Review: Premier Lounge at Denpasar Bali Airport

Review: Premier Lounge at Denpasar Bali Airport

Before catching my Garuda Indonesia flight from Bali to Osaka, I had a chance to visit all three lounges that are available in the international terminal of Denpasar Bali airport.

I published reviews of the first two – Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge and T/G Lounge – earlier this week.

Below is a review of the one I visited the last, Premier Lounge.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

Just like the other two lounges, Premier Lounge can be found airside – after security – in the international terminal of Denpasar Bali airport. More precisely, it’s located one floor above its duty free shopping area near both the Garuda Indonesia Lounge and T/G Lounge.

Premier Lounge Bali Entrance

Premier Lounge can be accessed by business and first class passengers and elite status holders of various airlines including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, and so on. In fact, it’s the main lounge used by non-SkyTeam airlines (those use the Garuda Indonesia Lounge) at Denpasar Bali airport.

Besides that, it can also be accessed with Priority Pass membership, as well as several other similar programs.

And, one-time access passes to the lounge can be bought through LoungeBuddy. Given the lounge being – as you will find out below – mediocre at best, I don’t recommend paying for access, though.

The lounge is open 24 hours a day.

Lounge Tour

Just past the reception, there were the lounge’s buffet area with two nice-looking (although not that well stocked) kitchen islands, a staffed bar, as well as a large refrigerator with soft drinks and beer.

Premier Lounge Bali Bar
Premier Lounge Bali Buffet
One of the buffet counters.

Around the buffet area, there was a variety of seating including sofa chairs arranged around coffee tables, some dining tables with two chairs each, as well as some circular benches.

Besides that, behind the dining tables, there was also a small business center with a pair of computers. However, with people sitting at the dining tables, the computers were almost impossible to access – and certainly wouldn’t have been comfortable to use.

Premier Lounge Bali Seating
Overview of the main seating area.
Premier Lounge Bali Seating
Most of the seating in the lounge consisted of sofa chairs.
Premier Lounge Bali Seating
Circular sofas.

While most of the seating space was available in the main area around the buffet, there was also a couple of more private seating areas at the very back of the lounge. However, they were totally packed during my visit, and so I couldn’t get any photo of them.

The type of seating that could be found in those areas, though, was basically the same as that in the main area.

In addition to the indoor seating, there was also an “outdoor” terrace (similar to the one in the Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge, it was outside the lounge itself, but still inside the terminal) with quite a few sofa chairs. What is more – perhaps because it was not air-conditioned as well as the interior – there was no one sitting there.

Premier Lounge Bali Terrace
“Outdoor” terrace.

While there were some power outlets here and there, most of them were taken by the time I got into the lounge. Luckily, though, I was able to find one on the terrace and get some work done while waiting for my flight.

Food and Drinks

Other than beer, there were no alcoholic drinks available in the buffet area – instead, the had to be ordered at the bar. Considering that it was the same at all three of the lounges, I assume it was due to legal reasons.

As for soft drinks, there was a selection of canned soda and bottled water in the refrigerator in the buffet area. Separately, there were water and juice dispensers, a coffee machine, as well as a selection of teas on one of the buffet counters.

Premier Lounge Bali Soft Drinks and Beer
Soft drinks and beer.
Premier Lounge Bali Juice and Water
Guava juice and water.
Premier Lounge Bali Coffee
Premier Lounge Bali Tea

The food in the lounge included some lighter items including snacks – such as prawn crackers, nuts, and cookies – and desserts, as well as bread, canapes, and sandwiches.

Premier Lounge Bali Local Snacks
Prawn crackers.
Premier Lounge Bali Snacks
Cookies, nuts, etc.
Premier Lounge Bali Desserts
Premier Lounge Bali Bread
Premier Lounge Bali Canapes
Premier Lounge Bali Sandiwches

There were also a limited selection of vegetables in a salad bar, as well as two kinds of local fruits.

Premier Lounge Bali Salad
Salad bar.
Premier Lounge Bali Indonesian Fruits
Local fruits.

Finally, the hot items included two different kinds of soups – clear chicken soup and tomato cream basil soup – as well as a chicken dish with roasted potato skins and sauteed vegetables.

Premier Lounge Bali Soups
Premier Lounge Bali Hot Meal
Premier Lounge Bali Roasted Potato Skins
Potato skins.
Premier Lounge Bali Vegetables
Sauteed vegetables.

Premier Lounge Denpasar Bali Summary

Overall, while the lounge was the largest of the three lounges available in Bali airport’s international terminal, other than that it was not much better (or worse for that matter) than the other two.

The one advantage of the Premier Lounge, though – at least during my visit – was the fact that the terrace was completely empty, and so I had no trouble finding a seat.

Regardless of that, I would only visit this lounge again in the future if I could access it for free (like I could this time thanks to my Priority Pass membership).

It’s certainly not worth paying – or arriving early at the airport – to visit this lounge.

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  1. Poor food. Full of passengers who have obviously paid to enter. Noisy with poor seating. Tables not cleared of debris. A very unpleasant experience.

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