Review: Lounge TIME (South) at Fukuoka Airport

Like other large airports in Japan, there are both airline and “card” lounges at Fukuoka airport. One of those Lounge TIME South which was opened relatively recently, in January 2021. While it’s very similar to what other domestic lounges in Japan offer, there is one thing setting it apart – airport views.

I finally had a chance to visit the lounge a few months ago during my ANA mileage run. Continue reading this review to see what it was like.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka
Lounge TIME (South) at Fukuoka Airport

Entry Requirements

Lounge TIME South is a credit card lounge – i.e. those holding specific Japanese credit cards (in my case the Rakuten Premium card) can enter the lounge for free. Priority Pass cannot be used to enter the lounge. Flying in premium classes on domestic flights doesn’t entitle one to a free visit to this lounge either.

Those who do not have an eligible credit card can still enter the lounge by paying at the reception. The fee to enter is 1,100 yen (approx. 8.5 USD) per adult and half that per child under 12 years old. Children under three years old can enter for free. A variety of payment methods including credit cards and cash are accepted.

Opening Hours & Location

Lounge TIME South is open from 6AM until 9PM every day.

As its name suggests, the lounge is located in the southern half of Fukuoka airport’s domestic terminal. More specifically, it’s located airside near gate 9, just past a walkway between gates 8 and 9.

The lounge is relatively well sign-posted. That said, the signs don’t distinguish between Lounge TIME North and Lounge TIME South so make sure you are heading to the right one.

Fukuoka Airport South Security
Security check.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka
Heading to the lounge.

Lounge Tour

Being relatively new, the lounge’s interior was quite nice.

Just past the reception was a long and fairly narrow seating area with a couple of counters in the middle. Those counters had seats fixed to the ground. There was also a counter along the windows which not only came with more comfortably looking chairs but also offered views of a part of the apron.

Each of the seats in this area had access to a power outlet and a USB charging port. Separating this area from the reception was a magazine rack with a faux wood finish.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Seating
Seating just past the reception.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka
Apron view.

Along the wall leading further into the lounge were some luggage storage lockers, a hallway leading to the lounge’s restrooms and smoking room, and three fully-enclosed phone booths.

As I always mention in these reviews, the phone booths are a great feature of most Japanese domestic lounges that lets people handle the phone calls they need to without disturbing other passengers.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Phone Booth
The path leading further into the lounge.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Luggage Lockers
Luggage lockers.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Phone Booths
Phone booths.

Walking down the first area led to windows overlooking the airport’s runway and taxiways. One could almost touch the aircraft taxiing on the taxiway nearest to the terminal.

The first area along those windows was a fairly large seating area with a counter decorated with some fake plants in the middle. The counter was surrounded by sofa chairs that were connected and featured very high backs to serve as a partition too.

Outside the partitioned-off seating area was the lounge’s buffet area. Along the left side of the lounge was a counter with chairs like the one in the seating area near the reception.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Seating
Seating area surrounded by high-back benches.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Seating
View from the outside of the seating area.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Seating
Some of the benches faced the windows.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Buffet
Buffet counter.

Along the windows overlooking the runway were pairs of sofa chairs separated by coffee tables.

For those that enjoy watching aircraft, those were the best seats in the lounge. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I settled in one of those.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Seating
Seats along the windows.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Views
The lounge offered excellent views.

Lastly, behind the corner – in addition to the chairs along the windows – were also two smaller rooms.

One of those was a “business space” which was equipped with rows of partitioned-off work desks, each with a chair and access to a power outlet and USB charging port.

The other one was a “rest space.” That one included partitioned-off pods, each with a large reclining chair and a coffee table. Interestingly, there was a sign saying the space cost extra – the cost appears to have been 550 yen (approx. 4.5 USD). Considering the type of flights that the lounge’s guests fly on, I am not sure who – if anyone – actually pays for using the space.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Business Space
Business space.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Power Outlets
Each seat was equipped with a power outlet and a USB port.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Paid Rest Space
Paid “rest space.”
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Rest Space
One of the resting pods.

Food and Drinks

When entering the lounge, I was asked whether I wanted to have a can of beer (Asahi and Kirin were available) or unlimited soft drinks. I opted for the latter. Those opting for the former could add unlimited soft drinks for 220 yen (approx. 2 USD); those wanting an extra can of beer could pay 500 yen (approx. 4 USD).

Additionally, Jagabee (potato snack) and a set containing corn soup and baguette with cod roe were sold for 220 yen and 400 yen respectively.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Menu
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Food
Corn soup and cod roe baguette.

Soft drinks included a variety of soda and other drinks from a Coca-Cola machine. There were also dispensers with aojiru (Japanese vegetable drink), dekopon orange juice, and tomato juice.

Hot drinks included a selection of coffee drinks from a Costa Coffee machine. I don’t remember seeing any hot tea – that said, it is possible that one could get it from the staff.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Soft Drinks
Soft drinks.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Hot Drinks
Hot drinks.
Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Coffee
Coffee menu.

Lounge TIME (South) Fukuoka Summary

Overall, the lounge offered the same things one could expect from a “card lounge” in Japan – some seating, some soft drinks, and phone booths. Compared to some other such lounges, Lounge TIME South was quite spacy and because of the large windows it also had a lot of natural light coming in.

Speaking of the windows, the taxiway and runway views from this lounge are the one thing that really set it apart. At least for someone who loves watching planes…

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