Review: NH Hotel Vienna Airport and Conference Center

Review: NH Hotel Vienna Airport and Conference Center

If you are arriving late, departing early, or have an overnight transit at Vienna airport and want to avoid going to the city, your best bet will be to stay at one of the two hotels that are within walking distance of the airport:

  • NH Hotel Vienna Airport and Conference Center which has been around for years
  • Moxy by Marriott which opened in 2017

Below, I’ll review the NH Hotel where my girlfriend and I had a chance to stay after arriving late at night from Moscow back in December 2018. I booked the hotel through, and the rate for one night was about 125 dollars.

Getting to the Hotel

As mentioned above, the NH Hotel Vienna Airport is just a short walk away from either of the airport’s terminals. Not only that, but there’s a covered walkway for large part of the walk, and so even if the weather is bad, you won’t be exposed to the elements that much.

To get to the hotel, simply follow signs for the hotel (at some point along the way, the “hotel” sign will split into two – one pointing to the NH and the other to Moxy). If you don’t see the “hotel” sign, you can also follow the signs for the train station or parking garage P4.

Vienna Airport
Vienna airport.

The hotel is located across the street from the entrance to the Vienna Airport train station from where it’s also easy to catch trains to the city.

On a side note, in case you decide to visit the city, I recommend avoiding the overpriced CAT trains and just using the suburban trains.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport
NH Hotel Vienna Airport.

Check-in, Lobby, Dining, and Other Facilities

Since there was no one in line when we arrived and I had prepaid the room through in advance, check-in was fairly quick. That said, I had to pay a couple of Euros in tax which wasn’t included in the rate.

As for the lobby itself, it was spacious, and there was a couple of red leather sofas across from the reception desks. There were also some more seating areas, as well as a small business center with a pair of computers and printers.

Lobby of NH Hotel Vienna Airport
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Business Center
Business center.
Lobby of NH Hotel Vienna Airport
Seating in the lobby.

On the first floor, there were also a bar, a couple of restaurants, and a breakfast room. The breakfast buffet cost about 25 EUR per person, however, we didn’t try it, opting for one of the cafes in the terminal instead.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Restaurant

Separately from the above, the hotel also offers free gym and sauna in its basement, however, I didn’t check those out.

Guest Room

We were assigned standard double room – 4501 – which could be found at the end of one of the hallways, near the hotel’s four elevators. To the left of the room’s entrance was the bathroom door, and on the right side was a closet. Further down was the fairly spacey main part of the room.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Floor Plan
Floor plan.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Hallway
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Standard Double Room
View from the room’s entrance.

The main feature of the room was a comfortable double bed with a pair of night stands.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Bed

Across from the bed, there were a mirror, a work desk, a luggage rack, and a TV. On the desk, the usual coffee and tea set, as well as the room service menu could be found. At the very back of the room, there was a single sofa chair by the window.

The area between the bed and the window was large enough to fit a couple of split-open suitcases. And, there was plenty of power outlets in easily accessible places, both near the desk as well as near the bed.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Desk
Mirror, desk, and TV.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Seating by the Window
Sofa chair by the window.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Coffee and Tea
Coffee and tea set.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Room Service
Room service menu.

Going back towards the entrance, there was the closet which also housed a minibar with (typically overpriced) drinks and snacks, a safe, as well as some basic amenities like shoehorn.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Minibar
Minibar snacks.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Minibar
More minibar items.
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Laundry
Laundry bag, shoehorn, etc.

Finally, as for the bathroom, it featured a shower booth with a standard shower head and a picture of the ferris wheel in Prater on one of its walls. There was no bathtub.

Amenities like soap, shower gel, shampoo, and hand cream were provided, while other amenities like shaving and dental kits were available upon request.

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Shower
NH Hotel Vienna Airport Amenities

NH Hotel Vienna Airport Summary

I haven’t stayed at the Moxy which is within walking distance of Vienna airport – albeit a bit further than the NH Hotel – yet, and so I cannot compare the two hotels which are generally around the same price.

However, I can only recommend staying at the NH Hotel Vienna Airport as it’s by far the most convenient hotel if you are arriving late or departing early. It hardly gets any better than arriving at 10PM and getting into bed by 11PM.

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