Review: Premium Lounge 2 at Nagoya Centrair Airport

Nagoya Centrair Airport is home to several lounges as well as a variety of Priority Pass facilities worth visiting. One of the lounges is Premium Lounge 2 which is a “card lounge” in one way or another accessible by all departing and arriving passengers. As the lounge’s name suggests, there is also a fairly similar Premium Lounge (i.e. one lacking the “2” in its name) in the same area of the airport.

Continue reading to see what Premium Lounge 2 is like and to find out whether you should even consider visiting it.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair
Premium Lounge 2 at Nagoya Centrair Airport.

Opening Hours & Location

Premium Lounge 2 is located landside – i.e. before security (and immigration) – in Nagoya Centrair’s Terminal 1. More specifically, it can be found in a row of three lounges on the third floor, in a pier that extends from the center of the terminal out.

Given that there are signs pointing to “Card Member’s Lounge,” Premium Lounge 2 is easy to find. It is located next to Qualia Lounge which, in turn, is located next to Premium Lounge.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Location
Sign pointing to the lounge among other places.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Location
The lounge was located down the pier.

The lounge is open from 7AM until 8:30PM every day. This is slightly shorter than the Premium Lounge next door which is open from 6:45AM until 8:45PM every day. That said, even the shorter opening hours still cover most of the flights coming in and out of the airport.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Location
Premium Lounge 2 on the left, Qualia Lounge in the middle, Premium Lounge on the right.

Entry Requirements

Being a “card lounge,” Premium Lounge 2 can be entered for free by those holding one of a number of Japanese credit cards and a same-day boarding pass.

Whether that boarding pass is for a flight departing from Centrair or arriving there does not matter. Since the lounge is located landside, it also does not matter whether your flight departs/arrives at Terminal 1 or 2 or whether it is domestic or international.

In my case, I entered the lounge with my Rakuten Premium credit card prior to taking a Starflyer flight to Fukuoka.

Those that do not have one of the eligible credit cards can enter the lounge by paying 1,570 yen (~12 USD) at the reception regardless of their age.

Those eligible to enter using one of the credit cards can bring in guests 12 years old and younger for free. Bringing in guests between 13 and 17 years old costs 630 yen per person. Adult guests cost 1,570 yen to bring in except for those holding select credit cards that offer a discounted guest fee.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair vs. Premium Lounge
Premium Lounge and Premium Lounge 2 comparison.

Lounge Tour

Like most “card lounges” in Japan, Premium Lounge 2 was fairly simply equipped. Additionally, being in a room without windows, there was artificial light only and the lounge was fairly dark.

Along one of the walls in the lounge’s main room was a luggage rack.

In the middle of the main room – as well as along its left wall (looking from the entrance) – were sofa chairs. While those along the wall were in pairs facing each other and separated by a round coffee table, those in the middle of the room were in rows with small coffee tables between the chairs.

Each of the chairs in the rows had access to a power outlet.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Luggage Storage
Luggage storage.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Seating
Main room.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Seating
Sofa chairs.

Along the wall on the right side of the room was a counter with a dozen or so seats. While most of the seats offered a power outlet, those in the middle where the counter was curved did not.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Seating

At the far end of the main room was an entrance to a separate, smaller room.

There, the buffet (although calling it that might be an overstatement) counters could be found. There were also a couple of booths that allowed larger groups to sit together.

Additionally, there was a smoking room and there were a couple of phone booths too.

As I always mention in these reviews, I love the phone booths as they allow people to take care of their business without disturbing other passengers. I was reminded about how important that is when I was in Air Canada’s lounge in Edmonton recently and for more than 30 minutes, one of the guests did a video call with his noise-canceling headset on.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Buffet
Buffet area.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Seating
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Smoking Room
Smoking room.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Phone Booths
Phone booths.

There were no restrooms inside the lounge.

Food and Drinks

While nothing to write home about, I should definitely point out that the snacks selection in Premium Lounge 2 was better than in all of the other Japanese “card lounges” I’ve been to.

Namely, there were dispensers with dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and other other salty snacks.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Snacks

Drinks included a selection of soda (Coke, ginger ale, Fanta Melon Soda, etc.) and other soft drinks (orange juice, oolong tea, etc.) from a dispenser. There was also a pitcher with tomato juice in a refrigerator.

Hot drinks included green and black tea as well as a selection of Costa Coffee coffee drinks.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Soft Drinks
Soft drinks dispenser.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Juice
Tomato juice.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Coffee
Coffee and tea.
Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Coffee
Coffee selection.

Lastly, there were beer and “chuhai” dispensers. Two beer brands were available – Kirin and Heartland.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Alcoholic Drinks
Alcoholic drinks.

Premium Lounge 2 Nagoya Centrair Summary

All in all, Premium Lounge 2 at Nagoya Centrair was an alright “card lounge.” It wasn’t too crowded when I visited and there were more types of snacks than usually available in other similar lounges in Japan. On the negative side, the lounge lacked natural light.

Unless you can visit the lounge for free using one of the accepted credit cards, I would skip visiting this lounge and spend the money in other places in the terminal or use Priority Pass to have a meal at one of the restaurants that are part of the network instead.

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