Review: Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class from Doha to Vienna

When making my way to Europe back in October, I flew with Qatar Airways. After an excellent flight on its A350-1000 in QSuites, I spent a few hours in one of Doha airport’s lounges before catching my connecting flight to Vienna. Like with the flight from Tokyo to Doha, I was offered the option to upgrade into business class on this shorter segment too.

At just over 350 dollars, the offer was good. After a bit of hesitation, I decided not to accept it, though. As such, continue reading to see what the flight on Qatar Airways’ 787-8 was like in economy class.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class
Qatar Airways 787-8 economy class.

Boarding Qatar Airways Flight 183

I left the lounge quite some time before the scheduled boarding time to see if there were any places in the terminal where I could do some plane spotting. Not being able to find anything decent, I just walked around for a while before heading to gate C28 where my flight was scheduled to depart from.

The gate area was packed with all seats taken and flights to many corners of the world ranging from Iraq to Hungary departing. I found the variety of destinations being called for boarding while waiting for my flight amazing – especially so considering the COVID-19 situation.

Doha Airport
Doha airport.
Doha Airport
Gate area.
Gate C28 at Doha Airport
Gate C28.

Boarding for my flight started at 7:44. Another ten minutes later, Zone 2 which included my seat was called to board. With the flight departing from a remote stand, a long, 20-minute bus ride followed.

Eventually, the bus stopped in front of a 787-8 registered A7-BCJ. I got off the bus and climbed onboard.

Qatar Airways Doha Airport
A350 seen from the bus.
Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Cabin & Seat

All Qatar Airways’ 787-8s are in a two-class configuration featuring business and economy class. Business class is equipped with 22 reverse herringbone seats in 1-2-1 layout. Economy class is equipped with 232 seats in 3-3-3 layout. 

Qatar Airways 787-8 Business Class
Business class.
Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class
Economy class.

After getting onboard, I briefly settled in 24F, an aisle seat in the middle section. With the flight being fairly empty I eventually moved to 24K, a right-side window seat.

While the legroom would have been OK, the in-flight entertainment box under the seat in front was a bit annoying. It would have been worse if the seat next to me was occupied, though. Luckily, both of the seats next to me stayed empty, and so I could enjoy plenty of space throughout the flight.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Seat
Legroom (note the IFE box).
Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Seat
Empty row of seats.

In addition to a tray table foldable in half and a seat pocket containing a safety card and a waste bag, the seatback in front was equipped with a coathook, a fairly large and high-resolution IFE screen, and a USB charging port.

There was also a regular power outlet under each seat.

Departure from Doha Hamad Airport

At 8:25AM, the captain welcomed everyone onboard and mentioned that we were expecting a flight time of 5 hours and 11 minutes. He also mentioned that we would cruise at 40,000 feet. Considering that it was a fairly short daytime flight, I found it nice that pillows and blankets were waiting on each of the seats upon boarding.

Not long after the captain’s announcement, the flight attendants went around the cabin handing out “protective kits” containing a mask, hand sanitizer, and rubber gloves.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Pillow and Blanket
Pillow and blanket.
Qatar Airways COVID-19 Kit
Protective kit.
Qatar Airways Protective Kit
Contents of the protective kit.

The aircraft doors were closed at 8:37 and a couple of minutes after that, Qatar Airways’ soccer-themed safety video starring Seth Rogen among others was played. Then, the flight attendants went around the cabin handing out headsets.

Qatar Airways Safety Video
Safety video.
Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Headset

At 8:50AM, ten minutes behind schedule, we were pushed back and slowly taxied toward runway 34L. While doing so, I enjoyed watching a few aircraft take off. We took off at 9:08AM and were offered a good view of the A380s that British Airways had stored in Doha.

Qatar Airways at Doha Airport
Taxiing to runway.
Qatar Airways Flight 183 Take-Off
Seconds after take-off.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Brunch

With the flight departing mid-morning and being fairly short, the main meal offered on the flight was a brunch. The service started about 45 minutes after take-off and three options were offered:

  • Scrambled eggs with sausage
  • Beef stew
  • Vegetarian pasta

I decided to get the pasta which turned out to be lasagna. The main came with some fruits and a mousse. For drink, I opted for mango juice. Metal cutlery was provided with the meal. The pasta was excellent and the dessert was good too. The meal overall, in fact, was arguably better than what Lufthansa served on my flight back to Japan later that month.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Brunch
Vegetarian pasta.

About half an hour after serving the meal, one of the flight attendants came to clear the table and offer hot drinks. While I didn’t get any drink, I happily accepted some Manner wafers.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Meal
Manner wafers.

Qatar Airways 787-8 In-Flight Entertainment System

As mentioned earlier, the IFE screen was good. The provided headset was fairly good for economy class too. In terms of content, it was the same as on the A350-1000.

There was a large selection of both Hollywood and international movies, TV shows, and music. Quite a few games were available too.

Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE Movies
Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE TV
TV shows.
Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE Music
Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE Games

Lastly, the IFE system was equipped with an in-flight map too.

Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE Map
In-flight map.

While the aircraft was equipped with in-flight wi-fi, it was considerably worse (slower, more expensive, and restricted in terms of data usage) than the “super wi-fi” offered on the A350-1000. The following plans were available:

  • Messenger: Free one hour of messaging (excluding photos and videos)
  • Starter: Up to 30 MB for $5
  • Price: Up to 100 MB for $10
  • Ultimate: Up to 200 MB for $20

Pre-Arrival Snack and Landing in Vienna

Considering that the flight was scheduled to depart at 8:30AM, land at 1:20PM, and last less than six hours, I was wondering what the meal service would be like and whether it would only consist of one meal.

Around noon Austria time, I was happy to find out that light but warm pre-arrival snack would be served. The two options included chicken and potato sandwiches. I opted for the former and a can of Pepsi. The pastry filled with minced chicken kebab was quite tasty.

Qatar Airways 787-8 IFE Meal
Pre-arrival snack.

At 12:30PM, the captain addressed us through the PA once again, mentioning that we were planning to land at 1:10PM, and that it was partly cloudy and 13 degrees Celsius in Vienna. Not long after, we started our descent and the seatbelt signs were switched on at 12:54PM.

We landed on Vienna airport’s runway 34 at 1:11PM, and just five minutes later (four minutes ahead of schedule), we parked at our arrival gate.

Qatar Airways Flight 183
Descending toward Vienna.
Qatar Airways Flight 183
Qatar Airways Flight 183 at Vienna
Taxiing by Emirates A380.

Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class Summary

Overall, Qatar Airways didn’t disappoint on this mid-haul economy class flight. The seat was relatively comfortable (although the IFE box would have been annoying if the seat next to me was occupied) and the meals were tasty.

Combined with the airline’s very good fares (and the potential for a cheap upgrade offer), I can only recommend booking Qatar Airways if it shows up as an option while you search for your flights.

12 thoughts on “Review: Qatar Airways 787-8 Economy Class from Doha to Vienna”

  1. Reneilda Murphy

    My first ever fly with this Airline was brilliant
    From Dublin to Cebu
    And from Cebu to Hamad
    But unfortunately from Hamad Airport
    We missed our flight back to Dublin
    And we had to wait for an hours at the Airport
    Sitting down there from the night we arrived
    Until morning. And unfortunately we had to fly to Paris, then Paris to Dublin.
    So we got home starved and tired 😫.
    I hope this will not happen again. Because I am going to fly this Airlines again 🤞

    1. Great feedback am flying Qatar Airways to London next week with same 787..l can’t wait, having worked on the airline for over 20yrs and flew most of the aircrafts..this is my 1st time with 787.

    1. My son has just arrived in Scotland from New Zealand flying Qatar Airways.
      His luggage did not arrive with the flight and the help given by Qatar to locate his luggage was awful.
      At no time did he get any feedback from customer service who were rude and very unhelpful when asked as to when he might receive his luggage.
      Trying to contact Qatar Airways by phone, text or email was nothing short of a nightmare.
      Keeping customers informed should be essential to ensure that they actually care about their customers welfare.
      My son will never fly with Qatar Airways again.


        Sir! It doesn’t matter if your son never flies Qatar Airways again,,,Qatar Airways is number one among the airlines I have seen,,,

  2. Vijayakumar Anand

    I had travelled in Qatar airlines numerous times. That have been always worst experiences for me. Some of them nightmares. The ground staff in chennai airport have always been rude. They won’t even speak in English but in local language rudely without any consideration. They gave misinformation about where to collect our luggages. If you complain through their customercare you will only get qmiles. No apology for misbehaviour. I believe you are either paid to write this review or haven”t travelled much in qatar airlines. Please stop spreading incorrect facts. It is unfair to speak for everyone’s experience. Just for wearing a holy chain I was harassed by islamic ground staff of qatar airlines. One me and my mother were left out during transit and they did not provide wheelchair assistance. The awards and tags which qatar airlines unfairly possess must be removed.

  3. Just travelled from HK to Manchester via Doha, and overall I was highly impressed. My main comments would be that the new A350 seats are not as comfortable as the older versions, leg room I found excellent. Doha airport is not an airport to have to spend too long in though, admittedly social distancing didn’t help with many seats blocked off, but I found very few places to sit and relax between flights.
    The captain on the flight to Manchester was a very amusing chap, who seemed to really enjoy his job, made me smile.

  4. There was no enforcement of wearing masks on the flight Cairo to Doha. The next flight was Doha to Perth with seat configuration in economy is unusual with some seats having little legroom. For meals an unusual bread replacement had occured, too much potato being used in both my dishes & deserts very sweet. Bring back cheese & biscuits please. Staff in Cairo were extremely helpful.

  5. I flyed economy class with qatr….the leg space wasn’t enough compared to other airlines….the lady infront of me pulled her seat back and I felt even worse….I’m actually not looking forward to my trip back home

  6. Andrea Joyner

    My mum just travelled from manchester to Doha then to Australia.
    Mum is 78 and said the flight was great.staff were great was yummy.
    She is a wheelchair assist passenger..
    10 out of 10 review score from mum..i hope i can get mum a upgrade to buisness class on her return flight

  7. I traveled from Jhb to Doha, the staff at O.R. Tambo were horrible on the ground. None were helpful particularly with completion of ehteraz.
    Not user friendly at all, I ended up missing my first flight.
    I’ll never use Qatar airlines.

  8. Back in 2021 January 9th boarded dream liner from Hamad to NBO JKIA ,the meal was not my favorite, so I didn’t eat,but I drank a few cans of Heineken, but one Kenyan lady at cabin crew was about to mess up my mood when I asked for an alcohol he told me iam already drank, but Qatar my favourite all times

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