Review: Relax Casa Victoria (Bucharest Airport)

During my family’s trip to Europe earlier this year, I made a side trip to Romania. As part of that, I had an overnight layover in Bucharest. When looking for a place to stay near Otopeni Airport, there was a hotel or two within walking distance. There were also some apartment-style accommodations that were cheaper.

Given that I would only stay in the room for a few hours, I decided to go with one of the latter – Relax Casa Victoria. Looking back, I couldn’t have made a better decision. Continue reading this review to see what the accommodation was like.

Relax Casa Victoria Bucharest Airport
Relax Casa Victoria near Bucharest Airport.

Getting There

Relax Casa Victoria is just a short, 10-minute walk from Bucharest Otopeni Airport. As such, even if you are coming from the city or elsewhere, you will probably be the best off by going to the airport first and walking from there.

Once at the airport, exit on the arrivals (ground) floor and head toward the parking lot. Pass straight through that and then head down the road along the airport’s railway station. After a few minutes, you will see a pedestrian bridge over a highway. Cross the bridge.

On your left side, you will see Casa Romanesca. This accommodation is right next to it – you just need to continue left past Casa Romanesca and will see a big gate with Relax Casa Victoria titles on it.

Relax Casa Victoria Location
Airport parking lot you have to pass through.
Relax Casa Victoria Location
From this point, you have to proceed straight.
Relax Casa Victoria Location
You have to cross this pedestrian bridge.
Relax Casa Victoria Location
Relax Casa Victoria is to the left of this building.


With this not being a traditional hotel, there is no reception. Instead, I had to ring a bell that was next to the gate. I had to ring it a couple of times as it turned out the owner was taking a bath. Soon, though, the gate started opening in front of me.

The gate led to a long and a bit dark pathway. As I was walking down the pathway, I saw a big dog. I wondered for a while if it was safe to continue but I did. As I approached another gate that led to Relax Casa Victoria’s garden, I heard the owner greeting me and saying “Hello, this is Diego, a friendly dog!”

Relax Casa Victoria Location
Relax Casa Victoria Location
The path leading to the accommodation.
Relax Casa Victoria Location
Friendly dog!

With that, I greeted the owner who showed me the way to my room while telling his dog it’s not often that they have guests from Japan.

All in all, other than the initial surprise of seeing a big dog down a fairly dark pathway, the check-in experience was smooth given the circumstances and the owner was very friendly. It would also probably have been smoother had I arrived earlier in the day.


As this was a very simple accommodation, there was not much to speak of in terms of facilities outside the room. That was not an issue considering that most people likely only stay here for a few hours before catching an early morning flight or after arriving late at night (or both like in my case).

Still, for those that have more time to spend at Relax Casa Victoria, there was a nice garden with plenty of trees and some seating. …and a huge teddy bear that looked a bit creepy at night.

Relax Casa Victoria Garden

Guest Room

My room was on the second floor of a small building next to what appeared to be the owner’s house. There seemed to be three other rooms in the building for a total of four, two on the first floor and two on the second floor.

To get to the room, I had to climb a narrow spiral staircase which reminded me a bit of the one on classic Boeing 747s. I didn’t mind that as I only had a backpack. That said, climbing the staircase with a lot of luggage or with a big suitcase would have been challenging.

In front of the room were a chair and a hot water dispenser.

Relax Casa Victoria Hot Water
Hot water dispenser in front of the room.

Stepping inside, the room was simply but sufficiently furnished.

To use space efficiently, there was a folding chair hanging on the wall next to the door and there was a folding desk to use with it too. Above the desk was a TV. A closet and a mirror could be found on the left side of the room near the entrance too. Given that most people likely only stay at Relax Casa Victoria for a night, the former probably doesn’t get much use.

Relax Casa Victoria Room
Entrance area.

In the corner of the room on the other side of the door were two lounge chairs including one with a dog-themed (Diego-themed?!) pillow.

There was also an air purifier and a counter with a small fridge.

Relax Casa Victoria Room
Seating area.

I was surprised to find the counter and fridge well-stocked with complimentary packaged snacks and drinks. That was the kind of a nice small touch that I like and that is much more common in small, owner-run properties than in big hotels.

There were a couple of croissants, a wafer, a couple of juice boxes, and a couple of bottles of water. There were also some coffee and a couple of tea bags.

All of those were very useful the next morning considering that there was no breakfast at the accommodation, I had no lounge access, and I didn’t feel like finding a place to eat.

Relax Casa Victoria Snacks
Relax Casa Victoria Drinks
Cold drinks.
Relax Casa Victoria Drinks
Tea and coffee.

In the far right corner of the room was a couple of single beds, each with a nightstand. On top of each bed were not only towels but also slippers. While I didn’t use them, I found that to be another nice touch.

To be frank, as you can probably tell from the photo, the beds weren’t overly comfortable. That said, they were fine for the short night.

Given that it was quite warm when I stayed, I also appreciated that there was an air conditioner in the room.

Relax Casa Victoria Beds
Relax Casa Victoria Towels
Towels and slippers.
Relax Casa Victoria Air Conditioner
Air conditioner.

Lastly, across from the beds was the bathroom door.

The bathroom had all that one could expect from this type of accommodation (a shower, a sink, and a toilet) and then some (amenities beyond just soap and shampoo).

There were dental kits, a shaving kit, shower caps, and even a sponge.

Relax Casa Victoria Bathroom
Relax Casa Victoria Shower
Relax Casa Victoria Toilet
Relax Casa Victoria Dental Kits
Dental kits.
Relax Casa Victoria Shaving Kit
Shaving kit.
Relax Casa Victoria Amenities
Other amenities.

Relax Casa Victoria Summary

When I chose this accommodation, I decided solely based on two factors – the fact that it was within a short walk of Bucharest Airport terminal and that it was the cheapest option. That was really all I needed for the few hours I had in the room before having to head to the airport again.

Because of this, I was very pleasantly surprised by Relax Casa Victoria. The owner (and Diego) was very friendly, the snacks were something I didn’t expect and that I was happy to see, and the bathroom amenities were a nice bonus.

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay near Bucharest Otopeni Airport, I can only recommend this one.

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