Aviation Museum: Letecke Muzeum Slavnica (Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia)

Introducing Aviation Museums: Letecke Muzeum Slavnica, SlovakiaThis is the first in a series of articles introducing aviation museums that I have visited around the world. In the articles, you will not only find photos from the museums, but also information including access, entrance fees, list of aircraft displayed, and so on. The first in the series looks at Letecke Muzeum Slavnica in Slovakia.

Letecke Muzeum Slavnica in Slovakia is an open-air aviation museum located at Slavnica airport near the city of Dubnica nad Vahom in Slovakia. The museum is run by a group of volunteers from the local aero club, Aeroklub Dubnica nad Vahom. While it was not possible to enter the aircraft at the time of my visit (May 2015), the aircraft were perfectly restored on the outside providing for great photo opportunities. To me personally, the highlight of the museum is a Tupolev Tu-134 in the colors of CSA Czechoslovak Airlines.

Location & Access

The museum is not easily accessible by public transportation, and so it is best to have a rent-a-car. It is a comfortable 90 minutes drive from Bratislava, the Slovak capital (see driving instructions).

Alternatively, you can take a train (or a bus) from your location to Dubnica nad Vahom and take a taxi from there to Slavnica airfield. To check Slovak train and bus scheduled, see CP.sk. If the page appears in Slovak, you can switch to English at the bottom of the page.

Opening Hours

The museum is in an unmanned open space and thus is always accessible.

Entrance Fees

Entrace to the museum is free.

Aircraft on Display

Below is a list of aircraft on display as of August 11, 2016:

Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2 / OM-VHB / cn 1G238-54
Avia 14S (Ilyushin Il-14) / Czechoslovak Air Force / 5101 / cn 015101
Lisunov Li-2T / Czechoslovak Government / OK-BYQ / cn 23442309
Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15bis / Czechoslovak Air Force / 1133 / cn 141133
Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-21MF / Slovak Air Force / 9502 / cn 969502
Mil Mi-2 / Slovak Police / B-2950 / cn 535950019
Sukhoi Su-22M4 / Slovak Air Force / 2220 / cn 22720
Sukhoi Su-7BM / Slovak Air Force / 5316 / cn 5316
Tupolev Tu-134A / CSA Czechoslovak Airlines / OK-AFB / cn 1351410
Zlin Z-37A Cmelak / OM-HJO / cn 23-06

Other Exhibits, Facilities, etc.

Military equipment: Besides the aircraft, a military vehicle is on display as well.

Restaurant: As the museum is located at an active airfield, besides the displayed aircraft, you can also see some light aircraft in action while having a drink or a meal at the airfield’s restaurant, Pilot Bar.

Sightseeing flights & skydiving: The aero club offers Aero L-60, Cessna C150/C152/C172 and Antonov An-2 sightseeing flights.  It also offers skydiving opportunities. If you are interested, contact the aero club before hand to confirm the details.

Useful Links

Aeroklub Dubnica nad Vahom – Home page of the aero club. Only in Slovak, but should you need any information, Google Translate should do the job. In case you want to contact the aero club with questions regarding the museum, sightseeing flight, etc., find their contact information on the “Kontakt” page.

Aeroklub Dubnica nad Vahom’s Facebook Page – Another way to get in touch with the aero club, and the easiest way to follow their activities.

CP.sk – Great page for searching Slovak public transportation schedules. You can switch the page into English (and German) at the bottom of the page.

Letecke Muzeum Slavnica’s Facebook Page – Like the page to learn when the museum expands its collection, etc. Seems to be updated less often than the aero club’s page above.


All photos below are from my visit on May 8, 2015.

Tupolev Tu-134A / CSA Czechoslovak Airlines / OK-AFB / cn 1351410
The ex-CSA Czechoslovak Airlines Tupolev Tu-134 was the main reason for my visit to the museum.
Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15bis / Czechoslovak Air Force / 1133 / cn 141133
Military aviation fans might be interested in seeing this Mig-15 of Czechoslovak Air Force…
Sukhoi Su-7BM / Slovak Air Force / 5316 / cn 5316
…or this Su-7 of Slovak Air Force.
Lisunov Li-2T / Czechoslovak Government / OK-BYQ / cn 23442309
The Lisunov Li-2 is a license-built Soviet version of Douglas Dc-3. This one used to transporta Czechoslovak government officials in the past.
Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2 / OM-VHB / cn 1G238-54
Before being displayed in the museum, this An-2 was part of the fleet of Aeroklub Dubnica nad Vahom.
Zlin Z-37A Cmelak / OM-HJO / cn 23-06
Z-37A used to be a popular crop dusting aircraft in Czechoslovakia, and still remains in use in some places, mainly for glider towing.


2 thoughts on “Aviation Museum: Letecke Muzeum Slavnica (Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia)”

  1. Hello KN, have you ever visit aviation museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia? It is called Museum Dirgantara, located near Adisucipto International Airport. The collection are mostly air force aircrafts but I think it’sw worth to visit. and the bonus is you can do plane spotting because it is also located at the end of JOG’s runway.

    1. Hi Oemar, thanks for your comment. I haven’t visited it yet, but when I visited Yogyakarta earlier this year, my guide mentioned it to me at the end of our tour when I told him I am an aircraft enthusiast. So, I will definitely pay it a visit the next time I go!

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