room

Settled in 23C.

While waiting for our departure, the crew made a welcome announcement mentioning that the flight was 100% full, and also that the seat belt signs might not go off due to turbulent weather and urging passengers to go to restroom before departure if necessary.

ANA 737-800 Cabin

Cabin during boarding.

At 5:44PM, the cabin crew closed the aircraft doors – or as ANA likes to say, they “set slide bar” – and we were ready to go. With the door closed, the crew went around the cabin offering blankets.

We were pushed back at 5:47PM – twelve minutes behind schedule – and we taxied to runway 34R from which we took off at 5:56PM.

Cruising from Tokyo Haneda to Nagoya Centrair

The seatbelt sign was switched off at 6:04PM – and two minutes later an announcement was made that it would go back on in eight minutes.

Eventually, the seatbelt sign went back on at 6:18PM.

Because of the short time the crew was allowed to move around the cabin, the drink service was cancelled – just like on my JAL flight on the same route. That was not a big problem, though, given that the flight was less than an hour long.

Landing at Nagoya Centrair Airport

The cabin crew started preparing for landing – checking seat backs and window shades – at 6:23PM. And, less than fifteen minutes after that, the cockpit crew lowered the landing gear.

We landed at 6:39PM, and taxied towards our arrival gate. On the way, the cabin crew made an announcement welcoming us in Nagoya and apologizing for the cancelled drink service.

The flight came to an end at 6:43PM when we came to a full stop at gate 9.

Once I got off the aircraft, I went to the airport’s credit card lounge before spending the night at TUBE Sq capsule hotel inside the terminal. But, more on that in the upcoming instalments.

ANA Luggage Tag Retrieval Box

ANA baggage tag recovery box.
Luggage Tag Retrieval Box

Interestingly, each airline had their own area for throwing away baggage tags.

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