Camera Holes Were Installed in the Bratislava Airport Perimeter Fence

After the news that Austrian is planning to resume its Vienna to Tokyo flights next year, here is one more from my “home turf.” I am happy to report that earlier this month, Bratislava airport in Slovakia became “spotter-friendly” as camera holes were installed in its perimeter fence.

Bratislava Airport Camera Holes

The holes were installed by members of – an association of Slovak aviation enthusiasts, plane spotters and aviation professionals – in cooperation with the airport. The “holes” were provided by

Bratislava Airport Camera Holes

(The above two photos were provided by

There are twenty-five holes in total, and they are spread out around the whole perimeter as pictured on the map below:

Thanks to the holes, many of the great spots around Bratislava airport can now be used without a ladder.

And, while Bratislava airport is certainly not the busiest or the most interesting airport when it comes to spotting, it still gets some regular traffic worth photographing (flydubai, Pobeda, etc.) as well as the occasional special movement.



As such, I am excited about Bratislava airport becoming “spotter-friendly” and I cannot wait to try the new holes on my next trip to Slovakia. …and, hopefully, catch the new governmental aircraft while doing so!

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