JAL Prefecture Stickers: A Likable Concept I Wish Other Airlines Would Get Inspired By

On my flight from Tokyo to Sapporo earlier today, I was surprised by the diversity of the cabin crew in terms of the prefectures they came from. The reason I know about it is because when making the welcome announcement, the ten or so prefectures were named one by one.

JAL 767

And, the reason JAL does so in its welcome announcements is because each of their cabin crew members carries collectible stickers inspired by the prefecture they come from to hand out to passengers.

While I haven’t asked for those stickers before, this time I asked if I could get one of each of the crew members’ prefectures.

JAL Prefecture Stickers: A Nice Gesture and Something I Wish Other Airlines Would Get Inspired By

Even though giving out stickers is not something that provides practical value to the passengers, I think it’s a nice gesture and a great way to make a connection between the passengers and the crew.

In fact, when looking at the stickers, I wished other airlines would do similar things as well.

Among other things, I thought it would be nice if one of the US airlines offered something similar based on the states. Or, even better, one of the airlines with multi-national crews like Emirates or Qatar Airways inspired by the crew’s country of origin.

What do you think? Would you ask for crew members’ country or state stickers if you flew on an airline that offered them?

Have you seen some similar giveaway with other airline in the past?

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