Review: Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South at Doha Hamad Airport

Since for quite some time, Qatar Airways had been allowing status holders flying in economy class to access its Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge, I thought that would be the case during my wife and I’s transfer at Doha airport back in January too. Instead, we were directed to a different lounge.

Specifically, we were sent to Qatar Airways’ Silver Lounge – South which had opened not too long ago. Continue reading this review to see what the lounge was like.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The lounge can be found airside, near gate B1 and is open 24/7. As it is not signposted properly, you will simply want to follow the signs leading to B gates. Doing so, you should notice the lounge on your left at some point.

The Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South serves status holders flying in economy class rather than business or first class customers. In addition to Qatar Airways Gold and Silver Privilege Club members, other airlines’ Oneworld Sapphire-equivalent status holders can access the lounge too.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge

Lounge Tour

Right past the lounge’s entrance, there was a foyer with flight information displays and a wavy orange bench.

From there, one could go either right into a long and narrow seating area, straight into the dining area, or left into another, smaller seating area.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Foyer

Starting with the long and narrow seating area, it had pairs of couches facing each other in the middle.

The row was broken up into two parts with a round counter with a large tree in its center and some bar-height chairs around it. Hand sanitizer and a box of tissues could be found on the counter too.

On either side of the couches, along the windows and wall, were pairs of lounge chairs with high backs. Each pair came with a small coffee table as well as access to power outlets.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Seating
Lounging area.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Seating
Communal table.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Seating
Seats overlooking apron.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge
Lounge chairs.

At the very end of this area, there was a counter with some bites to eat and drinks. There was another set of flight information displays too.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Drinks
Drinks and snacks counter.

Lastly, on the right side, there was a quiet area with a few sleeping chairs. Each of them was in its own little pod separated from the others by high privacy partitions. Each of the pods was also equipped with a fairly large coffee table which came with a light and a couple of power outlets and USB ports. Blankets were provided too.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Relaxation Area
Quiet area.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Sleeping Pod
Sleeping pod.

As for the small seating area on the other side of the foyer, that one consisted of a few rows of interestingly-but-not-too-comfortably-looking red chairs.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Seating
Smaller seating area near the entrance.

The dining area featured a long counter with the buffet spread along its left wall.

A round space separated from the rest of the lounge with partitions doubling as planters extended out from the counter. It featured an island counter with drinks and some more food and a communal table with six counter-height chairs in its center.

There were also a few square dining tables for two with chairs on one side of the space and round dining tables for two along a curved bench on the other side of the space.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Buffet
Buffet area.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Dining Area
Dining area overview.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.

Outside the round space, along the lounge’s windows, there was a long counter with a few more counter-height chairs.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Seating
Counter along the windows.

Behind the dining area, there was a hallway that led to the lounge’s family room, meeting rooms, restrooms and showers.

The family room was quite large and, in addition to some seating and coffee tables in its main section, also featured a kids area with some more seating and things for kids to play with.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Family Room
Family room.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Family Room
Seating in the family room.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Kids Area
Kids area.

Both of the meeting rooms available in the lounge were equipped with a large conference table seating six people and a TV.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Meeting Room
Meeting room.

The restrooms were nice and clean, and even offered proper hand towels instead of paper ones. However, with there only being two toilets and zero urinals, they were lacking the capacity appropriate to the number of guests visiting the lounge at any given time.

The shower rooms were simple and included both handheld and rainforest shower heads.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Restrooms
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Shower Room
Shower room.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Shower

To finish this section off, it is worth noting that the lounge’s windows offered some nice views of the apron, particularly of the aircraft using “B” gates.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Apron View
Apron view.

Food and Drinks

All of the lounge’s food and drinks could be found spread across three areas – a long counter and a counter island in the dining area and another counter at the end of one of the two seating areas. Naturally, the two counters in the dining area offered the largest selection.

There were refrigerators with canned soda (including Pepsi, 7 Up, Mirinda, etc.) and bottled water (both still and sparkling). There were also dispensers with apple juice, orange juice, and detox (lemon and cucumber) water.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Soft Drinks
Soft drinks.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Juices
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Water
Detox water.

Hot drinks included a selection of coffee drinks from an espresso machine and a selection of JAF tea bags.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Coffee
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Tea

As for alcoholic drinks, none were available in the self-service areas. Presumably, one could order them from the staff in the lounge.

Lighter things to eat included some whole fruits (apples and pears), cut fruits, and yogurts (plain, strawberry, and peach). There were also some granola, dried apricots, and cereals.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Fruits
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Food
Fruits, yogurts, cheese.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Food
Granola, etc.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Cereals

In addition to the above, there were also toasts and a fairly extensive selection of packaged bread and pastries.

Finishing off the selection of cold items were small plates of cold cuts.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Breakfast
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Bread
Bread and pastries.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Cold Cuts
Cold cuts.

Hot dishes included egg bhurji, sauteed mushrooms with onions, and grilled chicken patties with herbs.

There were also ful medames and congee.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Hot Meals
Egg bhurji.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Mushrooms
Mushrooms with onion.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Hot Dish
Chicken patties.
Qatar Airways Silver Lounge Dining
Ful medames and congee.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South Summary

Unlike most other airlines which invite both business class passengers and status holders flying in economy class into the same lounge, Qatar Airways only allows passengers traveling in premium cabins to access its Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. It instead offers the Silver Lounge to its and other Oneworld status holders.

While the Silver Lounge was nowhere near as spacious or great-looking as the Al Mourjan Lounge, it still offered most of what one would expect from an average business class lounge. There was a variety of seating suitable both for working and relaxing and the selection of food and drinks was decent. The only issue I had with the lounge was the insufficient number of toilets and the complete lack of urinals which resulted in long waiting times.

All in all, however, the Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South provided a comfortable place to spend a couple of hours in before catching our connecting flight to Vienna.

27 thoughts on “Review: Qatar Airways Silver Lounge – South at Doha Hamad Airport”

  1. Very bad lounge for a Gold member, it is really disappointing to demote loyal passengers in that bad way and would have been preferable if ghey only denied them from accessing Al Murjan lounge without giving the option to only access such moderate alternative lounge.
    This only tells how much they value loyalty of their Gold members.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I am a gold member as well and I felt demoted when I was told use silver lounge instead of Al Mourjan business class lounge that I always used in the past.
      Silver lounge was extremely crowded as well and the food was like a cafeteria service type.
      I was so disappointed that I started thinking giving up Qatar Airways Gold card and joing some other airline’s mileage program that valued Gold card members.
      I am searching and I am sure, I’ll find a better option available out there, soon.
      New York

      1. I think the major issue is the ridiculously small bathroom size. I’ve never seen an airport men’s room line this long!

      2. I absolutely agree 100 % ! I reached Gold and QR didnt give to me as they claim on the following day i had points expiring. Among other disappointments (their non existent customer care etc, horrible check in attitude at JFK, JNB, DXB and elsewhere) this below average lounge made me abandon QR and switch to Star Alliance. I will be Gold with them in a month and will get more benefits and better lounges. I have seen shared lounges and lounges by airlines outside of their base being much better than this disgraceful area called a lounge by a supposedly 5 * airline….. I m based in NYC and even though i have been very loyal to QR i have decided to switch.

        1. I totally agree with you the only way to make your stand is to say no to crap and to switch to better options. Companies tend to become complacent when their ego starts to become big because they think they are the best, well people sometimes have no notion that a company only survives if they have good loyal customers so if customers start to vote with their money and go elsewhere and make those companies go down it will keep companies on their toes.

    2. I agree, Platinum members that have been flying with them for just under 7 years should not be sent away from the Business Lounge.

    3. I totally agree with you. I this day and age and how the world is progressing being a loyal customer means nothing there is no value for loyalty anymore, all that matters is the money that you are able to pay. Cash is King

  2. Absolutely miserable lounge, period. Initially I thought its a joke and I entered a wrong lounge but no! Crowded, miserable seating for eating, all “warm” dishes were almost completely cold at the time of serving and rather tasteless, alcoholic beverage selection was 1 red wine, 1 white wine and a beer. Above mentioned snacks and fruits were nowhere to be found except salted chips. Comparing to EK business lounge in DXB I normally use, this is a MASSIVE stepdown on all levels and deciding factor whether to use QR or EK when I have a choice(which with resuming almost normal operations at EK now I have all the time). Bye-bye QR, hello back EK.

    1. By your logic, and if Qatar Airways were to allow ALL status members into Al-Mourjan Lounge, then the crowd that is causing the Silver Lounge South to be crowded will most certainly be up in Al-Mourjan Lounge causing it to be crowded.

      Status can be obtained easily. A few flights in Economy will get you Silver status quickly. But that should by no means imply that you should be offered the same experience as someone who has spent in upwards of 3 or 4 times your fare. That would be highly .unfair. (Pun intended).

      1. Before you start to be all smart and pulling up “my logic”, learn how to read and understand written text. Should you have problem comprehending it, I put it down clear and simple: QR’s Silver Lounge is rubbish from every angle no matter what QR-fanboys think or write.

        Steering aside from the quality of their Silver Lounge and reacting on your comment about QR Silver Status – their Privilege Club programme is rubbish too. There’s very little “privilege” if almost anyone can attain Silver Status by few flights so certainly there is very little privilege of being granted access to a rubbish lounge. I didn’t set this rules, they did. Since I’m silver member with other carrier for over a decade I can objectively compare. QR tried to win me over to their side by giving me Silver Status for free just to try them so I did. And while inflight service was comparable with other carriers I’m using, the rest was miserable. Everything related to transit in DOH was subpar on every level and there is no way I would switch over to QR.

        1. Aww. Someone is pissed at something. I’ve been a QR fan boy for 12 years, as well as a Gold member for 3 years running. Never had issues with QR and have tried all lounges except Safwa.

          So, as a QR fan boy, who btw, is also keen on service and standard in general, I find QR completely worthy of status.

  3. Same as above. (It seems not I am the naggy one…:))
    As a Gold member and a loyal costumer, now, I know this is the time ONLY fly with EMIRATES again! Al Murjan is a very nice lounge but this new Silver Lounge South is nothing but a joke! Crap, noisy, crowded and so on… And as now I got used, there was no prior notification.
    There is also a downward trend in aircraft, too, so I can see, having a ‘world’s best airline six times’ is nothing but a political decision. But not even the airline as well as the airport is close to Dubai (Emirates)! So, I do not know what other explanation can prove these titles?!
    So, shame on you QA as calling yourself the best! Hello Emirates again!

    1. How petty can one be. A brand new lounge is coming up in their new wing to accommodate the demand and you complain about the Silver Lounge? Born with a golden spoon in your mouth then eh?

      EK can go fly a kite. QR knows how to treat their guests.

      1. Try the previous lounge and you will understand! If you are not privileged member, Silver will be still fine. But changing something from one day to the other is not a winning scenario. As for Gold member, more should be given!
        It is exactly the same as they deal with the costumers’ needs and questions, etc. ZERO.
        You can defend QA, but they are far away from being superb …
        Enjoy that and be happy!

    1. Helmut Hechtberger

      (In)famous Wifi 6 complicated and never working. Overpriced F&B.
      Shopping addresses Gulf clientele only!

      Overcrowded Al Mourjan Lounge with waiting times.
      Transfer process and specifically transfer area extremely mediocre.

      Staff not empowered to take decisions „don’t, know Sir, it is what it is sir, I am sorry Sir….“
      Baggage in transfer left behinds too high….etc.

      How much QR pays for Skytrax rating?
      We will never know!

  4. You know if your economy passenger and have free lounge access like this be thankful at least. stop complaining on free items. Business Class passenger deserve to have the al mourjan lounge by themselves since they are paying almost 3 to 4 time the economy rate. stop flying qatar airways if you have problem with this lounge. no one as forcing you to fly them.

  5. Roger Hammersmith

    This is a terrible lounge for Qatar Airways – long queues for bathrooms, excessively crowded, bright lights 24/7, limited/poor food choices and it’s extremely noisy all the time as there is no sound isolation from some kind of Qatar Airways staff area directly above it. As a gold member this is an extremely poor experience.

  6. I never fly enough to get to gold, but as a silver member I do appreciate the fact that there is a lounge to be used. That’s not the case for most other airlines.

  7. I love QR and found this lounge disappointing. And maybe that’s the point? I’m a gold member x 4 years and agree it’s a demotion. Now having flown though this airport about 25 times in the last 5 years my experience is that you could only use Al Mourajan when you had a long layover (> 4 hours). Otherwise you had to use the silver gold lounge (business first not Al Mourajan) which is now the Al Maha lounge. It was very similar to the silver lounge south and people had the same complaints (too small for the crowd not great for upper tier gold platinum flying economy etc). I do look forward to a silver lounge (since it IS easy to get to silver which I think is nice) and then a separate gold and platinum lounge since you have to spend considerably more to get there.

  8. Anders Pedersen

    Its the only lounge in DOH that gives tarmac views! Love that. WiFi works fine and drinks and food can do though not extravagant…

  9. I used this lounge last month . No where near as good as the Al Mourjan lounge. The shower flooded when I used it, with the water starting to go out the bathroom door to the hall. I had to use the only towel in there to help mop up after cutting my shower short and trying to save my shoes from being soaked.

  10. What does it cost to enter this lounge? We will be traveling with two daughters, so four total, and we have the Silver status with two free one-time passes. We would all four like to enter the lounge since we have a very long layover. Is this possible?

  11. Saleem Anwer Noorani

    Wrote email to qatar airways customer feedback department…

    Dear sir,
    Long story short. I’m sliver card privilege club member. I buy ticket from Qatar airlines website for my travel from khi to jfk , I had a layover of 14 hours at Doha airport. I went to silver lounge to access my benefits but they refused me to enter.
    It was very frustrating for me. I’m attached my boarding passes.

    Highly disappointed instead of using emirates I prefer to travel through qatar airways and thought to access the lounge and prefer layover of 14 hours… As a loyal customer of qatar airways.

    Awaiting your reply. Yours sincerely

    Saleem Anwer Noorani

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