Spotting & Event Report: Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight 787-9 and ‘Haneda to the World’

Spotting & Event Report: Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight 787-9 and 'Haneda to the World'

Another day, another visit to an airport.

Yesterday, I wrote about my visit to Narita airport to get some photos of aircraft together with blossoming sakura trees. Today, I visited Tokyo’s other airport, Haneda, for a couple of hours.

Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight 787-9

The main reason of the visit was to see the arrival of Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight’s Boeing 787-9. As I decided to go fairly late, just as I was approaching the airport on the train, the aircraft was getting closer and closer to its landing runway 22.

AUH05 Arriving at Tokyo Haneda

AUH05 approaching Tokyo Haneda.

Luckily, I arrived at the airport a minute or two earlier than the 787, and I made it on time to the observation deck. And, by on time, I mean about one minute before the aircraft taxied by on its way to parking spot 101 on the right side of the international terminal.

Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight Boeing 787-9 Taxiing After Landing at Tokyo Haneda

Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight Boeing 787-9 (A6-PFE) taxiing to parking spot 101.
Turning into the International Terminal Apron

The 787-9 turning into Haneda airport’s international terminal apron.

‘Haneda to the World’ Event

After photographing the 787 and meeting up with some friends that arrived at the terminal from other spot, we went inside the terminal to take a look at “Haneda to the World” event that was taking place inside the terminal.

It started on Friday, and today was its last day. Besides a variety of seminars and performances, quite a few airlines and countries PR had booths set up at the event.

Haneda to the World

Haneda to the World.
Air China Booth

Air China booth.
Air China

Air China 747 and panda.
Country Booths

France and Bulgaria booths.
Czech Republic

Czech map. Unfortunately, there was no Slovakia booth.

At many of them, it was possible to get items such as stickers, pens, and bags – in many cases in exchange for following the airline or posting a picture of the booth on social media.

The Towing That Didn’t Happen & SAMURAI BLUE Jet

At the end of the day, we went back to the observation deck in expectation of the 787 being towed to another spot. And, indeed, it was pushed back at 5PM – but then, instead of getting tower, it started up its engines taxied to spot 351.

Unfortunately, rather than turning left and passing by the observation deck, it turned right and left us without a chance to take any decent photo.

Another aircraft that was visible from the observation deck was the new SAMURAI BLUE Jet supporting the Japanese national soccer team. It was parked at Terminal 1, getting ready for its first revenue flight – JL923 to Okinawa.

While I didn’t wait for its departure, I will certainly be back at Haneda to get a proper photo of it soon!

Amiri Taxiing

The Amiri 787 moving to its overnight parking spot.

The new SAMURAI BLUE Jet preparing for its first flight.

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