“Flight of Dreams” in Nagoya to Open in Summer 2018 with ANA’s and JAL’s Sponsorship

Back in 2015, Boeing donated the first 787 Dreamliner prototype, “ZA001,” to Nagoya. Since its arrival, it has been sitting on Centrair airport’s apron waiting for the facility in which it will be permanently displayed to be built.

ZA001 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Prototype

Earlier today, Centrair airport announced the upcoming plans for the “Flight of Dreams” facility that is currently under construction.

Flight of Dreams Centrair AirportAll visualizations of the facility were provided by Centrair airport.

ANA and JAL to Sponsor the “Flight of Dreams” Attractions

Centrair airport announced that both ANA and JAL will sponsor contents inside the facility.

ANA will sponsor the main attraction which will use the 787 prototype as well as all of the space surrounding for a projection mapping show. Separately, it will also sponsor an attraction where children will be able to draw airplanes that they will then be able to pilot using tablet devices.

ANA Content

JAL will sponsor two attractions as well. One of them will have the visitors make paper planes and throw them through light gates to see how far they can fly. The other attraction will let visitors try a variety of airline positions including pilots, cabin crew, and maintenance staff.

JAL Paper Planes

The 787 Will Be Moved into the Building on December 17, 2018

Besides announcing the sponsorship, Centrair airport also announced the date on which the 787 prototype will be towed from the airport’s apron into the “Flight of Dreams” building that is currently under construction.

The move is planned to take place on December 17, 2017, starting at 11:30AM. The airport is planning to organize an event to let visitors see the move and the aircraft itself from up close.

On the same day, the airport is also planning to hold an event during which visitors will have the chance to see the preparation for departure of JAL’s 787 from Centrair to Bangkok from the apron.

JAL 787

More details about the event will be released on December 8, 2017, here.

Counting Down Until the Summer 2018 Opening

While “Flight of Dreams” is still under construction, it is great to know that it should be ready by summer 2018 as the 787 has been sitting outside on the apron for the last two-and-a-half years.

Once it opens, I will make sure to visit it and report back on the details of the facility.

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