Happy New Year! A Look Back at 10 of My Favorite and 10 Most Read Posts of 2017

Happy New Year! A Look Back at 10 of My Favorite and 10 Most Read Posts of 2017

Happy New Year!

Before I continue, I would like to thank you all for reading KN Aviation in 2017!

I would also like to especially thank Hirofumi – the first KN Aviation contributor – that provided the site with an excellent series of reviews from his around-the-world trip with Star Alliance. You can look forward to more of his content in the coming year.

(If you are – by any chance – interested in contributing to KN Aviation, get in touch with me.)

Together with Hirofumi’s series of posts, last year 250 posts were published on the site – quite the jump from 37 published in 2015 and 2016 combined. And, while it wouldn’t make much sense to have done this article a year ago, I thought this year it might help highlight some interesting articles you might have missed.

So, let’s start!

10 of My Favorite Posts from 2017

The below are ten of my favorite posts from last year. Some of them are flights and experiences I really enjoyed, while others are news I was glad to hear or topics I enjoyed writing about in general. The list is in no particular order.

1. Flight Report: Air France 787-9 Inaugural Sightseeing Flight from Paris – I kicked off the year with a very memorable flight on the first of four sightseeing flights Air France did with their first 787-9 before putting it on scheduled flights.

2. The Ultimate Guide to Flying on the Boeing 747 in 2018: Remaining Airlines and Routes – A detailed look at the options available to fly on the Queen of the Skies in 2018 that took quite some time to compile but was one of the posts I enjoyed writing the most.

3. Flying Cathay Pacific’s First Class for $671.87: The Experience and the Booking – My first first class experience made possible thanks to Alaska Airlines’ mileage sale.

4. Delta Air Lines 747 Said “Sayonara” as It Operated Its Last Flight Out of Japan Yesterday – A detailed report from Narita airport of (what at that time was thought to be) the last Delta Air Lines 747-400 flight out of Japan.

5. Trip Overview: Miami Spotting Trip on a Delta Air Lines 747 – Perhaps my favorite trip of 2017 that included plenty of flights, lounge visits, as well as spotting.

6. How Japanese Airlines Provide an Unforgettable Service Even in Economy – Overview of some of the ways Japanese “omotenashi” hospitality reflects in the airline industry, especially in economy class.

7. 8 Things to Do Around Tokyo If You Are an Aviation Enthusiast or a Spotter – A post detailing some of the ways people passionate about aircraft can spend their time in and around Tokyo.

8. Flying Honu: The Long Awaited ANA A380 Special Livery Has Been Revealed – An aircraft I can’t wait to photograph and fly on, ANA’s first A380 which will wear a nice special livery.

9. Hooray! Austrian Airlines Plans to Resume Flights from Vienna to Tokyo in May 2018 – Having been flying between Vienna (which is close to my home in Slovakia) and Tokyo at least once a year since I was born, I am glad to see the direct Vienna-Tokyo flight coming back this year!

10. Airshow Report: Chitose Air Festival 2017 – There are not many airshows where you can get close to a government VIP 747. Well, the Chitose Air Festival in Sapporo is one of them!

The 10 Most Read Posts in 2017

While all of the above articles were published in 2017, some of the ones below were published in 2016. And, rather than me hand-picking them, they are the ones that were read the most over the last year – based on the site’s analytics.

1. What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Seoul Incheon Airport?
2. What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?
3. Flight Review: Finnair A350-900 Business Class from Helsinki to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
4. Flight Report: AirAsia X Inaugural from Osaka KIX to Honolulu in Business Class
5. Flight Review: Asiana Airlines A380 Economy Class from Seoul Incheon to New York JFK
6. Lounge Review: Air France-KLM Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
7. Flight Report: Cathay Pacific 747-400 Farewell Flight, from Tokyo to Hong Kong
8. How to Take the Free Shuttle from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang and Back
9. What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Istanbul Ataturk Airport?
10. Flight Report: JAL 767-300ER from Jakarta CGK to Tokyo NRT in Business Class

A Detailed Look Back at 2017 Coming Soon

While the above is just a quick look at some of the posts that I enjoyed writing last year, as well as those that you read the most, I hope it helped you find a post or two that you enjoyed reading.

On a separate note, I will be posting a more detailed review of 2017 – in the style of the “a decade ago look back at 2007” – later this month. And, new reviews – starting with the ones from my current trip – and other articles will keep coming on a regular basis as well.

So, stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! A Look Back at 10 of My Favorite and 10 Most Read Posts of 2017”

  1. It’s been such an honor to have my articles published here. Thanks for the opportunity and more will come in 2018 🙂

    1. Hirofumi-san, thank you for your comment – and contributions! I look forward to publishing more of your articles over the next year! 🙂

  2. Excellent compilation of articles, some to refresh the memory about 2017, others to catch up with stuff that I didn’t get to see at the time.
    Also, glad to learn that one of your favorite trips during the year was to my hometown airports of MIA and FLL. I remember when you came and, though we did not have the chance to meet, your report was so well written, so vividly described, so accurate for someone who is not familiar to the place and wich such great pictures that since then I started following you more and more and became one of your biggest fans.
    You do an excellent job and I’m looking forward to read your articles in 2018, as always!

    1. Pablo, thank you so much for your nice comment – I am glad you enjoy the posts!

      The Miami trip was very memorable. Ranging from the great spots and unique traffic all the way to the nice weather (although the clouds came in at the wrong times a couple of times!) Had some troubles getting back to the hotel thanks to misunderstandings with Uber drivers, but even that was fun in a way. 😀 Will definitely be coming back sometime soon, so hope to have a chance to do some spotting together then!

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