Review: Business Lounge Azalea at Nagasaki Airport

With no ANA and JAL lounges, Business Lounge Azalea is the only domestic lounge option available at Nagasaki airport. I visited it a couple of months ago before taking an Oriental Air Bridge flight to Goto-Fukue.

In the review below, I’ll show you what the it was like.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Entrance
Entrance to the lounge.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

Business Lounge Azalea is located landside, near the domestic terminal’s security checkpoint. It’s open every day from 9:30AM until 5PM.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Location
The lounge can be found landside.

Holders of select Japanese credit cards can access the lounge for free. While the stay is technically limited to two hours, I am not sure to what extent that limitation is enforced.

Those that do not have one of the eligible credit cards can pay to enter. Adults are charged 1,100 yen (about 10 dollars) for the initial two hours and 550 yen (about 5 dollars) for each extra hour. Children pay half the amount.

Lounge Tour

Just past the lounge’s entrance, there was a reception. Upon presenting my credit card, I was given the option to pick either access to unlimited soft drinks or a can of beer. Near the reception, there were a coat rack, a printer, and a phone booth – my favorite feature of Japanese airport lounges.

Beyond that point, the lounge was split into two separate seating areas.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Phone Booths
Printer and phone booths.

The seating area to the right of the reception desk was the smaller of the two. That said, it was also the brighter – and more inviting – of the two.

It was equipped with about a dozen sofa chairs, mostly facing the windows. Those overlooked the airport’s parking lot and the mainland (the airport itself is on an artificial island). Some of the sofa chairs came with an ottoman. Others with a foot massage machine.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Seating
Seating overlooking the mainland.
Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Seating
Sofa chairs in one of the two seating areas.
Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Massage
Foot massage machine.

Besides the chairs, there was also a counter with a selection of drinks.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Drinks
Drink area.

The area to the right of the reception desk was equipped with about twenty sofa chairs. They were arranged in pairs with a small table between the two chairs. All of them were facing a small TV mounted on the wall.

Separately, there was also a counter with about half a dozen seats along one of the walls of the room.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Seating
The larger seating area.

Along another of the room’s walls was a counter with largely the same selection of soft drinks as offered in the other seating area.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Drinks
Drinks counter in the larger seating area.

Finally, there were restrooms inside the lounge as well.

Food and Drinks

As with most domestic lounges in Japan, a selection of alcoholic drinks and snacks was offered for purchase. Only soft drinks were offered for free (other than the can of beer that those accessing the lounge with a credit card are eligible to get).

To be more specific, the soft drinks included a selection of soda and juices from a dispenser, coffee and tea, and some other cold drinks in pitchers.

Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Soda and Coffee
Soft drink dispenser and coffee machine.
Nagasaki Business Lounge Azalea Soft Drinks
Soft drinks in pitchers.

Business Lounge Azalea Nagasaki Summary

Overall, Business Lounge Azalea was on par with most other Japanese domestic lounges. While it offered seating slightly better than what would be found in the public part of the terminal, it was nothing to write home about.

Then again, it was still nice to be able to grab a drink, charge my laptop, and get some work done in a quiet environment prior to my flight.

With that in mind, while I would visit the lounge again if I had some time before a flight out of Nagasaki, I would only do so since I have a credit card eligible for access. If I had to pay for access, I would skip the lounge and just relax wait for my flight in the gate area.

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