Review: Hotel Museum (Prague)

As part of a trip to Europe I did back in September, my daughter, wife, and her parents made a one-night trip to Prague. When looking for a place to stay, I found Hotel Museum which, for just 140 EUR (including breakfast) for a room that could fit the five of us seemed to offer decent accommodation just steps away from Wenceslas Square.

Continue reading to see what the hotel was like and whether it’s a good option to go with if you need accommodation in Prague.

Hotel Museum (Prague)
Hotel Museum in Prague.

Getting There

Hotel Museum is located in Prague’s city center. As its name suggests, it is right across from the National Museum, just a minute or two walk away from the Statue of Saint Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square.

The nearest metro station is Muzeum, served by lines A and C, which is just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Additionally, Prague’s main railway station is just ten minutes away on foot.

If you need to get from the hotel to Prague Airport or vice versa by public transportation, you will be best off using the AE non-stop bus that operates from the main station every 30 minutes between 5:30AM and 10PM.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Location
Walking to the hotel from the railway station.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Location
The hotel is just off Wenceslas Square.

You can easily get from Hotel Museum to Prague’s main sights using the metro or walking.

For example, walking from the hotel to Charles Bridge will take about 25 minutes (and pass by the Prague astronomical clock at about the 15-minute mark). From there you can then walk to Prague Castle in another 20 minutes or so.

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square.
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge.
Prague Castle
Prague Castle.

Check-in & Lobby

The reception desk staff that I had a chance to interact with was friendly and check-in was smooth. In just a couple of minutes after presenting our passports and filling in a form with personal details, I was handed the keys to our room. Check-out time was 11AM with late check-out possible for 250 CZK (about 12 USD) per hour up until 1PM.

While waiting for check-in to be done, I had one of the candies from a bowl on the reception desk. There was also a pitcher of lemon-infused water on a counter next to the reception desk.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Reception
Candies at the reception.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Water
Water at the reception.

Other than that (and a few clocks showing the time in a variety of major cities around the world), the reception area was also equipped with a coffee table with five sofas around it. There was also a large sofa in a hallway leading to the hotel’s inner courtyard which the rooms were accessed from.

Additionally, there were some flyers promoting local tourist attractions, some Czech and English books, and a refrigerator with a variety of drinks available for sale.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Reception
Reception area.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Drinks
Drinks for sale, brochures, and books.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Hallway

Guest Room

When booking, I chose room number 24 (it’s possible to choose the exact room that you want when making the booking as they are all slightly different in terms of size, layout, etc.), which provided direct access to the courtyard and was large enough to fit us all.

In front of the room was a small table with two chairs. There were also some shared benches in the courtyard.

Luckily, even though the hotel was on a fairly busy street with a lot of traffic, the noise was blocked by the walls and could barely be heard in the courtyard.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Room
Seating in front of the room.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Courtyard
Seating in the yard.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Yard

Entering the room (or suite, which might be a better term), there was a counter with a coffee machine, refrigerator, etc. on the left.

In addition to a couple of Nespresso pods, there were also ten tea bags.

Past that was a sofa that was converted to a bed (that my wife and daughter ended up sleeping on) when we got to the room and in the very back of the room was a single bed that I used. While the bed wasn’t the most comfortable I’ve slept on, it was perfectly fine.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Room
Counter with refrigerator.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Room Coffee and Tea
Tea and coffee.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Room
Sofa and single bed.

Along the right wall of the first room were two doors – one leading to another guest room and the other to the bathroom.

The other guest room had a double bed with a nightstand on either side. It was also equipped with a desk.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Room
Double bed.

As for the bathroom, it was clean and adequately equipped for this category of hotels.

In addition to a sink and toilet, there was a shower with both handheld and fixed shower heads. There was no bathtub. While there was soap in the shower, there was no shampoo.

Interestingly, the hairdryer stand was equipped with USB charging ports.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Bathroom
Hotel Museum (Prague) Bathroom
Hotel Museum (Prague) Bathroom
Hotel Museum (Prague) Bathroom
Hotel Museum (Prague) Bathroom
Hair dryer.

The last thing worth noting is that there were plenty of power outlets throughout the room(s).

Hotel Museum (Prague) Power Outlets
Power outlets.

Breakfast & Dining

As mentioned in the introduction, breakfast was included in the room price. It was served in the form of a buffet in a small room (that was quite packed) next to the reception.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast
Breakfast room.

Self-serve drinks included water, juices (apple, orange, and cherry), coffee, and tea.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast Drinks
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast Drinks
Milk, tea, coffee, etc.

Things to eat included a variety of cereals, cut fruits, Caprese salad, bread and pastries (with jams, spreads, etc.), yogurts, cold cuts (cheese, ham, and salami), and pickles.

There were also some warm items including fried and scrambled eggs and sausages.

A wide variety of sauces and condiments was available.

Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast Cereals
Cereals, fruits, etc.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast
Waffles, cake, etc.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast
Bread, spreads, etc.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast
Pickles, cold cuts, etc.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast
Warm items.
Hotel Museum (Prague) Breakfast

Hotel Museum (Prague) Summary

Hotel Museum in Prague is a small independent hotel located just off Wenceslas Square. In spite of its great location, it is reasonably priced and offers a pleasant place to stay.

The staff was friendly, the room was decently furnished and, while not too large, provided enough space for the five of us for the night. The seating in the inner courtyard and not over the top but sufficient breakfast were a nice bonus.

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