Review: LOT Business Lounge Polonez (Schengen) at Warsaw Airport

LOT runs two business class lounges at its home base, Warsaw Airport, Polonez for passengers traveling within the Schengen Area and Mazurek for those leaving Schengen.

On a recent trip to Europe, I had a chance to revisit the former. Given that it changed considerably since my previous visit back in 2019, I rewrote this review completely.

Continue reading to learn more about the lounge.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez
LOT Business Lounge Polonez at Warsaw Airport.

Location & Opening Hours

LOT Business Lounge Polonez is located airside, in the Schengen Area departures part of Warsaw Airport.

To get to the lounge, you first need to clear security and then head toward gates 23 to 26. The lounge can be found one level above the main departures level and is accessible by an elevator or stairs found near the gates.

The lounge is open daily from 5AM to 11PM, which essentially covers all flights with eligible passengers departing from the airport.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Location
The lounge is in Warsaw Airport’s Schengen departures area.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Location
Stairs leading to the lounge.

Entry Requirements

Select business class passengers traveling on LOT Polish Airlines can enter the lounge before their flights. Some of those not eligible for free entry can pay 180 PLN (about 45 dollars) to enter the lounge. Miles & More members can pay 5,000 miles to enter.

Additionally, with LOT being a Star Alliance member, the lounge can also be accessed by business class passengers traveling on the alliance’s other member airlines and by economy class passengers traveling on one of the alliance members and holding a Star Alliance Gold status.

In other words, the lounge follows the standard Star Alliance lounge access policy with some additional paid access options.

The lounge cannot be accessed using Priority Pass or other such memberships although some other lounges at the airport that accept them.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Entrance

One thing that I should note here is that you can use the lounge both when departing on a flight within the Schengen Area, as well as one heading out of the area. That said, in the case of the latter, you will need to clear immigration before getting to your boarding gate which can take some time.

As such, you might want to use LOT Business Lounge Mazurek located after passport control, in the non-Schengen part of the terminal instead.

Lounge Tour

The seating in the lounge changed a fair amount since my previous visit to LOT Business Lounge Polonez.

That said, the overall layout remained the same – i.e. seating was spread across the whole length of the narrow and long lounge, while other facilities like buffet counters and restrooms could be found along the lounge’s right side (looking from the reception).

Starting at the reception, there were about two dozen tables, mostly for two but also some for four spread out across the first and last thirds of the lounge’s length. In the middle, there were also some counters.

Floor-to-ceiling partitions separated the seating area into multiple smaller parts, providing additional sense of privacy.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
Looking from the main seating area toward the reception.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
Bar-height tables.

Along the lounge’s right side were not one but two buffet areas. They both contained more or less the same food and drinks. More about that later, though. There were also a couple of counter-height tables in a nook next to one of the buffet areas.

There was also a Bushmills-branded whisky bar that appeared like it would be staffed at some point later in the day (along with a selection of self-serve drinks). The bar area had a couple more standalone counters, each with two seats, and there were two additional seats at the bar itself.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Buffet
One of the buffet areas.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
Seating next to the buffet.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Bar
Bar area.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Bar

The one thing that I was happy about the most during my recent visit was that during renovation, plenty of power outlets were added in various places across the lounge. There were power outlets on the walls, on some of the counters, and even in the floor.

That was the one major thing that the lounge in its previous form was missing.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Power Outlets
Power outlets on one of the counters.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Power Outlets
Power outlet in the floor.

The lounge was also equipped with showers, a diaper-changing table, and a separate area for HON Circle members.

There was even a spa done in collaboration with Yonelle. That was only open between Monday through Friday, 10AM to 6PM, though.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Elite Club
Elite Club Lounge reserved for HON Circle members.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Spa

As an aviation enthusiast, one of the things I liked about the lounge the most were the aviation-themed artworks and posters on some of the lounge’s walls.

Those ranged from paintings of vintage aircraft like the Tu-134 all the way to panels introducing the various special liveries that LOT’s aircraft wore in the past or are still wearing.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Poster
Many posters decorated the lounge.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Decorations
Panels with LOT’s special liveries could be found in the lounge too.

Food and Drinks

LOT Business Lounge Polonez offered a good selection of soft drinks.

There was bottled water – both still and sparkling – and there was a variety of bottled sodas (including Coke, Coke Zero, tonic, Fanta, and Sprite). There were also four different juices – orange, apple, black currant, and tomato – alongside regular milk, soymilk, and yogurt drinks.

Hot drinks included espresso-based drinks, hot chocolate, and a selection of different Dilmah teas. There were even recipes for “winter teas” on the hot drinks counter near the bar.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Drinks
Bottled soft drinks.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Drinks
Juices, yogurt drinks, etc.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Coffee
Coffee and water.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Tea
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Winter Tea
Winter tea recipe.

There was also a selection of alcoholic drinks including bottled beer (Heineken and a local brand) and apple cider, which were self-serve.

A wider selection of alcoholic drinks including liquor appeared like it would be available later in the day at the bar which, at the time of my early morning visit, was not staffed.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Beer
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Cider
Apple cider.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Bar Menu
Bar menu.

As for food, during my breakfast-time visit, there were a couple of different hot items including crepes, sausages, and bacon.

There was also a nice selection of appetizers and salads. I appreciated that most of the salads were in ready-to-take small portions.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warm Food
Crepes, etc.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warm Food
Bacon and sausages.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Salad
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Cold Food
Appetizers, salads, and other cold items.

A couple of different types of bread rolls were available too. There were also two types of jam, honey, and Nutella to go with the bread.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Bread
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Condiments

Lighter items included fruits, cereals, nuts, a dried fruit mix, chocolate cookies, and some packaged snacks.

Lastly, there were four different types of cakes.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Fruits
Fruits, etc.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Sweets
Packaged sweets.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Desserts

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Summary

Overall, LOT Business Lounge Polonez was above average, especially considering it is primarily intended for passengers traveling on short flights within the Schengen Area. In fact, it seemed to have gotten considerably better than when I visited it previously in 2019.

There was plenty of seating (at least during the time of my visit), plenty of power outlets (a major improvement compared to my last visit), and the buffet selection – especially when it came to appetizers, salads, and lighter items – was great.

While it’s not a lounge I’d arrive at the airport early to visit, it’s definitely a lounge I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two in before catching a flight.

First published on 2019/02/20. Updated on 2024/01/15 with a completely rewritten review due to the lounge having been completely renovated between my two visits.

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