What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

Tokyo Narita Airport is currently home to five Priority Pass lounges. If you are departing from Terminal 1, you are lucky – there are four options including some actual airline lounges. If you are departing from Terminal 2, unfortunately, you only have one subpar option.

Continue reading to find out which lounges at the airport participate in Priority Pass, how they compare, and which is the best one.

Priority Pass Lounges in Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 1

As mentioned, there are four Priority Pass lounges in Narita’s Terminal 1 – IASS Executive Lounge, KAL Lounge, and two ANA Lounges. Without a doubt, the two ANA Lounges are the best of the four and really the only ones worth a visit before departure unless you are just trying to compare the lounges for yourself.

Separately, if you are arriving at the airport and would like to grab a drink then IASS Executive Lounge is your only option.

While in the past there used to be one more lounge – T.E.I. Lounge – that one no longer exists. Considering the quality (or lack thereof) of this lounge, it is not a big deal, though.

IASS Executive Lounge

The IASS Executive Lounge is a typical Japanese “card lounge.” The only advantage of this lounge is that it is located landside – this means that in addition to being accessible to departing passengers, it can also be accessed by passengers arriving at Narita. In fact, using it as an arrival lounge is the only way I would use this lounge since if you are departing there are better options airside.

Seating in the lounge consists of a counter with a dozen or so seats and rows of sofa chairs each of which has access to a USB port and a power outlet. The lounge is tiny and there’s minimal spacing between the rows of seats. In terms of refreshments, there are soft drinks, canned beer, and some rice crackers.

IASS Executive Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass
IASS Executive Lounge.
IASS Executive Lounge Narita
IASS Executive Lounge seating.
IASS Executive Lounge Drinks
IASS Executive Lounge drinks.

KAL Lounge

Korean Air’s KAL Lounge is Narita’s first airline lounge that is also a member of the Priority Pass network. The lounge is located near gates 26 and 28 of Terminal 1’s North Wing.

The lounge is essentially one large room with plenty of seating in the form of chairs and sofa chairs. Those are arranged in different groupings suitable for solo travelers as well as those traveling in small groups. Unlike the IASS Lounge, KAL Lounge offers nice views of some of the airport’s taxiways and of movements on one of its two runways.

That said, since flights between Narita and South Korea are very short, the level of refreshments available in the lounge is not great. There are some rice bowls, cup noodles, and packaged snacks. The drink selection is decent with all the cold and hot soft drinks one could typically expect as well as a modest selection of alcohol.

KAL Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass
KAL Lounge.
KAL Lounge Narita
KAL Lounge seating.
KAL Lounge Narita Food
KAL Lounge cup noodles.
KAL Lounge Narita Drinks
KAL Lounge drinks.

ANA Lounge

International ANA Lounges at both Tokyo Haneda and Narita joined Priority Pass during the pandemic. Over time as international travel rebounded and ANA had increasingly more international flights, the ANA Lounge at Tokyo Haneda Airport left the network. That said, the two ANA Lounges at Tokyo Narita can still be accessed by Priority Pass members.

The ANA Lounge in Satellite 5 is open from 7AM until the departure of ANA’s last flight. That said, Priority Pass holders cannot enter the lounge between 1PM and 5PM. The ANA Lounge in Satellite 2 is open from 1PM until 7:10PM. As such, make sure you go to the one that is open and accepting Priority Pass members.

Both lounges offer plenty of seating in the form of sofa chairs, dining tables, and work counters. This being the lounge that ANA also invites its business class passengers to, there is also a good selection of hot food – including made-to-order noodles – and soft and alcoholic drinks. The ANA Lounges are also the only Priority Pass lounges at Narita airport to offer showers.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass
ANA Lounge Satellite 2.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass Seating
ANA Lounge seating.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass Buffet
ANA Lounge buffet.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Priority Pass Noodles
ANA Lounge noodles.

Priority Pass Lounges in Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 2

Unfortunately, there is only one Priority Pass lounge in Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 2. Unfortunately, the option is not ideal and if your flight is departing from Terminal 2, it is not possible to visit the lounges that are airside in Terminal 1.

IASS Executive Lounge

While I haven’t visited the IASS Executive Lounge in Terminal 2 yet, as far as I understand, it is more or less the same as the one in Terminal 1. Being located landside, it can be accessed not only by departing but also by arriving passengers. Alas, that is where the positives end.

In terms of seating and refreshments, there are rows of sofa chairs set quite close to each other and there are soft drinks, canned beer, and, presumably, some rice crackers. In other words, nothing that would make the lounge especially worth a visit before departure.

What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

The best Priority Pass lounges at Tokyo Narita Airport are the two ANA Lounges. They both offer comfortable seating suitable for both relaxing and working as well as a good selection of food and drinks. After all, they are the lounges that ANA and other Star Alliance business class passengers and frequent status holders are invited to.

If your flight is departing from Terminal 2, unfortunately, there is no good Priority Pass option. While you can stop by the IASS Lounge for a cup of soft drink, considering that it is landside, I do not think it’s worth the effort. Instead, I recommend just clearing security and immigration and spending the time before your flight airside. Especially since in Japanese airports, you can get drinks out of vending machines for the same price they cost elsewhere in the country.

The only time the IASS Lounges – whether the one in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 – are worth visiting is if you want to grab a quick drink after you arrived. Even then, though, you are probably better off just getting a drink from a convenience store.

8 thoughts on “What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?”

  1. Thanks for the review. I am sitting at KAL lounge now and found it miserable that’s why I started googling . At least now I know that I am at the best of the worst.

    1. We entered KAL since it was closest and the Ana nearby was closed. Light snack foods unbecoming of Japan’s top airport but a quiet resting place none the less. After reading your reviews I don’t feel so bad.
      Instant noodles, 4 onigiri rice flavors, cookies, crackers, soda machine, beer, wine, whiskey, donuts, vegetable and tomato juices. Appetite satisfied but nothing special.

  2. worst of worst is Narita for Amex Platinum , really feel shame to used as called “LOUNGE”
    Meaning of “lounge” in the English Dictionary
    the room in a house or apartment that is used for relaxing and entertaining guests in:

  3. Fully agree with the reviews. Conclusion: do not waste your priority pass access to enter the Narita’s Lounges. The airport amenities are as confortable, if not more, than the lounge.

  4. Are there any good restaurants in T1 airside, that would be better to kill some time in, instead of paying for KAL?

    Buying some food and a beer, might be the better option in this case?

  5. I have been in the KAL lounge a few times and found it passable. I was curious about the other two, but now I know they are to be avoided. Thank you for publishing these quick reviews of each. I am flying out of Terminal 2 and will have LOTS of time before my flight. I am thinking we will probably just catch the bus to transfer over to Terminal one and stay at the KAL lounge until about an hour before my flight’s departure time. After looking at the ability to transfer between terminals airside, it seems transfers for “shopping” are discouraged.

  6. Just tried to access ANA lounge with Priority Pass and I was informed that as of the end of August 2023, they no longer accept Priority Pass. So I had to settle for the KAL lounge.

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